Friday, October 2, 2015

Happiness And Fulfillment

I am blessed in my current situation.

Comparatively I am well off. Thanks to some financial support of my parents, I am living a life where not many in their mid-twenties can afford.

I acknowledge that. I am thankful of that. I know I am blessed for that.

But the fact is still undeniable. I am not entirely happy. Sure every now and then I happen to be in the middle of joyous celebrations and occasions, being relatively near to friends, relatives and family.

My physiological demands and needs are almost all fulfilled. But up the pyramid I go, here I am worried about my future and safety. The assurance that my future is alright.

And then another level up. The sense of belonging. Having someone to cherish and being loved.

I admit these are the 2 needs that I lust for at the moment. As life is always a climb to the top, I find myself yearning for new needs to be happy and fulfilled.

p.s. who would have thought what I learnt back then in one of the small topics of Minor Management can stay in my head up till now. FYI its called the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Of Short Fused, Impatience and Enlighentment

We all changed through the tidings of time.

I used to be a patient guy. Or should I say "long fused", difficult to get mad. I was calm. Docile.

I think this change of me happened along the period when I started living in the city. Bustling, busy, always on the go. Patience gets tested, and this particular ability gets lost and eroded.

I find myself more prone to irritations. Though still able to contain my feelings to prevent outbursts and arguments, I noticed that I get into situations where I'm in the midst of a hot debate, which totally irks and repels me.

Impatience is the aftermath trait we all gain if we lose the ability of patience. In many ways it is actually beneficial. I try to look at impatience as a gift these days. Not wanting to hear crap or bullshit, breezing past people who are walking idly as if they own the whole damn road, escalator and etc., you name it. 

I seriously think that sometimes the lax nature that Malaysians have could be one of the factors we are lagging behind. People keep saying oh give us more time, we'll be the South East Asian strong house by 2020. Well 5 years to go, and we are losing even to Indonesia.

Japan has saw 2 of its major cities reduced to ashes during the second world war. They have now surge to be one of the strongest countries in Asia. South Korea boosts one of the most front line technologies in the world. Singapore, with no land for crops and agriculture, seeking independence from Malaysia, has sprinted towards a better tomorrow. 

And here we are in Malaysia, thinking that we need more time. We are too lax. By observing just one simple trait, just by the speed we walk, can give a glimpse of how we are actually doing in terms of embracing the future. I am appalled. 

p.s. Seriously MYsians should be educated to stay on one side of the elevator or pavements to make way for rushing people.

I'm grateful of my current job. It's a technical job. What I do, learn or apply can bore the crap out of people who studied marketing and finance. But I am thankful that by being solid technically, one learns the essence and basics of life - Logic and Laws of Science. Even the most mundane sales pitch or marketing idea cannot mask or change logic and facts. Hard to believe sales pitch or marketing idea undoubtedly may induce periodical doubts and paradigm shifts, but if it won't work, it ain't gonna work. The enlightenment that I gain was being brilliant at logic and facts, and being practical, which help changed my mindset quite a bit. There is a change of how I see things now compared to 2 years ago.

I am slowly becoming a city guy. Or should I say I am already one. I cannot imagine myself going back to a life in idyllic Taiping. I have changed...

And I know I changed for the better. 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chapter 26: Independence

Life is a story. And we ourselves are the author of our story. How great we are going to turn out to be, lies all in our hands. 

That being said though, some chapters in life are more or less fixed. Like being born where about in this world. Our race. Family. Financial situation. And then the almost 10 years of compulsory education where the majority of us undergo.

But that's just the framework or so called parts of life that everyone goes through. But what one does or how one does remains variable. Examples one of us can only write of being a top student back then. Or being the rascal or troublemaker that earned plenty of spankings.  

And then comes the chapter of getting into Universities. Life gets so much twists and turns in this chapter. What courses one takes somehow ultimately shapes one's future specifically and differently from the others. 

Here I am. 2 years with Nestle. And 2 years living away from home. But I still remember clearly, staring to the skies as I cleaned the plates and cutlery at the back of a cafe I worked for 3 months back then. It was a tough period. I was struggling to find a decent job. I questioned myself. What are you doing in a cafe when your friends are working in KL or Penang. I was lost in writing my next chapter of life. 

