Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Kagawa and Hazard debate

I can't deny that I am visiting ESPN soccernet every now and then. Until the day Kagawa holds United jersey in his hands, I will always be on the lookout. And regarding on Hazard joining Chelsea, well I can say that I'm just pleased with the news, because I'd rather he went there rather than City.

Well then again, I won't be too please either. Chelsea has indeed look more formidable with the addition of Hazard, and not to mention Marko Marin. Chelsea's playing style will be much more pacier given that they acquired two players who excel in flanks. Put in Torres (if he does really finds his Anfield form back) and Ramires, Cole, you'll get a team that will be counter attacking menacingly.

I never quite did believed that United were on the market for Hazard. Because we already have enough wingers to last us even during the most crisis periods. Gone were the days where Darren Fletcher or John O'Shea had to be a make-used winger. Finally after waiting and waiting, SAF finally clears his mind to get an attacking midfielder with superb ball vision, shooting ability and pace - Shinji Kagawa.

Given on how Hazard handled the press, his attitude and demands, everyday my views on him keeps getting lower and lower. I used to think he was Cristiano Ronaldo 2.0. I was wrong. At least Ronaldo was not that big mouth before he arrived at United or even when he arrived at United. If Hazard was a bit more modest like Ronny, then I'll bemoan and grieve that he chose to join Chelsea and snubbed United. Thank God he was such a pain in the arse that I so willingly "celebrated" that he went to Chelsea. One other player that gave me the same feeling was when Balotelli signed for City.

I admit I like players with flair. Ronaldo was one of the first player that redefined how to excel as a winger. After the likes of David Beckham who remodeled winger as a player who assists from the flanks, Ronaldo seemed to bring back the years of George Best, cutting in from the flank with speed and scoring. So basically I should be sad that Hazard, a player with speed and flair would not be joining United. But after watching Kagawa's videos on his assists and runs, my preference towards footballing style changed.

I still remember the days Ronaldo came in. Trick pony, lousy header, and shooting with no direction. He was just like the old Joe Cole, just good at show boating. But over the years he improved, even now when he is at Madrid, he's scoring more goals than showing tricks. Goals and assists. It's all that matters. So just basically based on the goal ratios and assists, Kagawa already beat Hazard by miles.

Plus, Throw in other factors like he never needed to think which club to join after he leaves (He chose United without hesitation), he costs less, he doesn't ask for crazy wages, he doesn't ask for the famous number 7 jersey either! However, one thing Hazard beats Kagawa up till now, is his youtube videos on skills and dribbles. 

On more Hazard and Kagawa debates, go here. Article is terribly written, where the writer compares Hazard and Kagawa with absurd fashion. But rebuttal comment down there is epic... Love that guy :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seriously? Bullshit!

I know I have been delaying finding a job. Mostly it's because my semester is taking a turn into a hectic time (funny that I still have the mood to blog while my thesis is still undone yet).

Yes I know they are friends of mine who already got their work offers even before they graduate. Yes I know some of them are excited or elated to have got a work offer. Not for me NO. It's not like I don't care, nor I have money raining down for me everyday. It's because working in Malaysia, for me, and especially in my work field if I really go back working related to Food Technology, is pure bullshit.

(15 minutes pause or AFK)

I was busy commenting and rebutting fools on the Star Online page. In a nutshell, companies are always right when it comes to employing us, and the moment we set foot inside your company, is the moment we sell our souls to you. Going back to the food industry? NO WAY!

Monday, May 14, 2012






Seriously I can accept City being the better club and the best club won, but I really cannot accept Chelsea and Liverpool fans are happy just because they want MU to lose. Seriously I don't really hate Liverpool and Chelsea. But damn those fans really bug me. I can stay cool, but to totally ignore is almost impossible. I'm human, and Man United is a part of me - it grows in me.


