Saturday, July 30, 2016


Earning a stronger currency certainly gives one more purchasing power.

But like all power, one can be easily swayed and be corrupt. We are all normal human beings.

The thrifty spending has to continue. Proud of myself for surviving in frugal conditions in my first month in Singapore. Life has been like a game will small achievements along. 

1. Survive 1st month in Singapore (Completed)
2. Become debt free (25%)
3. Control variable cost spending to less than $1k a month (Achieved in 1st month)

These are the short term 3 main goals to be accomplished by the first 4 months (the variable cost spending will be an ongoing task). 

It is easy to be swayed into spending once earning a more powerful currency. I have also been frugal back in Malaysia. But took me a long time to save a substantial amount. Over here the value is 3 times more, hence the thought of buying something that you couldn't buy back then, will haunt you now and then.

Advice to myself: Do not be tempted by the Dark Side. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Ticking Bomb

The pessimistic part of me is at work. Sometimes we look forward towards certain days that we forget, that each day we edge closer to Death.

And since one can't really tell when Death is lurking, the fear of leaving this world behind without fulfilling your self created prophecy, is indeed mind troubling.

As emo as it may seem, I think this pessimism is a dose of self realization. That the one hour time spent on movies or drama can be put to feeding the mind and soul. Helping you grasp the future you want so bad to see it coming true.

I think I should sleep lesser since I start work later. So now I'm left with this big mental challenge to squeeze in more personal time in my life...