Thursday, October 18, 2012

Of Perfect Pitch (and some basic music theory)

Hear something once. Play or sing it naturally, key by key, note by note, perfectly.

That would be the layman term for perfect pitch. How to know someone has it? Well with Internet now available almost everywhere in the world, it's easy to find an example of perfect pitch. Let's say a song just got released on Youtube. And then miraculously, you see a cover of the song by someone (a cover I mean dang a good, awesome, epic cover) just barely one or two days after the song has been released. That is perfect pitch.

They need no practicing. Their first try is good enough than you practicing something for weeks. Practice makes perfect just does not apply here. These people do not need music scores to play a song. They replicate the original score without having to copy from the original score.

Singing with perfect pitch is easier. The hardest part is finding the chords of the song. See a song is always made up by 2 elements. The melody and the chords. Singing is just purely melody. When a person sings with the aid of a musical instrument, he or she plays the chords of the song, while letting her voice do the melody part.

For those who don't understand a thing about music, I'll use Twinkle Twinkle little star as an example. The melody for this song - Twinkle twinkle little star, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla... THAT, is the MELODY. The chords, depends on the key you're singing in. Cmajor? Dmajor?

IF you're singing this song in C major, the chords will ROUGHLY be...

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are
          (C)          (F)  (C)     (G)     (F)         (G)    (C)  <- (I'm doing this roughly, without a piano XD)

If you don't have any music background, this guy will not sound like he's playing twinkle twinkle little star. But if you start singing when he starts playing, you'll notice he's actually playing something that makes a good partner with your singing! WHAT HE'S PLAYING ARE THE CHORDS!

It's not easy to catch the chords from a song. Chords are the most important part of a song. They determine the tempo, the beat, the style of the music. 

Classical version by Mozart himself. This is THE ORIGINAL Twinkle Twinkle Star.

Lullaby version by ThePianoGuys.

You can have Bossa Nova version, Rock and Roll version, so on and so forth. It's not the type of musical instruments that give you the beat and feel. It is how a song is arranged into, which is determined by how the chords are played. If you play your chords fast, your song becomes a fast song. If you play your song soft, it becomes a lullaby. 

So, to be able to capture a song, in it's original chords and beat, is a gift that every musician yearns to have. Arranging songs will become easier, since you can visualize your songs in different genre, then choose the one that gives off the best feel. That, is what perfect pitch is about when it comes to making music.

For amateurs, like most of us, who don't really have much chance or talent when it comes to making new music, perfect pitch allows us to capture the whole song as it is- playing a lullaby song on piano with a lullaby feel, and not a classical feel, is what perfect pitch can give. 

To determine the chords of the song is difficult enough for me. For a self taught pianist, with no theory qualification, my dad says I'm good enough. But to determine the feeling of a song, is something I have yet to master. And with time running out, I know I won't have much time to spend my idle days playing the piano, seeking for ultimate self eargasm, when my working days come.

God. Please grant me perfect pitch. I don't need a girl to live together with me for the rest of my life. Just let me play and sing. Let music satire my hunger, and accompany me till the end of my days, even though I'll never have the chance to shine on stages and be etched into musical hall of fame.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

K-Pop playlist - How to get addicted :3

Again the world once again gets a taste of "kimchi" when it comes to music. Gangnam style proves one thing - Doesn't matter that most of the world don't know a thing about what PSY is singing. It just feels good and awesome. :D

I used to hate this genre. Hate it alot. But if you ask me now, I'd say K-pop is my mainstream music now. I don't even have 10 English hits on my lappie.

So for you guys out there who still ain't got hold on K-pop, and you are music enthusiasts, I'd say you're missing BIGTIME! You are losing some serious music quality, eargasms.

So how did I got into the K-pop mania? Well I love good songs and music. So you can guessed why I'm into it now. Plus they look good too. :D

I never really tried to convert friends around me into K-pop. So here I am now, trying to "convert"! Haha... Here are my favourites without any rankings.

So if you are willing to give me less than 45 minutes of your time, I hope my playlists will convert you and may you be blessed with quality songs and music... Song names are stated in their English name, followed by their korean name in brackets. After the hyphen is the singer or group, and their korean names in hanguel (korean alphabets). Just copy the whole thing and paste it on youtube search.

1. On Rainy Days ( 비가 오는 날엔) - B2ST (비스트)
2. Fiction (Fiction) - B2ST (비스트). [I suggest you listen to the ORCHESTRA VERSION].
3. Fool (바보) - Juniel ft YongHwa (주니엘)
4. A Person That Used To Love Me (나를 사랑했던 사람아) - Huh Gak (허각)
5. I'm A Loner (외톨이아) - CN Blue (씨엔 블루)
6. Even If It's Not Necessary (꼭은 아니더라도) - FT Island (에프티 아이렌드)
7. Star Star Star (별 별 별) - SNSD (소녀시대)
8. I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me (너도 나 처럼) - 2AM
9. Missing You Like Crazy (미치게 보고싶은) - Taeyeon (태연)
10. Because I Miss You (그리워서) - Jung Yong Hwa (정용화)
11. My Child (동화) - SNSD (소녀시대)
12.Love Is Crying (사랑이 운다) - K.Will (케이욀)
13. Can You Hear Me (들이나요) - Taeyeon (태연)
14. If (만약해) - Taeyeon (태연)
15. I Still Love You (그래도 사랑해) - Suzy(수지)
16. Winter's Child (겨울 아이) - Suzy(수지)

Note that my selections does not involve hit songs. Most of them are sentimental. It really touches your heart. Most are emo songs, about heart break. Haha. But then again, emo songs are always the main theme of good songs. :3

Rest assured that these songs are chosen for their quality and not dance. In fact not one song here is a dance song, save Fiction ( then again I suggest listening to the Orchestra version, not the original one).

Now what? Go YOUTUBE! :D

P.S. - I am seriously in love with Taeyeon's voice... And she does look good too, NO DOUBT! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pursiut of Happiness

These days I've been thinking. Thinking of how my limited choices would have limited me.

Yes up till now I still don't have any preference in going back to the food industry. I dread working in a factory.

