Wednesday, December 23, 2009


ENFP( Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception)...

My type...


-keenly perceptive of possibilities
-energize and stimulate through their contagious enthusiasm
-prefer start-up phase of a project
-tireless in the pursuit of new found interest
-anticipate the needs of others and offer them needed help and appreciation
-bring zest, joy, liveliness, and fun to all aspects to their lives
-best in situations that are fluid, changing, allows them to express their creativity and use their charisma

According to Wikipedia,

ENFPs are regarded as Champions, one of the four types belonging to the temperament David Kersey regard as the Idealists

Know who you are, here...

Friday, December 18, 2009


Well well well, finally a blockbuster. A screamer. A MUST-WATCH!! James Cameron made another spectacular movie that hopfully, breaks Titanic's record.

Sam Worthington, the Terminator hunk, portrays Jake Sully, an ex-marine, is paralzyed waist down from wounds sustained in combat. He is selected to participate in the Avatar program as his identical twin brother Tom was killed. Arriving from Earth to Pandora in a six year journey, Jake awakes from cryosleep to the planet which is rich in unobtainium.
Jake Sully in Avatar mode

Avatar, is defined as a character, or someone you portrayed in another world or dimension, be it a game or etc. So the Avatar program is some sort like a creation of a character which resembles the natives in the Pandora, which is known as the Na'vi and combining it with human genome that enables a human to control it by channeling their thoughts. He however, must be asleep in his real body. Another reason of the usage of the Avatar is human race are unable to breathe in the planet of Pandora.
The floating mountains in Pandora

Originally used as a device to hold diplomatic resolves with the Na'vis, as their village is sitting on top of the planet's richest Unobtainium source, Jake however was being told to infiltrate the Na'vis by gaining their trust and finding their weakness, so that the Colonel will know where to strike the natives hard. However in the process, Jake realise that he had fallen in love in the greenery of the planet(and also Neytiri) and in the end switch sides to lead the whole Na'vi against his own race.
Ikran(the blue flying beasts) battling the choppers


Great plot, great linkages, owesome 3-D effects. You can't ask for more. Everything in Pandora, even the blades of grass, are works of 3-D.

1st, break the gross record. Then, it's on to the Oscars!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Boys of twenties, nearly men
Played on a patchy field with sand
Yet they find it oh so grand
As if playing for supporters at the stands

Legs that weren't as sharp as they were
Speed of running not that sheer
Yet these we consider mere
Cos everyone, every friend is here

Goals weren't the utmost target
It is the time we could never forget
It is the teamwork with each team mate
And the errors and jokes together we made

There were times when the sky pour down
Made the pitch murky muddy brown
Yet it did not made us frown
As mud on us felt like king with a crown

I always miss the time that I played football during Holidays with my brothers at Esplanade. It is that special feeling that I will treasure and hope for more every coming holiday...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My holidays countdown has just reached 10+ To be specified, its 19 days. SHIT... I rather grow moss then to face life back at Penang... Let me grow, let me rot... Just stay 19.... Everyday...

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have wasted almost 20 days of my holidays... and 20 more days to go... Waste all or save it now? Blog also left to grow grass liao... so long baru update... But also one of the fact that I'm moodless, and somebody monopolizing the internet....