Sunday, March 26, 2017


You can be slow, but you can't be lazy
You can't be normal, need a lil' bit crazy
For the gifted everything seems easy,
For you its the tough way, its gonna be uneasy

You can be tired, but can't make it an excuse
You gotta keep running even lost and confuse
For time is ticking and death draws closer
You have one life to change, ain't gonna be another

Aim for the moon, shoot for the stars
Catch all your dreams, put'em in jars
Don't let dreams only appear when you sleep
Else waking up to reality's a nightmare in the deep

Saturday, March 4, 2017


What is happiness?

Happiness for one, is able to love and be loved

When you have tasted and given love before, but yet somehow lost it along the way... It's a sucky feeling. It somehow feels like a big part of life, the purpose of living, just somehow disappears.

I think its the worst relationship failure feelings of all. Getting friend zone or rejected can be attributed to the simple failures and obstacles we face in life.

Losing someone you love is a whole lot level. Sometimes you just try not to think about it. But when it recurs, its gonna be like cancer. It will eat up all the positive emotions in you.

Fear not readers. I am still sane and will not proceed to any life endangering acts. But I think I have tasted one of the bad feelings that drive people mad enough to do crazy things.

How I wish I can turn back the clock to the days we have together.