Maybe just because of a one time exposure, which hence gave me a phobia to stay away from food processing plants, is not really fair nor doing justice. Maybe after getting exposed to a few food factories will change my views and feelings for them?

All this while I thought I forsook food technology because of the low pay. But when I look back on my life, money never really did played a significant part of my happiness. I can live without good food, nor do I visit clubs and bars for booze and beer. I have lived my university days with just bread and Milo, biscuits, without a single grain of rice.

I admit I dread facing the working world. I dread to not be able to do what I like, what I want. People only work to survive (well most people). Out of the millions of people out there working, we all know that only a few find their ideal job.

I dread more having to face one of my nightmares, is to enroll in a job, in a field that I have almost given up on, where I study because I needed to.

But what dreads me most is being pressured to get a job. To be honest, the days I'm living in now are as bad as the days I dread about my FYP.

The Island

I've spent my uni days pondering and relishing about getting off the island as soon as possible.

And now that I'm finally off the island, I actually wanna go back.

It's just like the castaways in the drama Lost. They've spent most of their time trying to get off the island, until at some point at the series, when they show future cuts of some casts finally getting off the island, you see people like Jack trying to get back to the island.

Irony? Yes.

And yes, there is a part of me that wants to get back to the island.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can You Hear Me?

Sometimes, I just feel so lost. Sometimes I feel stress, anxiety on how to start writing the new chapter of my life.

Its like having to write a new story, where all this while I have been used to continue writing pieces of my life as it goes on.

I have just reached a point where, I fear of not knowing how to start a new chapter.

Well of course the main idea is there. But what to write?

It is mentally torturing when your friends have all started writing, while you are still left scratching your head in the exam hall, while time is ticking away...

It is disheartening to have submitted your resumes and not get notified as time goes by. You begin to doubt your own abilities. You start to feel lousy...

I am, lousy....  Can you hear me?

Friday, September 21, 2012


To me, it's no big deal. However, it's quite a big event. Because most of us get to do it only once in a lifetime. It signifies the end of the occupation as a student. It is a symbol that we have completed our higher institutional studies.

As I said so on my facebook, all the years spent on being a student, studying here and there for almost 20 years, and getting to be on the stage for less than one minute of fame... It feels so surreal. Feels so unrealistic. All these years I've never thought I would one day stop going to school or class. It just dawn to me that I am a student no more. It's a hard and cold truth to accept after getting used to attending class, reading notes, burning midnight oil for exams. It's a self inflicting stress and anxiety that I think would be a memory, wrapped up in  a parcel and left only to reminiscent.

Deep down there is a part of me that still have the desire to go on. To stay young forever. To be able to continue attending classes and lectures. Final semester of my final year was somehow my favourite semester. It was the only sem where I could take extra subjects, subjects which I really love. I miss attending Korean classes, guitar classes and English speaking classes. And I scored well too in the exams :)

To be not able to take and complete my level 3 Korean, is like having an incomplete Uni life. Haha. Sounds funny, but yeah. Maybe if I've completed level 3, graduating would feel more, real?

Funny how 4 years just slipped by in a blink of an eye. 4 years is almost as long as the 5 years one spent in secondary school. But in terms of fondness, I think leaving USM kinda makes me more sad or emotional compared to leaving secondary school.

Seriously, is there something in USM that is making me miss USM, or it's just me being a nostalgic fag? Argh I don't know... :/

*ps. Congratulations to myself for being a USM graduate. It's an achievement. It's not what everyone has a chance of emulating. However, it is not my greatest achievement. It is just a small hill that I've just successfully conquered.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Shinji Kagawa's GIRLFRIEND??

I just knew this like few days ago. Kinda shocked me though. Cause I never did quite go to the extend of knowing a footballer's personal life. It is the performance on pitch that counts.

Now Kagawa's girlfriend, is an ADULT VIDEO actress in Japan. Well in other words, and a harsher word to use, would be a porn actress. Maybe it's considered okay in Japan. But for me, I find it quite hard to accept.

What more she's not only some porn star. She is THE porn star. Like one of the most hottest porn star in Japan. She is Ameri Ichinose.

Now I don't deny that she's pretty. Hot maybe also. And yes she's sexy. And yes again, most guys would not close their eyes if this girl would to strip in front of you (come on don't act gentleman!).

But as a girlfriend? I don't know about you guys. Maybe I can't say no if a chick like that come banging on my door. But as a girlfriend it's a definitely NO for me. It's like having a girlfriend who smokes and use vulgarities ( traits that I simply set as basic requirements of choosing a girlfriend).

Not that I look down on those who are in the porn industry. At least it's not earning a living the wrong way like stealing or robbing.

Being in the AV industry is more towards making love on air rather than being an actress in a movie with nudity. At least a movie has a freaking story line, with sex not really the main theme or focus of the movie. 

Maybe from my point of view, women should be treated with more respect and care. And as a woman, it's not really proper to show your personal side to everyone.

Then again, I don't mind free show. Bottom line, I think someone like Shinji Kagawa deserves someone with a better social stature.

*ps I still can't accept it. No. Jeez this is killing me. Wonder what Terry and Balotelli have up their sleeves?

*PS There are reports that this rumours are FAKE. Well Thank God I say! :D

Life is a War

"Life is like a box of chocolates."

Well  screw you Forest! Not that I hate you, but for different people and seen through different perspectives, life is not always a box of chocolates.

Life is a war zone. Your graduation from your alma mater is no less than graduating from a military academy. You get your first job aka become enlisted in the army. You start from the lowest rank in the company. You are cannon fodder.

You spend your whole life, battling cannons and bombs. Only different thing about working is, you don't die literally, or end up without your limbs if you've stepped on a landmine. Sometimes you get screwed by your captain. Your captain gets screwed by his major, and then the General screws everyone under his control.

We spend all our life, working up the military hierarchy if the modern working world. We ourselves dream to someday become a major, admiral or whatsoever. It seems like this is life's only way of progress.

What if, life is not a war? What if, there's no need to get enlisted into society's modern warfare?

Maybe life is a war. War starts with one person or incident, and gets carried out by the entire nation. Your neighbour buys a new car. You work your ass off to buy a bigger one to show him you're better.

