Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Prioritizing and Time Management

Saw a TED video on time management yesterday and it hit me hard.

Got me realize that there are some important things that I have been procrastinating and I needed more order and control in my life.

That daily and weekend schedule of mine is finally out. At least I have a guide to obey to and to maximize my efficiency.

It's time.. to put aside my fears. And to improve further. Learn more and do more

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lerne, Learn

If you ever feel lost. Just put in effort to learn something.

It could be a new language. I highly recommend Duolingo. It's free and all you need is discipline

It could be a new skill. Plenty of website for that

It could be a new knowledge. Like learning how to trade stocks. PM me for more details and I will show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Then all's left to do is for you to walk towards the light

It could be embarking on a personal project to change the world. This one its entirely up to your own creativity and limits. Some people aim for the sky. Some people the moon. It's personal choice

Learning removes almost all doubt on the uncertainty of future. It makes you feel self worthy, even for the lowest self esteem individuals.

Nothing can be more fulfilling than investing the present for a better future.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Rains of Castemere

You hardly find true Lannister supporters...

Antagonize from Season 1 until Season 3. Until the truth slowly unfolds. Until perspectives take hold of us. Then it makes you realize, that the Lannisters are not noble. But what must be done to move forward, even when it means making choices that turn you against the whole world.

I used to loath the Lannisters. But when times are tough and when you are seeking for strength to ride over a rough storm, The Rains of Castemere reminds me that the best of myself has yet to come.

That I would have to brave through and emerge victorious. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life In Singapore - 4 months and on

It has been 4 months calling Singapore my home for the time being.

They say the right moment to jump is when you are presented with the chance to do it but are still hesitant to do it. I admit I was hesitant when the chance to come over here came knocking on my door.

Although I have planned for quite some time my next step of career advancement and future planning, things don't always go through as planned. I am glad things somehow turned out well.

Of course it comes with some sacrifice. You are forced to leave behind some of the perks you enjoy back in Malaysia. I am fortunate to have adjusted seamlessly in the space of 1 month. The pace, the walks etc... It's not something you snap fingers and change instantly.

Materialism is of abundance when you are in a city like Singapore. A mirror image of New York, Hong Kong. Subconsciously, you start to chase for a materialistic life, which in healthy doses  is what I think makes life, life. If everyone are to be so zen, able to forsake materialism, we would all be farming around. living each day as it is. What would life be if there is nothing to chase and nothing to realize?

A visit back Malaysia every once in a month reminds me of what I am missing back home. But it is with my current capability I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Which is something out of my reach with my previous earnings. Money is not everything. But money talks. As long as it does not speak louder than your mind and conscience, I think life now is quite good indeed for the time being.

It hasn't been an easy 4 months. Life could always be better. But I am glad that it is still alright for me. But definitely hoping for better things in life to come.

Because life should be, and would be, better as everyday comes

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life To The Fullest

Until what stage would you consider living live to the fullest?


It depends on your personal appetite and ambition.

For others it may be the simplest of all - contented with all you have.

For some, its yearning for more. Above of all materialism. Self-realization.

Better get your future sorted out Mr.Ong.

Time waits for no one....

Saturday, October 8, 2016


I have never been able to watch a movie straight 2 hours using my laptop. Somewhere down the road back then, there was this thinking that binge watching was considered a waste of time. Yeah 2 hours is considered time wasting.

But the funny part is, I keep downloading movies. Which now I have lots of backlog. So many movies un-watched. And list of movies to watch gets piling up.

Don't get me wrong. I don't download anything under the sun. It's the good ones that I earmark and keep. And it has to be perfect.

And soundtracks! How can a movie ever be perfect without soundtracks!

I think the crude awakening is... Movies are not solely for pleasure and unwind. It enlightens. It motivates. It reminds you of your real life. Principles that you should adhere to, as you pass each day, walking towards that dream of yours that you, someday will achieve.

Sure yes other people can do a lot of other stuffs in 2 hours time. Strike a balance! When you feel crappy, watch a good movie to remind you that all is not lost! Then with that new found strength and belief, arm yourself and stand up to fight again.

Perhaps I should start watching more regularly then? :)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Life at Singapore - 3 months on, Achievements & Targets

Life is a game. If you can get serious with Pokemon GO, you should get serious with life.

