Sunday, November 19, 2017

Am I Gonna Learn To Love Again

Sincerely... I do not know...

And it does scares me a little... This ambiguity...

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wonder Ponder

Sometimes you just wonder...

How can someone at the same age as you be enjoying life than you?

How can they afford to go on frequent holidays, eat good food everyday, or buy fancy stuffs?

Are they really earning that much? Am I really earning that little? Or am I just plain stingy?

Sometimes wondering more gets me into serious mental stress...

Monday, September 4, 2017


Like all humans, we become greedy subconsciously.

When can we earn more? When can we have more time?

While the very fact, we are doing far better than alot of people.

Its not that we are blind. Sometimes greed makes us oblivious. Makes us forget to step back and think. To cherish what we have now.

I agree. That I sometimes yearn too much for more. Until I become oblivious to what I have. A lot of people would have settle for my current predicament happily.

I should be thankful for where and what I am now. I can aim for the better. But I shouldn't be blinded of my current achievements and status.

A little greed does no harm. Cause in the end, all I want is freedom

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017


You can be slow, but you can't be lazy
You can't be normal, need a lil' bit crazy
For the gifted everything seems easy,
For you its the tough way, its gonna be uneasy

You can be tired, but can't make it an excuse
You gotta keep running even lost and confuse
For time is ticking and death draws closer
You have one life to change, ain't gonna be another

Aim for the moon, shoot for the stars
Catch all your dreams, put'em in jars
Don't let dreams only appear when you sleep
Else waking up to reality's a nightmare in the deep

Saturday, March 4, 2017


What is happiness?

Happiness for one, is able to love and be loved

When you have tasted and given love before, but yet somehow lost it along the way... It's a sucky feeling. It somehow feels like a big part of life, the purpose of living, just somehow disappears.

I think its the worst relationship failure feelings of all. Getting friend zone or rejected can be attributed to the simple failures and obstacles we face in life.

Losing someone you love is a whole lot level. Sometimes you just try not to think about it. But when it recurs, its gonna be like cancer. It will eat up all the positive emotions in you.

Fear not readers. I am still sane and will not proceed to any life endangering acts. But I think I have tasted one of the bad feelings that drive people mad enough to do crazy things.

How I wish I can turn back the clock to the days we have together.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Earn SGD, Spend MYR

It is almost a year since I quit my job in Malaysia in favor of a stronger currency just across the straits.

The job itself comes with pros and cons. But the very fact that I am earning SGD and spending MYR certainly paints a better picture compared to my previous financial predicament.

It seems like a fool proof modus operandi. Nothing can go wrong! Work up the corporate ladder, earn more and more SGD and invest everything back to Malaysia. Sooner or later life starts getting easier and better. Well to be honest it is already!

But, those who know me, well you know me. I don't settle for the norm. I don't want to settle for such an easily predicted life. I still believe deep down in me I have all it takes to make a difference. To be different. Even down the road I may end up lesser than the above fool proof method.

Of course I ultimately aim to beat the life of earning SGD and spending MYR. It is a hard and tough decision. It is a path of uncertainty. It is a path of risk.

But it is also a path to higher grounds and achievements.

Time to make it count. The time is now.