There's no escape. You either join the ranks and work your ass up the ranks, or you become an emo farmer watching the tanks steamrolling across your crop fields when war breaks loose.

Me? I don't wanna be any of them, if I could have it my way. If life is a war, you make the most of it. You become, THE ARMS DEALER...

*ps I love Forest Gump!! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

That's Life

As far as I know, I am so willing to let go of what I've learned. Bye bye food tech. It was the University life that matters. Not the degree.

I don't want to spend my life, or even an ounce of it, reviewing SOPs, managing workers in a factory, or doing hourly check in a production line, or plotting and constructing a HACCP.


Just like giving me a lousy CGPA during my matriculation, life has once again pit me into a situation, where it torments me mentally and spiritually.

There is still a chance that I may end up in the food production industry. Maybe I will like it. But it was never a choice I wanted to make should is really happen.

I really hate to say this, but since year 2 in my degree life, I'd already made up my mind that I would avoid this field once I graduate. Doesn't matter that if I'm smart enough or have the abilities to succeed in this field or not. Bottom line is, I don't like it, and nor will I feel happy if my future working life were to be something similar to my intern life.

No harm to my ex intern company. It's just the life of a food technologist that bothers me. What ever I do, I make sure my happiness and health is the utmost priority. So forget about getting my arse into a production line at midnight. My biological clock and health is more than money.

Ah if happiness would made me live and feel up an empty stomach. If only money wasn't everything.

From the way I see things now, most probably I'll end up doing something I don't like...

Well that's the sad case of life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Deishi Basara

Watched the Dark Knight Rises couple days ago. Not as mind blowing as I'd expected it to be. But still awesome.

Rather than do another movie review, I'd like to give my 2 cents worth of thoughts regarding a particular scene in the movie.

*play this before you continue reading :p

The scene that evoked me the most was the scene, where Bruce Wayne tried to climbed out of the prison pit. Knowing that Bane was about to bring utter destruction to Gotham, Bruce picked himself up from a broken state (literally and figuratively), trained hard before trying to scale up the walls of the prison.

He attempted scaling the walls a number of times. He failed and failed. Until at last, he decided to climb without a safety rope that would meant death- should he fail to successfully jump and caught hold one of the edges.

Coming back on the current society, specifically my society, I see no difference between us, between me and Bruce Wayne trying to jump with a rope. Sometimes all it needs, is a dose of fear, so that you'll know that important step you take is actually a step of life and death.

We all have been taught and brought up, thinking that to succeed in life, only academic supremacy will help us achieve that. The truth is, it's not. It is the safest mean to success, but it doesn't guarantee success. Figuratively, it means tying yourself with a rope when you're about to jump that vital step, to reach for ultimate glory. You won't die should you fail, but you would never be that legend who took that leap of faith and got out of there.

That is why, we have so many people fighting for the same job. So many high scorers in government exams. But no hero. Only a handful of respected sportsman. No winning bet on an Olympic gold medalist winner. No GUARANTEE that there will be another one of a kind shuttler to take up Lee Chong Wei's mantle to continue stamping our mark as badminton elites. The crisis that our national badminton squad faces will follow the footsteps of our national football team's footsteps- to utter disappointment (but on the other side, they are improving. Just that they are just a pale comparison to the Super Mokh era.)

We are taught to study, study and study our whole lives. We've seen the flame of our dreams as sportsmen, artistes, entertainers all doused with the so called logic and advices by our parents, teachers and society. That is why there would never be a Malaysian footballer playing in major football leagues in the Europe. Nor will there be any Malaysians that would stamp their mark in Hollywood or with God's miracle, get nominated for an Oscar or Grammy.

We are all prisoners, jumping and trying to get out of that fictional prison of ours. Those who succeeded are those who climbed without ropes. It takes great courage to be different to others. Unfortunately in my society, while scaling up a prison pit with no ropes, there is no one to chant "Deishi Basara!".

No one.

Friday, July 20, 2012





也许,当初没有申请"Food Tech"这个Degree, 就不会看着Jobstreet说,后悔读这颗。

找工作,就如找女友那样 - 一班男生急着要讨好一位女生的心。


Saturday, June 30, 2012


One of the finest friendships one could have. It is certainly an honor to be treated as someone's brother without having blood ties. It's the things we've gone through together, binds us, and somehow unconsciously, we came to trust each other 100% without a single doubt. Guys, if there is a guy friend like that that makes you feels that way, congratulations, you treat him as a bro. :)

Come to think about it, I kinda have a lot of bros. Maybe I have dis-positioned trust, where I tend to trust people more easily. I have tons of them at Taiping; most of them former classmates. The chemistry, how we talk, how we clicked together, is un-describable with words. Well now that we are all scattered apart; some overseas, some in different parts of Malaysia, but the thing is, we'd always stay silly and dorky, even 10 years later after we last knew each other (some I have knew them for almost 20 years!)

Days with bros can never be lousy or boring. Cause when bros are together, we'd make even the boring situations lively. Maybe that's one of the facts bros seldom go on vacation trips but hang out ALOT!

After finishing my final paper, I'd still have a presentation 4 days after. On normal circumstances I wouldn't have planned to come back. But since I have one bro who's going back to work in the US, which I will not be seeing for a long time, I jetted back home :)

Once in a while I come up with magnificent quotes. And when one of my friends asked me why would I come back home just for like 2 days, I lifted my left hand to almost the level of my eye, and said :"friendship"
Then I lowered my right hand, to a level just above my crotch, and said:"viva presentation".

It's not like I don't give a damn to the presentation. But in my life, one of the sources of happiness is having the friends I have now, not achieving a bloody good presentation and an effing good result...

Bro hood for life. All the best kiddo :3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When Impossible Is Just A State Of Mind

2nd paper down-ed. Logged into facebook and found that there is a possibility that my VIVA presentation (final year project presentation) could be brought forward to 27th June, literally next week.Well of course it kind of make things spicier and more nerve wrecking.

Maybe there are those among us who bemoans the sudden death timing. I don't blame them. 28th is the date of our final paper of our degree life. A 4 unit paper. You could say life or death paper. Only thing good about it is it's a MCQ paper.