Managed to be frugal in spending money on surviving. $400 inclusive of good weekend meals and coffee. Don't think I ever did that back then in Malaysia.

Debt is almost clear! Another 2 more months I will be debt free! Finally things can start getting serious!

Things to do in 1 month time:

Window Shopping/ Shopping. Working in a corporate world means looks matters. Shirts, pants, and yes baby a watch

Things to do in 2 months time:


Things to do in 3 months time and above:

1. Time to beef up the investment account. 
2. Save up to open up a Singapore trading account
3. Buy a watch. I mean a really good watch
4. Buy a pen. The one's that gets shown to the camera when you sign big big documents
5. Save up for a relatively good trip. If you wanna do a trip in bloody March 2017, I don't know how much you are going to save from December to February.

Yeah before that better get your budget done.

I shouldn't be writing my to-do lists at 12am.. Gosh so insincere 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

If You Never Try, Then You Never Know

Easier said than done.

And I think that spirit of mine will break me one of these days. Why am I so gung-ho?

Saturday, September 24, 2016


This is by far the most complex feeling and emotions I have encountered.

Standing at a crossroad, unable to make up where to go. And afraid of taking either each option.

You can have 1000 theories on what to do. But in the end some of them contradict each other up and leaves you rooted...

Oh why have I landed myself in this crap...

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Sometimes, the pain of failure outweighs the pain of regret...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pokemon Go - The Subtle Reminder

It has been one month plus since the launch of the mobile game of the year (years perhaps?). Almost everyone (indeed almost) are playing or have played the game.

Some has reached remarkable achievements by completing their Pokedex. Some have leveled up close to the max of level 40. Some have strong Pokemons for taking down gyms and also boasting rights.

Me? Somewhere in the middle. Playing diligently. But not crazily (I think?)

I only came upon this realization days back. I used to feel not being lucky and not having the luxurious amount of time to "chiong" (that means rush) the game, getting cooler pokemon and leveling up fast. Of course seeing other people bragging while you have nothing to brag is indeed a bit "emo".

But I slowly came to realize that what happens in the game is somehow a reflection or image of life. There are crazy players. There are normal players. There are those who have quit the games. And then there's the silent grinders like me.

The game is indeed about catching all the pokemon there is to complete your Pokedex. But it does not say by when you need to do it. By when you is entirely up to your own jurisdictions and comfort. It was by then I realized that I have been playing moderately, and the game actually gave me more initiative to make runs and exercise. In a nutshell the game actually benefited me in reality. I am proud to say that nothing was neglected during this one month. I run, eat, exercise and worked as per normal, balancing my play time and serious time.

The game is also about getting the strongest pokemons for gym fights and bragging rights. But that doesn't mean that the normal ones that you see day in day out every time you log on has no impact at all. Most people are so focused on the main goals that they forget the small small joys of completing the achievement segments of the game. That includes catching record numbers of CP10 Rattatas and XL size Magikarps.

Big goals and targets can be overwhelming. To feed our confidence and to grow strong one must have multiple small goals, where achieving it brings you a step closer to your dreams. Catching every Rattata or Pidgey that you come across does sound boring and mundane. I think we find having a strict schedule of daily reading and exercising somewhat similar to that. But we cannot deny that these are the small small things that in the end add up, making a big difference in your life.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

So, What's Next?

This question has been bugging me ever since I reached where I wanted to reach initially.

I was so engrossed trying to get from Level 1 to Level 2. And then now that I am at Level 2, barely enough rest and slack, my thoughts wander to Level 3.

Sometimes I wish I can take my time slowly. But the fact is that how high you can go up is a race against time. Once your time is up, you just stop at where you are.

It is depressing thinking about that. Thinking of what to do next is also depressing. I guess it's time to stretch myself a little more by looking on how to proceed to the next step.

A lot of things have been pending to be mapped out. 

It has been a nice 2 months not thinking seriously about the future since I first started life in Singapore. Time to draft out a master plan for the future...

Self advice to myself: Never be afraid to dream big and aim high. Everything is possible through laser sharp focus. You know it works! It has brought you up to Mount Kinabalu. It has brought you through countless marathons. It has gotten you the results, Dean's List and A's all your life. Now practice it at getting what you want in life!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


For years, countless studies and research have been initiated to study the factors of success and achievements.

