Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Grown Up Kid

It’s been long since we chat,
What more the last we met,
What I did made you mad,
And it surely made me sad.

Found in me my heart pumping
As I hear the phone line beeping
Who else I can be calling
My one and only, * * *ing

Strange it is that this feel,
For the feel’s not just one peel,
The more I yearn it to be seal
The stronger it grows I begin to feel

It’s as if snake and ladder
Up I go, down I falter
Any number, six, four or one
I find myself back at square one

I try to hide, I try to lie
To admit it’s just to shy
But in the end I finally find
Its you, only you I want as mine

I have grown, I have learned
But the future it seems burned
Give me one chance to be your man
And I’ll walk with you to the end,
Hand in hand…

Love does not always need to be shown by saying the word. It just takes about half an hour to make something rhyme and to show what a person feels, for me. It would be impossible to believe that you will be reading my blogs. But if you do, this is how I feel for you. You are the inspiration for all of my poems… The one and only…

The Knight

Though I’m no Shakespeare
Nor am I something near
Poems I make, please do hear
For it is for you, my dear

Never had I had a dream
A dream, so real it seem
In the crowd I saw your gleam
Gleam of your eyes it seem

Sleepless nights thinking of you
Dreams so sweet all about you
Eyes on board, thought on you
Slowly, gently, I fell for you

For one such a lady so fair
Sure came knights with dare
As each other come to fare
To win my lady’s love and care

Never knew I triumph at last
But all did not end so fast
For love hurts it does
But it is the feel of ever last

Time, space break us apart
I am sorry I could not play my part

You weren’t there when I need you
Nor was I there to protect you
Yet behind the guilt I feel
The love’s getting stronger for you

From the first day we met, till the end
Knights fighting for you found their happy end
But there is one last knight in your land
Hoping to win your heart and hand