Well of course if I'm one of the lucky one's who face sudden death, what can I do other than add in more effort for my presentation and last paper? Should I fret or swear the unfairness of so called "natural selection"? Should I ask for postpone?

Life in campus was never meant to be easy. Comparatively, I'd say my course is not the most extreme when it comes to work load. There are people with courses which requires them to sacrifice their sleep to complete their project (architecture)t, where in the end the schedule was so hectic that 25% of their course are meant to repeat because of not completing mandatory project datelines.

By putting what other people have given to their course, I dare say what I or food tech students put in for our degree, is so little compared to them. We need not have exhibitions, nor complicated computer work.

Having a VIVA presentation may just be one of the highlights and climax of the current semester. Rather than think it as an obstacle or problem, I'd rather think it as a chance to see how far I can push myself should I am one of the lucky one's who face sudden death. It is not impossible to do well in the presentation and also do well in the final paper.

The moment you see what I see (if you have) and understand what I write here, Impossible is just a state of the mind, where you think you aren't able to do something you haven't put in enough effort.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nasi Lemak

It all started out as taking a heavy but cheap breakfast so that I could skip lunch or have a light lunch, cause it's always better to have a full breakfast. But days passed, I've finally came to realize I am kind of addicted to Nasi Lemak. No not the one that is wrapped up in banana leaves, but those where you are able to freely choose your side dishes and they served it to you PIPING HOT~!

Yes one of the most simplest dishes of all. yet also considered as the national dish. Steamed coconut rice- Coconut CAN be omitted but NEVER leave out the ginger slices and pandan leaves, eggs- I prefer hard-boiled than fried one's (healthier and tastes nicer when you have it with sambal), cucumbers- fresh and thinly sliced, still retaining the cold temperature as if just taken out from the fridge (too bad the only greenery of nasi lemak), chicken- this side dish is sometimes flexible, as it can be substituted with others such as fish, beef, squid or so on. Never the less, this side dish is considered the main dish of all the side dishes, so it must tastes the best, if possible unique. Since a lot of Malay vendors and some Chinese vendors are selling nasi lemak, this is the dish that should be special to have a daily hoard of customers. Anchovies and groundnuts- Deep fried perfectly, but if possible, a bit on the burnt side, to give an extra crisp and flavor to them. However not coated with oil, and should not be stale. Last but not least, the sambal- also preferably unique, but the cliche type (grounded chillies cooked with onions or curry gravy) is enough to complement with the whole dish.  Those are my criteria of what a good nasi lemak should be.

Ever wondered why nasi lemak is usually eaten as breakfast but seldom for lunch, dinner? Well at least in my hostel cafe usually and mostly nasi lemak is only served in the morning. Probably it's a trend or habit to eat nasi lemak as breakfast. But to me eating nasi lemak as breakfast takes on new meanings and reasons.

Generally I'm a food lover- I eat mostly everything. So being biased when it comes to food is totally nothing related to my tastes. Plus I am a self-admit food critique, where I believe my tastes when it comes to seasoning and tastes intensity will work out just fine, in fact perfectly as possible. There are really quite a variety of ways to kick start a day with a hearty breakfast, given that Malaysia is blessed with so many races, each of them having their specialty cuisine. Nasi lemak, wan tan mee, Hokkien mee, Roti Canai, Dim Sum are all just the few names one can think of when it comes to choosing one as breakfast.

The different thing or what's special about nasi lemak compared to others is, it is comparatively a simple dish. It does not require much preparation time compared to others- it is usually prepared beforehand and just requires choosing the side dishes you want and voila~ start eating. Noodles need to be cooked, roti canai dough needs to be flipped and fried once the order is taken, not nasi lemak.

Plus of all the dishes, I dare say nasi lemak is the most colorful of them all. White rice, flaming red sambal, brown fried anchovies, yellow egg yolk, green cucumbers. Just by the appearance itself nasi lemak triumphs over other dishes. I don't know about others but having to have something so colorful as breakfast really lightens up a sleep face's mood like mine~!

Nasi lemak is also special in terms of tastes. It is the individuality of the saltiness of fried anchovies, the bland yet springy hard-boiled egg, the crunchy and fresh cucumbers, fragrant piping hot rice, spicy and enticing sambal all mixed together, that gives it such a special flavor and taste, that makes you shove in a second mouthful of it even you haven't even finish chewing and swallowing the first mouthful. Indeed it is not a fusion or blend of different tastes to make a different flavor - it is the individual side dishes that one can still taste and differentiate, yet they can work together so well in harmony which gives an orgasm to your taste buds.

As much as I like it so much, I don't take it everyday though. But sometimes once in a while, I don't mind taking nasi lemak twice or maybe thrice in a row for each day's breakfast, if the vendor sells superb nasi lemak. As a Chinese guy who can take very spicy food, the food that definitely I will miss most, or maybe crave once in a while like mad should I be overseas, will definitely be none other than - The Nasi Lemak.

*just had my nasi lemak breakfast. Sometimes I think that the spicy sambal itself is more effective than a coffee's caffeine to kick start one's day~ :P

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Over plan and Over Scheme

Sometimes being too good a planner is no good. It makes me complacent.

I have a core paper this coming Tuesday. Basically it is the toughest paper of all the papers I'm taking this sem. Well usually and normally people always put in their hardest effort for the toughest paper. Me too. But not this paper.


Because I planned to much. I schemed too much. This core paper is worth 3 units. I'm taking 18 units this semester. Other than this core is a 6 unit Final Year Project, 1 unit of Guitar (Co-curricular), 2 units of Korean language class, 2 units of English speaking class and 4 units of Organizational Behavior (Minor).

I always do calculations before and set targets. Usually my targets get me well over 3.5, which is the dean's list. Not that I don't aim for 4.0, but I'm not the person who finds great joy being the best in academics while sacrificing my fun and leisure time. So 3.5 above is good enough for me, and usually I get it with just the right amount of hardwork, and planning XP

But this semester is far more different. Because of the weight the 6 unit Final Year Project carry, that subject itself is life and death. Doing well in my FYP means, how bad the other papers turn out to be are irrelevant. And touch wood if my FYP turns out to be crap, well not even all my papers put together can get me a dean's list.