What makes a winner a winner?

Of course in a nutshell it can be summarize as determination, discipline, attitude, believe, hard work, perseverance and all other available words that comes into the latest dictionary there is.

Some argue that one of them stands out. Others begged to differ that it is a unique combination of everything.

Personally? I think it is up to believe. Or in Steven Covey's words, "Beginning with the end in mind"

Visualizing victory. Believing it so hard that it will break the toughest obstacle walls or the impossible.

No I did not come out with any study to prove that. It's just a personal opinion after watching multiple kinds of sports to come out with an opinion deriving from my gut. You can disagree, but you can't deny that believe in winning is that strong and powerful.

How often do you see a man proclaiming that he will sweep all gold for 3 consecutive Olympics, each time even though the race has not begun? And manage to smile even before finishing a race? That is not arrogance. It's the highest level of believe

How often does a team score in injury time to change the tide of the game? That it happens frequently compared to other teams, the spirit of it even has a name called "Fergie Time" and it has became a club folklore that impossible is nothing? This is the team that had rode through challenges in history to the present, from Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and now City. While other teams may have only historical bragging rights, this very club rewrote history in becoming the most successful club in England and have the brightest future in English football?

Not to mention a few of the other winners which have triumphed in their respective categories
Image result

Image result

Top Swimmers in history

Top 10 Badminton Players of All Time

To become a national hero or winner is one thing. But to be a globally recognized legend that even time will remember is another herculean effort.

These are the people or teams that had the secret recipe others do not. Or maybe the others do have it. But it just happen that their will and believe is stronger, making the impossible, possible.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Earning a stronger currency certainly gives one more purchasing power.

But like all power, one can be easily swayed and be corrupt. We are all normal human beings.

The thrifty spending has to continue. Proud of myself for surviving in frugal conditions in my first month in Singapore. Life has been like a game will small achievements along. 

1. Survive 1st month in Singapore (Completed)
2. Become debt free (25%)
3. Control variable cost spending to less than $1k a month (Achieved in 1st month)

These are the short term 3 main goals to be accomplished by the first 4 months (the variable cost spending will be an ongoing task). 

It is easy to be swayed into spending once earning a more powerful currency. I have also been frugal back in Malaysia. But took me a long time to save a substantial amount. Over here the value is 3 times more, hence the thought of buying something that you couldn't buy back then, will haunt you now and then.

Advice to myself: Do not be tempted by the Dark Side. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Ticking Bomb

The pessimistic part of me is at work. Sometimes we look forward towards certain days that we forget, that each day we edge closer to Death.

And since one can't really tell when Death is lurking, the fear of leaving this world behind without fulfilling your self created prophecy, is indeed mind troubling.

As emo as it may seem, I think this pessimism is a dose of self realization. That the one hour time spent on movies or drama can be put to feeding the mind and soul. Helping you grasp the future you want so bad to see it coming true.

I think I should sleep lesser since I start work later. So now I'm left with this big mental challenge to squeeze in more personal time in my life...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Innovation & Renovation - Keepng It Simple, Stupid!

I think to create new things is in my blood.

Back then, I knew if I were to end up in the technical industry, I have emphasized strongly that I would want to be in R&D. I got my "official" first job as a Product Technologist with Nestle.

Of course launching and coming up with new stuffs has its own sacrifice. People like me put in more effort, time, sweat, tears and blood. As much as we sometimes curse, swear and yell, deep down inside that unimaginable and indescribable feeling of pride, joy when we see our products on shelves ready for consumers, it's a reward no money can buy.

I think we can also see the effect of product innovation when we compare life a mere 50 years ago till now. Of course we have yet to achieve time travel or go round places on "real" hover boards, the very improvements of the internet and smartphones have propelled us so much further in life as we embrace the very unknown of the future.

I am enthralled at new products in every possible way. Be it with tech, science, food, services, successful new stuffs with great impact has never failed to excite me. But let me focus down to the very basic innovations that I think are simple and mindblowing - Food.

Back then when we were cave men, the very basic rule of thumb of survival was "eat to live". But as we progressed, clearing out forests and building our own concrete jungles where we reigned supreme(sarcasm), eating became a choice. Eating become an enjoyment. Eating became an indulgence.

