Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Music, my soul

Now, most of my blogs will be initiated by the feel when I listen to music, or songs. So, its no surprised that my last love letter was using chinese and all the name of the songs..(Wow, so romantic =.=") Anyway, just to say that 音乐,它可以带动一个人的感情,说出一个人的心声。So, welcome to a place where music and songs are used as the personification and the symbol of my blogs, my feelings..

Monday, October 27, 2008

What Makes A Man

What makes a man?
Let's start with the head.
What makes a man...

The mentality- Always moves foward, to solve things, to get the best for both sides when an arguement, and the firmness. that is what girls like. In chinese is just as simple as 男人主义。

The thinking- Never say die. 永不言败!

Arms- As thick as tree trunks(Wow!), but able to protect your love ones and to give comfort..

Body- As solid as steel, but able to give warmth even in the coldest winter

And most importantly, the heart..

Heart - hard as steel. No shuddering in making decisions. But also to be able to be melted in seconds when she comes along..

That is what a man is made of..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A New Dawn..

From friendster, to Live spaces and now blogspot. Welcome to my diaries, where tales untold unfold, nostalgia plays through like a movie. Its just a start, but there will be no ending.. A diaries of never ending memories and views..