Plus I have more confident in my other papers compared to this looming core paper. I will put in effort on other papers which I have more confident in, easier to study. Going through this current subject makes me bored and going in circles.

Plus I don't really quite care of what I get this semester. It's the bloody last semester. Time to enjoy and relax, rather than study the crap out of me... So here I am, 2nd blog entry of the day... Yawn. Boring :/

Friday, June 8, 2012

P R O M E T H E U S - Hypothesis to Questions

Finally a good movie to spur me back into reviews and thoughts. Movies nowadays are a bit too cliche and direct, so the usual reviews make no sense and sounds irrelevant, because I'm no pro. However each and everyone of us is entitled to our own points and views, so for a movie like Prometheus, it is what you think or what they make you think which is more important.

Prometheus is a movie, which you say is science fiction, maybe science (if it could be real!). Now to those who aren't familiar or knew NOTHING about the Greek myths, this movie is named Prometheus not because the ship's name is Prometheus (well partly you can say, but no one names a movie after a ship ;] ).

According to Greek myths, Prometheus is a titan (think Clash/Wrath of the Titans, but not that big bad guy). He is known as a champion of mankind, who was famously known for his theft of fire for the human use. Prometheus stole heavenly fire from Heaven and gave it to humans, enabling the progress of civilization (we didn't rub wood with stone till we made our own fire! And cooking food with fire is a symbol or proof of civilization XD).

Well that is roughly what the myths say about him. In Western classical tradition, Prometheus is a symbol of human striving, particularly for SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE, and the risk of overreaching or unintended consequences (quoted from Wikipedia). This guy, basically wanted to give equal footing for humans with Gods!

Now going back to the movie (SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCH). Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discovered similarities of star map in different civilizations, hence decided to prove that humans are not created by God, claimed by the religion, rather we could be a race faction of present aliens in other world - which they called "Engineers". This claim has been rubber stamped right at the start of the movie, where we see a humanoid alien drinking some gooey black liquid, disintegrating, leading to change of DNA, mutation, and in the end, new life forms-cells are formed and mitosis occurs.

The act, of traveling to the location designated by the star map, to prove that God never created humans, to put equal footing that it was actually man that created man, is an act of "Prometheusim". Hence, finally we now justify, why the movie is called Prometheus, where it isn't about Greek myths, nor has this guy appeared in the whole movie.

*I am an Atheist myself, so this theory or believe rather suits well with me XP.

Now questions and answers, based on my self interpretations:

1. Why did the Engineers created us and then wanted to destroy us?

Good question. In fact the one's everyone has in their minds. Even got me thinking straight away after I finished the movie. There are of course a lot of answers, since this is a very open-ended question. One of the perspectives is: Remember the beginning scene where we saw that Engineer drinking the black liquid? At that time the setting was on Earth. He sees a spaceship leaving, disrobe, drank the liquid, went into seizures, disintegrates, falls down the waterfall, his DNA destroying-but not entirely, and then live cells forming and multiplying. Theory one could be that he was indeed chosen to create us. Other theories might be a bit absurd, because they did came back and helped us in different civilizations, judging that different civilizations showed the same star map. So they couldn't be evil. So that leaves us to the next question.

2. Why would they want to destroy us?

This is an even harder question. Basically this is the question that fuels speculation of a 2nd movie. Even till the end of the first movie, even Elizabeth herself is clueless. So what is the reason, is up to your own imagination. As rich as possible. Maybe something happened back in their home planet, which could mean purging us to take over our planet. Maybe it is fun to create something just because you can, and destroying them too (what Charlie said to David). You can give a thousand reasons,  but until a possible 2nd movie comes out, everything is possible.

3. Why are there so many different type of aliens? Why some mutate and some don't?

Remember there were 2 scientists that got lost. One got killed by a snake like (or cobra like) alien. One got contaminated by the black liquid. Think back. When Elizabeth, David and Charlie entered the chamber with the BIG engineer head statue, after lifting their foot from the ground, there is a scene where earthworms are seen wriggling in the soil. And then black liquid starts to ooze out from the vases, possibly mutating the worms, making them into the snake alien. This could be the same black liquid drank by the engineer at the start of the movie. Which is also the one that was spiked into Charlie's drink by David, passed into Elizabeth's body, making her 3 months pregnant with an alien baby. Note that again, the baby from Elizabeth is squid like. After somehow "mating" with the Engineer at the end, then only we see the typical Alien emerging from the dead Engineer body. Perhaps it shouldn't be a question, rather the laws of mutation huh?

4. So in the end, what is THE Alien?

Again if you don't know science, you'll get a hard time to understand. Elizabeth is sterile- meaning she can't have babies. But it wasn't clear how was she sterile. There are many reasons- failure for the fetus to adhere to the wall of the uterus, failure to produce an ovum and so on. So depending on what are the reasons that made Elizabeth sterile, what makes up the Alien varies. It can be the black liquid itself, or it could be a mutated sperm from Charlie (*snicker), it could even be the black liquid passed and combined with Elizabeth's ovum, if the reason of her sterility was due to the fetus failure to adhere to the uterus wall. Then again, it's again imagination.

So one could go on and on the speculate and think of the reasons and possible answers to the questions above. I've had enough myself though. Time to scoot off to studies.

Definitely worth watching. Not epic, but good enough. :) 3 and a half stars out of five :D

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Kagawa and Hazard debate

I can't deny that I am visiting ESPN soccernet every now and then. Until the day Kagawa holds United jersey in his hands, I will always be on the lookout. And regarding on Hazard joining Chelsea, well I can say that I'm just pleased with the news, because I'd rather he went there rather than City.

Well then again, I won't be too please either. Chelsea has indeed look more formidable with the addition of Hazard, and not to mention Marko Marin. Chelsea's playing style will be much more pacier given that they acquired two players who excel in flanks. Put in Torres (if he does really finds his Anfield form back) and Ramires, Cole, you'll get a team that will be counter attacking menacingly.

