Friday, January 2, 2015

Be Different

Happy 2015!


Talking about resolutions seems like an annual thing. That's because most of us just talk about it - no action!

And year in year out, for those who do their resolutions, part of them are the same as previous year. That weight loss that was suppose to happen, that quit smoking thought etc.

I said before the trick was to come out with a big idea or plan and then list out the executions which can be done in a daily or weekly basis.It is this small steps that will make those resolutions come true.

I managed to keep up to my resolutions up till the month of June last year. By then the moment laziness and slackness kicks in, it really laid my routine to waste.

For this year I will maintain the same approach. But I would want my resolutions to be a bit different. Not just plainly how many books to read, how many hours of working out. I want a lists of to-do's which will have an impact in my future. Not just an achievement to look back.

Time to set some resolutions which can change your future, one you would look back and say, "hey, I'm really glad I started doing this back then in year 2015."

Time to be different.