And that is why whoever able to come out with mind blowing awesome tasting food are the very champions in food innovation and renovation.

To go deeper, rather than focusing science and technology on the improvements on manufacturing, I would want to just focus on recipes. Simple ingredients that serves as a reminder - To innovate does not require fancy stuffs and requirements. Most of the time we have to keep it simple.

1. myBurgerLab

Where else can you find a burger restaurant coming up with wacky and funky burger recipes? The awkward moment you find the combination so weird when you read the menu but tastes so EPIC when you get your first bite? I am fortunate to have went to a talk hosted by Renyi, telling a story on how 3 guys without any culinary knowledge perfecting the art of making burgers in friggin' 10 DAYS! And Renyi himself admitted that myBurgerlab is an innovation machine that has never failed to churn out different recipes time to time to maintain their strategic advantage over other burger joints.

Fun fact - Every burger itself is a chicken/beef + cheese burger (well apart from the vegetarian burger). What makes each burger stand out is the additional ingredients. KISS indeed!

2. Roti Tiga Rasa (from Original Penang Kayu Restaurant)
The famous mamak store's roti tiga rasa is the perfect example of Steve Job's quote - "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."
How so? Imagine taking a small piece of roti tiga rasa and not knowing what it is. Is it the kaya portion? Or the margarine portion? Or the egg? Or a combination of all 3? It is the very best twist and combination of Roti Planta, Roti Telur and Roti Kaya. It is also one of the few examples where sweetness and saltiness can go so well together, to deliver the "WOW" factor. If you want to know, that is my favourite Roti. Hands down.

3. Fluffed

I don't always eat waffles. But when I eat do, I know whether if its good enough to be "Legend - wait for it - Dary"
Fluffed is indeed glorious. Apart from the quirky names, their waffles are stupendous! I have only been there for one time only and yet can't wait to go for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time until I try all of their waffles. Special and signature enough. The burgerlab of the waffle category. Nuff said.


Haha! You thought it was going to be another food post huh? GOTCHA
I remeber LEGO back then when I was a child. Endless creations by just putting bricks together. No matter how limited the blocks were back then (compared to these days), it has never put definite boundaries to creativeness.
But as the years goes by, more and more types of bricks came out. That further amplifies and extend the endless possibilities that the LEGO brick hold. Think about building a Millenium Falcon or Batman's Tumbler with LEGO bricks

"Capital isn't so important in business. Experience isn't so important. You can get both these things. What is important is ideas. If you have ideas, you have the main asset you need, and there isn't any limit to what you can do with your business and your life."
— Harvey Firestone

Monday, May 2, 2016


It's funny that a guy in his twenties (ok fine late twenties) has a strong notion that time and life is short.

And fearing death... In a way that where dreams are set out not being achieved before time and earth consumes us...

I think it all started after I finished reading Jobs by end of last year. Through the book I saw a man so inclined to change the world. So aware that life is a ticking time bomb which can go off anytime. And making most of his life to create a dent in the history in mankind.

Jobs hit me hard. It helped create a mental checklist in my head. It reminds me time to time that life and time is finite. It reminds me that time is precious.

As we slowly walk through our twenties and enter our thirties, there are different stages of life expectations. What people expects of us, and what we expect of ourselves.

My wish of entering a new chapter in my life materialized during the early part of this year. I am thrilled and excited of the small changes and steps I have set and achieved as I caution myself to the looming half year mark of 2016.

There are goals and resolutions which I have achieved in this year. There are a number in progress. There are also a few yet to have started.

As much as I am satisfied of my progress, there's still a bit of worry. What I lack, is a solid long term goal. A 10 year, 5 year plan. A big life achievement in the horizon.

And then to dissect this long term plan, into tiny pieces. Key milestone to be achieved year by year.

There are plenty of long term goals going on in my head. But as I have mentioned, it is not solid. No strong urge to pushing it to be a reality. No proper planning to draw out this master plan, this blueprint and progress monitoring to ensure its success as the time comes.

I need to do this one of these days. I need to draw out my master plans that will not only change my life, hopefully mankind too.

One of these days.... Yes I must...

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What A Start...

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess

I need a break. I need a change. I am sick of not getting where I want but still remaining here...