I never quite did believed that United were on the market for Hazard. Because we already have enough wingers to last us even during the most crisis periods. Gone were the days where Darren Fletcher or John O'Shea had to be a make-used winger. Finally after waiting and waiting, SAF finally clears his mind to get an attacking midfielder with superb ball vision, shooting ability and pace - Shinji Kagawa.

Given on how Hazard handled the press, his attitude and demands, everyday my views on him keeps getting lower and lower. I used to think he was Cristiano Ronaldo 2.0. I was wrong. At least Ronaldo was not that big mouth before he arrived at United or even when he arrived at United. If Hazard was a bit more modest like Ronny, then I'll bemoan and grieve that he chose to join Chelsea and snubbed United. Thank God he was such a pain in the arse that I so willingly "celebrated" that he went to Chelsea. One other player that gave me the same feeling was when Balotelli signed for City.

I admit I like players with flair. Ronaldo was one of the first player that redefined how to excel as a winger. After the likes of David Beckham who remodeled winger as a player who assists from the flanks, Ronaldo seemed to bring back the years of George Best, cutting in from the flank with speed and scoring. So basically I should be sad that Hazard, a player with speed and flair would not be joining United. But after watching Kagawa's videos on his assists and runs, my preference towards footballing style changed.

I still remember the days Ronaldo came in. Trick pony, lousy header, and shooting with no direction. He was just like the old Joe Cole, just good at show boating. But over the years he improved, even now when he is at Madrid, he's scoring more goals than showing tricks. Goals and assists. It's all that matters. So just basically based on the goal ratios and assists, Kagawa already beat Hazard by miles.

Plus, Throw in other factors like he never needed to think which club to join after he leaves (He chose United without hesitation), he costs less, he doesn't ask for crazy wages, he doesn't ask for the famous number 7 jersey either! However, one thing Hazard beats Kagawa up till now, is his youtube videos on skills and dribbles. 

On more Hazard and Kagawa debates, go here. Article is terribly written, where the writer compares Hazard and Kagawa with absurd fashion. But rebuttal comment down there is epic... Love that guy :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seriously? Bullshit!

I know I have been delaying finding a job. Mostly it's because my semester is taking a turn into a hectic time (funny that I still have the mood to blog while my thesis is still undone yet).

Yes I know they are friends of mine who already got their work offers even before they graduate. Yes I know some of them are excited or elated to have got a work offer. Not for me NO. It's not like I don't care, nor I have money raining down for me everyday. It's because working in Malaysia, for me, and especially in my work field if I really go back working related to Food Technology, is pure bullshit.

(15 minutes pause or AFK)

I was busy commenting and rebutting fools on the Star Online page. In a nutshell, companies are always right when it comes to employing us, and the moment we set foot inside your company, is the moment we sell our souls to you. Going back to the food industry? NO WAY!

Monday, May 14, 2012






Seriously I can accept City being the better club and the best club won, but I really cannot accept Chelsea and Liverpool fans are happy just because they want MU to lose. Seriously I don't really hate Liverpool and Chelsea. But damn those fans really bug me. I can stay cool, but to totally ignore is almost impossible. I'm human, and Man United is a part of me - it grows in me.


战场归战场。踢完球就该握手和好。而不是抱着仇恨,把自己的快乐建立在别人的痛苦上。若你觉得你没错,我也没有话好说。 若你觉得利物浦,切尔西,阿森纳已经没有办法让你快乐,而你唯一看球的娱乐是看到曼联输而高兴,那英超自从2001年到现在,你高兴过几次?

Once a Devil, always a Devil. Congratulations to Man City, 2011/2012 BPL season champions.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I may not be a guy who has experienced any relationships, be it puppy love, monkey love or what so ever. But still it is very surprisingly for me to believe, and keep on believe, that love is the greatest thing of them all. I have no proof, no evidence, nor first hand experience of it. It's like a follower who believes in God yet doesn't sees him or feels him at all.

I'm not gay nor bi. As a guy I am attracted to the opposite sex -Girls/Women. And yes over the 23 years I have done what a man would have done the same since I don't-know-when - try to win the heart of the girl I like.

I think I'm sociable. And I am one hell of a socialite. I'm good, no, awesome around guys and girls, even guy and girl. So to those who don't really know much about my relationship background, there are those who are really stunned or surprised that over 23 years of life, I haven't succeed in a relationship, let alone kissed a girl. Well I think it's normal la. Come on there must be some forever alone people in this world right? If I'm one of them, then I accept it. Happily. :)

Anyway I wasn't like that last time (long time ago, since puberty struck and when you realized guys actually are attracted to girls.) Every time when a girl knows I like her, from the first crush till the latest one, they'd give me the cold shoulder, no, "hollow man" treatment(there are 3 girls who did not do that la thankfully). As if I'm not there. As if what I say and do is nothing to them (except the 3 of crushes la again).

But then in the end even the 3 girls did not give me the "hollow man" treatment, they'd still hurt me deep. In fact they hurt me the deepest I think! So basically every time I get a crush, I end up emo. How emo? Everytime I thought it was the most emo feeling of them all when it comes. Never did I know the following failed crushes were more and more emo than the past...

I never believed in God. Nor do I believe in wishes, shooting stars and what so ever. But every now and then when I find myself holding joss sticks, praying for festivals or family traditions, or when it is the time of the year when I close my eyes before I put out the candles in front of me, I always wish for happiness, abundance of them to be given to the girl on my mind on that current moment.

Yes I also also do pray and wish sometimes, that they would sometimes just take a look at me, and realized, hey, this is a good guy I'm letting go (I'm a good guy I swear!). What am I doing. I'd hope that even if I never did win their heart, at least if it flutters a bit, can you tell me that you're touched and thankful for what I did?

Yes. It used to be like that. But things changed. Maybe I got tired. Maybe I am fed up. Maybe it's meant to be. This year's Chinese New Year had me praying for world peace, and my birthday wish was also something similar. There was no special girl in my mind, that I would have prayed for and wished for her happiness.

I like it that way. And I hope it stays that way. If possible. Forever... 

My current dream involves me traveling around the world, seeing things and probably staying place to place. With that dream of mine, it doesn't gives me the responsibility to really find a girl friend, let alone build a family. Rather than hope for finding another half who will bring happiness to me, I rather redefine happiness as doing something or relishing something I love.  