战场归战场。踢完球就该握手和好。而不是抱着仇恨,把自己的快乐建立在别人的痛苦上。若你觉得你没错,我也没有话好说。 若你觉得利物浦,切尔西,阿森纳已经没有办法让你快乐,而你唯一看球的娱乐是看到曼联输而高兴,那英超自从2001年到现在,你高兴过几次?

Once a Devil, always a Devil. Congratulations to Man City, 2011/2012 BPL season champions.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I may not be a guy who has experienced any relationships, be it puppy love, monkey love or what so ever. But still it is very surprisingly for me to believe, and keep on believe, that love is the greatest thing of them all. I have no proof, no evidence, nor first hand experience of it. It's like a follower who believes in God yet doesn't sees him or feels him at all.

I'm not gay nor bi. As a guy I am attracted to the opposite sex -Girls/Women. And yes over the 23 years I have done what a man would have done the same since I don't-know-when - try to win the heart of the girl I like.

I think I'm sociable. And I am one hell of a socialite. I'm good, no, awesome around guys and girls, even guy and girl. So to those who don't really know much about my relationship background, there are those who are really stunned or surprised that over 23 years of life, I haven't succeed in a relationship, let alone kissed a girl. Well I think it's normal la. Come on there must be some forever alone people in this world right? If I'm one of them, then I accept it. Happily. :)

Anyway I wasn't like that last time (long time ago, since puberty struck and when you realized guys actually are attracted to girls.) Every time when a girl knows I like her, from the first crush till the latest one, they'd give me the cold shoulder, no, "hollow man" treatment(there are 3 girls who did not do that la thankfully). As if I'm not there. As if what I say and do is nothing to them (except the 3 of crushes la again).

But then in the end even the 3 girls did not give me the "hollow man" treatment, they'd still hurt me deep. In fact they hurt me the deepest I think! So basically every time I get a crush, I end up emo. How emo? Everytime I thought it was the most emo feeling of them all when it comes. Never did I know the following failed crushes were more and more emo than the past...

I never believed in God. Nor do I believe in wishes, shooting stars and what so ever. But every now and then when I find myself holding joss sticks, praying for festivals or family traditions, or when it is the time of the year when I close my eyes before I put out the candles in front of me, I always wish for happiness, abundance of them to be given to the girl on my mind on that current moment.

Yes I also also do pray and wish sometimes, that they would sometimes just take a look at me, and realized, hey, this is a good guy I'm letting go (I'm a good guy I swear!). What am I doing. I'd hope that even if I never did win their heart, at least if it flutters a bit, can you tell me that you're touched and thankful for what I did?

Yes. It used to be like that. But things changed. Maybe I got tired. Maybe I am fed up. Maybe it's meant to be. This year's Chinese New Year had me praying for world peace, and my birthday wish was also something similar. There was no special girl in my mind, that I would have prayed for and wished for her happiness.

I like it that way. And I hope it stays that way. If possible. Forever... 

My current dream involves me traveling around the world, seeing things and probably staying place to place. With that dream of mine, it doesn't gives me the responsibility to really find a girl friend, let alone build a family. Rather than hope for finding another half who will bring happiness to me, I rather redefine happiness as doing something or relishing something I love.  

I'm no sad Forever Alone. I'm proud to be one.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Rise Of The Blue Moon?

As a loyal-but-hopefully-not-biased-when-it-comes-to-logic Red Devil fan, I have to admit I had my hearts set on grabbing an unexpected win at Etihad Stadium against our noisy neighbors. But after watching the match for just 5 minutes, I'd changed my mind for just a draw. United was totally helpless and played, if not too harsh, very lousily. Seriously SAF, what did you guys trained at Wales? Well apart for the defenses who were quite steady (shaky till during approaching the end of the game), the other sectors looked terrible, not even threatening City's Joe Hart.

What went wrong?

SAF always have the knack of fielding Ji-Sung Park when it comes to big matches. But excuse me, fielding Ji-Sung Park at big matches, when it really did work, was just 2 seasons ago, mind you, against Liverpool and Arsenal. And plus, fielding Ji-Sung against Barca in the finals of Champions League was also a big mistake, where Nani should have been fielded.