Of course there was also complacency that reassured me that life will work out sooner or later. And I don't really need to worry of anything as I was still living with my parents in my hometown. But there was an inner voice, calling out for a new challenge and a new chapter of life.  

That decision and opportunity to come to a PJ, considered a wish come true after being sick of dependent and complacent. Currently, life is great. I earn enough to feed myself and rent a room from my relatives. My life is pretty much hassle free apart from my job.

But 2 years of a chapter I'm currently in is enough. It is not wrong to continue writing the same chapter. But life is short. Sooner or later one has to go through the stage of being independent. Living alone. Getting married and raising a family. Comparing myself to my other friends, some have already lived alone and some have already married. I'm considered slow in my story of life.

So here I am, with that anxiety we all have when we are faced with a new challenge, here's to a next chapter of life.

And many more to come...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#2centsworth On #LatelyInMalaysia

1. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is a talented sportswoman who has brought fame and glory to Malaysia in the SEA games. Islamists hardcores who are upset with gymnastic attires & KK mountain nudists should learn from each other to re-calibrate themselves to social norms.

2. Nazri is being a douche bag for infuriating the Rakyat by being so "vocal" with nonsense in giving support to the current PM. Until he came out with the statement against the Johore Crown Prince:"At least I was elected". So are you questioning the monarch's position???

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Define the best advice or guidance.

Is it the best alternative? Is it something we want to hear?

Neither. Most of the time it depends on a case to case scenario.

Most of the time, we don't really care much or ask for genuine opinions. Because most of the time, we ask to hear ASSURANCE.

Don't get it? Try this...

"Hey look that dress looks nice right. Do you think it would look nice on me?"

Obviously if the dress is not nice, it would not have attracted you. You wouldn't even have thought of trying it on. But you are asking for an OPINION with the intention of ASSURANCE from someone that you are indeed correct.

We also ask for advises to get EMPATHY

"Sigh this is too difficult for me. I have no idea on how to progress even though I have spent 7 hours on this. I'm really hopeless aren't I?"

You could be genuine in feeling down. But if there is someone beside you, deep down there you would want a touch of empathy from the company you have during a difficult situation. People yearn for praises and attention. Too much of course is no good but a good dose of empathy during such situations are great encouragement.

Just by 2 simple examples I bet deep down there's a paradigm shift of why people ask for opinions and advises. Are we really that snobbish to ask for sincere guidance and opinions?

Still there are situations where real advises and guidance are being requested. Fret not. But just a small fraction of it.

Another simple example? Rarely does someone ask for advises from parents during their teenage years or late teens.

We never doubted our parents point of views. Most of the time they are right (yeap that took quite a while to realize). But why not ask for advice?

Why not ask them whether smoking is something to do or not? Why not ask for comfort or solace when you first breakup? Or when you have difficulties back then?

Because we know, what is right or wrong already. We know what a grown up would say to a seemingly small problem but a big one to us since its the first time we are encountering it.

Because we know, we don't need to be told what to do. What we wanted was ASSURANCE or EMPATHY. Or even both. And parents being parents will just give you LOGIC, which is often harsh truth that we are not willing to accept fully and whole heartedly at that moment of time.

*no disrespect to parents who live their children. But sometimes to let your child learn to walk, you gotta let them fall and let them learn to pick themselves up. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Opportunities come and go time to time

Sometimes we let go of one opportunity in hope for another one. A better one.

It may come. It may not come. No one knows.

That is why they say a bird in a hand is better than 2 on the bush. To be content with what we have. To be happy. To find solutions to a problem.

And never let anger mix with the words we utter. Cause anger can make us do terrible things.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Piece of Me

You are the piece of my heart
That I would find from yard to yard
Cause without this missing part
My heart never seems to be beating hard

You are the piece of my mind
Whom I have been dreaming to find
Never have I come across someone this fine
Whom I am happy to say that she's mine

You are the piece of me
Together with you is what I wanna be
So now I pray to finding that key
To unlock this lock of misery