I'm no sad Forever Alone. I'm proud to be one.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Rise Of The Blue Moon?

As a loyal-but-hopefully-not-biased-when-it-comes-to-logic Red Devil fan, I have to admit I had my hearts set on grabbing an unexpected win at Etihad Stadium against our noisy neighbors. But after watching the match for just 5 minutes, I'd changed my mind for just a draw. United was totally helpless and played, if not too harsh, very lousily. Seriously SAF, what did you guys trained at Wales? Well apart for the defenses who were quite steady (shaky till during approaching the end of the game), the other sectors looked terrible, not even threatening City's Joe Hart.

What went wrong?

SAF always have the knack of fielding Ji-Sung Park when it comes to big matches. But excuse me, fielding Ji-Sung Park at big matches, when it really did work, was just 2 seasons ago, mind you, against Liverpool and Arsenal. And plus, fielding Ji-Sung against Barca in the finals of Champions League was also a big mistake, where Nani should have been fielded.

So yesterday's match saw SAF again favoring the South Korean. Not that I have a grudge against this guy, but seriously guys, I wouldn't field Ji Sung who hasn't been playing regularly and again, with unknown form. And another surprise was Nani got the nod ahead of the on-form Valencia... The line up itself has already shocked me. And playing a make shift defense that differ from the one's that leaked 4 goals for Everton does seem a bit unexpected too, cause in terms of form, Evans certainly got the edge over Smalling.

When a team plays lousily, it's always the mid-field's fault. Rule of thumb. United's midfield were all over the place. Nani had no freedom down the flanks, crosses were nullify; plus playing only Rooney as a lone striker means only he himself will be in the box to accept feeds from wingers. Park was dispossessed most of the time. Even though Scholes controlled the midfield quite well, Park and Nani are the one's to blame for United's dispossession in mid-field.

Fielding a lone striker just made job easier for City. Just man mark Rooney and threat gone. Man Utd barely troubled Joe Hart, and were always scraping to defend once they were dispossessed. Practically, I'd just say I wasted my time, my precious sleeping time watching a lousy performance by United getting beaten by their rivals, and saw a big blow towards our 20th title chase.

Maybe the approach of the game was wrong. Maybe what SAF had in mind was to hold against City's firepower, who come into this match with the mentality to attack. But then again not having a good defensive midfield and Vidic at the back, devoting full time defense is not going to work against City's attacking squad. The best defense is always to attack and hold possession.

Another thing that should be noted was, City players come into this match with hunger. Their attack was lively; Nasri was causing havoc with his dribbling, and so was Yaya Toure and co. United players were playing for a draw, but things did not went well and they were buried by their own defensive tactics when Kompany rose and headed in the solitary goal of the match.

What to do?

Like it or not, this season may seem over. Unless City slip up, which is quite impossible from my perspective. United may end up trophy-less this season. I hope being trophy-less would actually wake SAF up to really splash some cash on the transfer market and getting rid of under-performing players. Chelsea have already signed Marin just for 7million pounds while Arsenal bagged Podolski for a fee of an estimated 11million, which for me both are really bargains too good to be true.

I had an argument with a Man Utd fan on a Man Utd page earlier, where he opted for SAF to acquire another defender while I was all in for a new mid-fielder. Well obviously if you can see things right now, we do really need a mid-fielder, if not 2. Shinji Kagawa of Borrusia Dortmound have already rejected an offer to stay, and from reports he'll leave for just a mere 5million pounds is even better than buying Podolski for 11 million or Marin with 7 million. Carrick's form is erratic and there should be a good replacement or plan B (maybe Carrick should just be plan B).

And please no Goatze or Hazard. Both of them are way too expensive. Plus, we have more than enough wingers already. We just need a solid playmaker and a good defensive mid-field. And if the news on Berba is leaving, then we should invest in another striker.

Regarding current crops of players, sorry but Anderson has to go. He's been injured most of the time and although he's really crafty, but it's no use having a player who can just give you 10 matches of essence a season and then get carried off to the injury room. Fletcher may not be playing for United again means the list of our central midfield grows ever thin. Even Cleverley is a long term absentee. Players like Giggs and Scholes should not be made to play every match at their current age, although they still can contribute.

Hernandez should be groomed into a goal poacher rather than a super-sub. I'd rather see Hernandez as Van Nistelrooy's shadow rather than Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Fielding him beside Rooney is better than having Rooney partnering Welbeck, who also looses possession quite easily. Seriously I really don't understand why Fergie would favor Welbeck over Hernandez...

Chelsea and Arsenal have already started preparing for next season. SAF should proceed too. And hopefully he does it right this time. *prays hard.

There is still a mathematical probability that Man Utd can end up as champions. I haven't given up. But it's already time to plan for next season... :)

Dear god. I just want Kagawa. Is that too big a wish to grant?

Seriously this guy is GOOD!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The more you love, the more you lie?

I had this one small dream or promise that I had secretly made. If I were to really find a girl I really love, and she's the one, I would never ever lie to her. Why? Because the basic building block of a relationship is TRUST. How can one expect their partners to trust them, if they aren't telling the truth?

Or so it seems. But in the reality, does it works that way? Do we actually lie more when we love someone? I don't know about boy girl relationship, neither about husband and wife. The only love I've got so far is family love.

Personally I don't really like telling lies at all. Actually I hate it a lot. But the truth is I can be a very good liar. I have lied and made a lot of "drama" (for good causes la! HAHA!). I still remember this one time during matriculation, where students are not allowed to leave the campus on weekdays. But on one specific school day it was a friend's birthday. And what is a birthday without a birthday cake right? So I went to the office and told the clerk I wanted to go out and get a medical check-up. But due to a sudden change of regulations, we have to get permission from our "felo"(teacher-in-charge, more like the discipline master type). Oh oh! Me and my bunch of friends were shocked about the new ruling, since we never did need permission before for seeing doctor. And naturally, I began to act sick, cough like mad (but not fake). The clerk was shocked, and she straight away called the "felo" and asked permission for me. And that was the starting of how amazed I am with my "lying" and "acting".

