Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Kagawa and Hazard debate

I can't deny that I am visiting ESPN soccernet every now and then. Until the day Kagawa holds United jersey in his hands, I will always be on the lookout. And regarding on Hazard joining Chelsea, well I can say that I'm just pleased with the news, because I'd rather he went there rather than City.

Well then again, I won't be too please either. Chelsea has indeed look more formidable with the addition of Hazard, and not to mention Marko Marin. Chelsea's playing style will be much more pacier given that they acquired two players who excel in flanks. Put in Torres (if he does really finds his Anfield form back) and Ramires, Cole, you'll get a team that will be counter attacking menacingly.

I never quite did believed that United were on the market for Hazard. Because we already have enough wingers to last us even during the most crisis periods. Gone were the days where Darren Fletcher or John O'Shea had to be a make-used winger. Finally after waiting and waiting, SAF finally clears his mind to get an attacking midfielder with superb ball vision, shooting ability and pace - Shinji Kagawa.

Given on how Hazard handled the press, his attitude and demands, everyday my views on him keeps getting lower and lower. I used to think he was Cristiano Ronaldo 2.0. I was wrong. At least Ronaldo was not that big mouth before he arrived at United or even when he arrived at United. If Hazard was a bit more modest like Ronny, then I'll bemoan and grieve that he chose to join Chelsea and snubbed United. Thank God he was such a pain in the arse that I so willingly "celebrated" that he went to Chelsea. One other player that gave me the same feeling was when Balotelli signed for City.

I admit I like players with flair. Ronaldo was one of the first player that redefined how to excel as a winger. After the likes of David Beckham who remodeled winger as a player who assists from the flanks, Ronaldo seemed to bring back the years of George Best, cutting in from the flank with speed and scoring. So basically I should be sad that Hazard, a player with speed and flair would not be joining United. But after watching Kagawa's videos on his assists and runs, my preference towards footballing style changed.

I still remember the days Ronaldo came in. Trick pony, lousy header, and shooting with no direction. He was just like the old Joe Cole, just good at show boating. But over the years he improved, even now when he is at Madrid, he's scoring more goals than showing tricks. Goals and assists. It's all that matters. So just basically based on the goal ratios and assists, Kagawa already beat Hazard by miles.

Plus, Throw in other factors like he never needed to think which club to join after he leaves (He chose United without hesitation), he costs less, he doesn't ask for crazy wages, he doesn't ask for the famous number 7 jersey either! However, one thing Hazard beats Kagawa up till now, is his youtube videos on skills and dribbles. 

On more Hazard and Kagawa debates, go here. Article is terribly written, where the writer compares Hazard and Kagawa with absurd fashion. But rebuttal comment down there is epic... Love that guy :)

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