So yesterday's match saw SAF again favoring the South Korean. Not that I have a grudge against this guy, but seriously guys, I wouldn't field Ji Sung who hasn't been playing regularly and again, with unknown form. And another surprise was Nani got the nod ahead of the on-form Valencia... The line up itself has already shocked me. And playing a make shift defense that differ from the one's that leaked 4 goals for Everton does seem a bit unexpected too, cause in terms of form, Evans certainly got the edge over Smalling.

When a team plays lousily, it's always the mid-field's fault. Rule of thumb. United's midfield were all over the place. Nani had no freedom down the flanks, crosses were nullify; plus playing only Rooney as a lone striker means only he himself will be in the box to accept feeds from wingers. Park was dispossessed most of the time. Even though Scholes controlled the midfield quite well, Park and Nani are the one's to blame for United's dispossession in mid-field.

Fielding a lone striker just made job easier for City. Just man mark Rooney and threat gone. Man Utd barely troubled Joe Hart, and were always scraping to defend once they were dispossessed. Practically, I'd just say I wasted my time, my precious sleeping time watching a lousy performance by United getting beaten by their rivals, and saw a big blow towards our 20th title chase.

Maybe the approach of the game was wrong. Maybe what SAF had in mind was to hold against City's firepower, who come into this match with the mentality to attack. But then again not having a good defensive midfield and Vidic at the back, devoting full time defense is not going to work against City's attacking squad. The best defense is always to attack and hold possession.

Another thing that should be noted was, City players come into this match with hunger. Their attack was lively; Nasri was causing havoc with his dribbling, and so was Yaya Toure and co. United players were playing for a draw, but things did not went well and they were buried by their own defensive tactics when Kompany rose and headed in the solitary goal of the match.

What to do?

Like it or not, this season may seem over. Unless City slip up, which is quite impossible from my perspective. United may end up trophy-less this season. I hope being trophy-less would actually wake SAF up to really splash some cash on the transfer market and getting rid of under-performing players. Chelsea have already signed Marin just for 7million pounds while Arsenal bagged Podolski for a fee of an estimated 11million, which for me both are really bargains too good to be true.

I had an argument with a Man Utd fan on a Man Utd page earlier, where he opted for SAF to acquire another defender while I was all in for a new mid-fielder. Well obviously if you can see things right now, we do really need a mid-fielder, if not 2. Shinji Kagawa of Borrusia Dortmound have already rejected an offer to stay, and from reports he'll leave for just a mere 5million pounds is even better than buying Podolski for 11 million or Marin with 7 million. Carrick's form is erratic and there should be a good replacement or plan B (maybe Carrick should just be plan B).

And please no Goatze or Hazard. Both of them are way too expensive. Plus, we have more than enough wingers already. We just need a solid playmaker and a good defensive mid-field. And if the news on Berba is leaving, then we should invest in another striker.

Regarding current crops of players, sorry but Anderson has to go. He's been injured most of the time and although he's really crafty, but it's no use having a player who can just give you 10 matches of essence a season and then get carried off to the injury room. Fletcher may not be playing for United again means the list of our central midfield grows ever thin. Even Cleverley is a long term absentee. Players like Giggs and Scholes should not be made to play every match at their current age, although they still can contribute.

Hernandez should be groomed into a goal poacher rather than a super-sub. I'd rather see Hernandez as Van Nistelrooy's shadow rather than Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Fielding him beside Rooney is better than having Rooney partnering Welbeck, who also looses possession quite easily. Seriously I really don't understand why Fergie would favor Welbeck over Hernandez...

Chelsea and Arsenal have already started preparing for next season. SAF should proceed too. And hopefully he does it right this time. *prays hard.

There is still a mathematical probability that Man Utd can end up as champions. I haven't given up. But it's already time to plan for next season... :)

Dear god. I just want Kagawa. Is that too big a wish to grant?

Seriously this guy is GOOD!