Sunday, February 19, 2017

Earn SGD, Spend MYR

It is almost a year since I quit my job in Malaysia in favor of a stronger currency just across the straits.

The job itself comes with pros and cons. But the very fact that I am earning SGD and spending MYR certainly paints a better picture compared to my previous financial predicament.

It seems like a fool proof modus operandi. Nothing can go wrong! Work up the corporate ladder, earn more and more SGD and invest everything back to Malaysia. Sooner or later life starts getting easier and better. Well to be honest it is already!

But, those who know me, well you know me. I don't settle for the norm. I don't want to settle for such an easily predicted life. I still believe deep down in me I have all it takes to make a difference. To be different. Even down the road I may end up lesser than the above fool proof method.

Of course I ultimately aim to beat the life of earning SGD and spending MYR. It is a hard and tough decision. It is a path of uncertainty. It is a path of risk.

But it is also a path to higher grounds and achievements.

Time to make it count. The time is now.

Monday, January 23, 2017


久未放晴的天空 依旧留着妳的笑容
哭过 却无法掩埋歉疚

风筝在阴天搁浅 想念还在等待救援
我拉着线 复习妳给的温柔

曝晒在一旁的寂寞 笑我给不起承诺

我只能永远读著对白 读着我给妳的伤害
我原谅不了我 但对你的爱依然还在
我睁开双眼看着空白 想换回妳给的期待
脚步不够快 感情已经不在

久未放晴的天空 依旧留着妳的笑容
哭过 却无法掩埋歉疚

风筝在阴天搁浅 想念还在等待救援
我拉着线 复习妳给的温柔

曝晒在一旁的寂寞 笑我给不起承诺

我只能永远读著对白 读着我给妳的伤害
我原谅不了我 但对妳的爱依然还在
我睁开双眼看着空白 想换回你给的期待
脚步不够快 感情已经

我只能永远读著对白 读着我给妳的伤害
就算不原谅我 但至少让我们再重来
我睁开双眼看着空白 希望再有一次恋爱
如果你不在 我索性不再爱

Sunday, January 22, 2017


我们, 好久没见了。

不知, 我是否还出现在你的脑海里?

如果你看到这篇文章, 就让你知道, 你, 依然在我脑海里。

还记得, 当我们的感情能够克服瞬间的距离。

如今, 没了距离, 我们依然败给了时间?

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Still looking for the definition of it.

One thing for sure. It isn't working for a company whose dreams and ideals are not what you believe in.

Even if they pay you a higher salary

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Prioritizing and Time Management

Saw a TED video on time management yesterday and it hit me hard.

Got me realize that there are some important things that I have been procrastinating and I needed more order and control in my life.

That daily and weekend schedule of mine is finally out. At least I have a guide to obey to and to maximize my efficiency.

It's time.. to put aside my fears. And to improve further. Learn more and do more

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lerne, Learn

If you ever feel lost. Just put in effort to learn something.

It could be a new language. I highly recommend Duolingo. It's free and all you need is discipline

It could be a new skill. Plenty of website for that

It could be a new knowledge. Like learning how to trade stocks. PM me for more details and I will show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Then all's left to do is for you to walk towards the light

It could be embarking on a personal project to change the world. This one its entirely up to your own creativity and limits. Some people aim for the sky. Some people the moon. It's personal choice

Learning removes almost all doubt on the uncertainty of future. It makes you feel self worthy, even for the lowest self esteem individuals.

Nothing can be more fulfilling than investing the present for a better future.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Rains of Castemere

You hardly find true Lannister supporters...

Antagonize from Season 1 until Season 3. Until the truth slowly unfolds. Until perspectives take hold of us. Then it makes you realize, that the Lannisters are not noble. But what must be done to move forward, even when it means making choices that turn you against the whole world.

I used to loath the Lannisters. But when times are tough and when you are seeking for strength to ride over a rough storm, The Rains of Castemere reminds me that the best of myself has yet to come.

That I would have to brave through and emerge victorious.