But be rest assure I'm no drama king (I hope so in your eyes!). Back to lying. Again I'm here to mention, that I come from a rather stricter family. I have more rules compared to most families. My parents scared the shit out of me when they're mad, and although I'm taller and bigger than my parents, I'm still afraid of them, till this day. So there might be times that my friends maybe too outgoing, I sometimes have to limit myself to cancel off some yumcha sessions because I know I'm gonna get nag for going out quite often. I used to quarrel with my parents on how strict they are with me, while other parents gave their children so much freedom compared to me. I even cried about it when scolded. But nowadays, rather than ask their permission over and over again and maybe get nag for going out like everyday, I limit myself automatically by not going out that often, most of the time by giving stupid reasons to my friends. Well, they're my parents. They might not make me happy, but they sure won't make me someone bad. If it makes them happy for me to spend more time at home, well at least that's the most I can do, given that I seldom speak to them at home (I don't know why though).

Although it  may not look like it, I value my family more than my friends. Not to say I would kill my friends off for the sake of my family, but I would sacrifice the good times that I may have with my friends for my family, even when their demands can be very unreasonable. I had a planned meet-up session with my friends in Ipoh quite some time ago. But the planned session was kinda early, and I was vacationing with my family. Although I voiced out my desire to meet up with them as early as possible, but things went complicated and I was late. I sacrificed meeting them early knowing that to have things my way would have sound selfish. And I lie to my parents sometime to not let them worry or hassle them.

I don't really show my love and affection to my family directly or openly. Even when I'm away, like studying in Penang, I don't really think of them very often. But worse come to worse, if (IF) some tragedy besieged one of my family members, you wouldn't know how worried and crazy I will be.

Until now, I have lied to the one's I love. Is it possible to not lie and be truthful to that special girl that may come in my life? In the end, is lying a way to convey love too?

Your thoughts?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Not About The Money

Like it or not, when study life comes to an end, everyone of us starts to work. Well it doesn't matter how early one chooses to end his or her study life. The thing is, sooner or later, we all have to start working.

The point or the question is, why work? The first and foremost, and I think it should be the sole reason, would be to earn money, which will be used for accommodation, food, and then to live on. But the thing that I see, those who are working now, it is an unstoppable and ongoing process. Most of us start working by mid 20s. And when does it end? Prolly 50 years old. That's like 25 years! The duration I've spent growing up, drinking milk, playing around, learning how to write, count, ABC, primary school and so so bla bla until the day today! In other words, if I were to lived up to 100 years old, I would have spent the best years of my time studying and working so that the worse years of my life (old and maybe weak with diseases) is secured.

I always believe that we have only one life and one chance to be on this planet. How good or how bad it turns out is up to us. The thing is, maybe I don't want to spend my life building a small treasure trove or gold mountain in my bank so that I can live happily when I retire. I rather spend every minute of my life, till the moment I die and pass out, doing what I love, and although it may not build me a fortune.

It's not like I don't need money. Nor I hate it a lot. It's just like I find it very pity to spend most of our life earning to live on. Well it's a process that I will also have to undergo. But of course if money would dropped down from the sky (or maybe just food la to keep me alive), many of us won't be working like mad right?

But of course, being able to do what one loves and earning money is of course the best thing in life. So far I haven't really thought of that ideal job of mine. Well maybe I have, but it seems elusive and well out of the league for me.

Being born in a comparably more well-to-do family maybe made me realize that money isn't anything. Sure I get what I want most of the time, but that doesn't mean I want a lot of materialistic things. My handphone is still the one with B-U-T-T-O-N-S, mind you, and I intend to use it until it is un-usable. My lappie is working fine since freshman year till now. No thoughts of even selling it second-hand and get a new one. I now only buy clothes for new year (even this I think my mum does all the buying. With just me I think I won't be having new clothes XD).

I've never led a hard life. So that's why money is not that vital to me. Of course giving me a high pay job that may be taxing, but at least ethical and not morally-wrong would be good enough for me. But as soon as I get enough, I may just re-sign and go do what I want. Living a life that I want to be.

But this is life. This is Malaysia. We study like siao. Then we work like siao. Then we earn money like siao. Then we have family and children. We earn more and then really become siao. Their turn to take over our roles to study and work like siao.

How I wish other than academic and normal work, there are other ways to work and earn money to let me lead a comfortable life. Why can't Malaysia have a basketball league as good as NBA, or a football league as good as the BPL, where sports can even make one's life too good to be true? Why can't the entertainment industry be as good as Hollywood, or at least have good prospects like Japan or Korea?

I don't know. We just work and work and work. And this work we work on day and night, it's not our ideal job nor what we would dreamed of - the reality when we were still small kids. And to work because of money...

My dream since kid was to be a doctor. Not because of the money, but because I like helping people. Saving them. Putting a smile on their face. I never knew being a doctor earned well. I just knew I would be happy doing it. Some people like to draw. Some people like music. But in a society and country like Malaysia, having such a dream will only be put out by our parents. And we end up like most of them. Working for the sake to live on... Although we never did love what we do... And never did continue to do what we love, as a living.

One word I can describe. Pathetic...

Monday, April 16, 2012





也不是说对这里的人对到不想再面对。只是... 真的很想趁年轻时去闯一闯。我不想等到退休了才来环游世界。那时对我来讲真的太迟了。特别想在三十岁之前就能到外国去。因为在三十岁之前,还能够疯疯癫癫面对一切...

或许最主要的原因是,我不想要个平凡的人生吧。我不想一做起工来,要做到退休为此才来出国环游世界,做自己想做的事。钱财对我来说,不是一切。只要有一天没有结婚立家的念头,不需要赚钱养家,能够到外地去体验不一样的生活... 啊~! 好想好想...


Friday, April 13, 2012


Long time since I last did a movie review. Finally a movie spurred me back into doing one. It's none other than Battleship!

To be honest, the first time I saw the trailer, I labelled it as a no go. I labelled it as a Transformer rip-off. However, the second trailer made me changed my mind and there I was, watching it the first day it hit cinemas.

Forget about thinking of it as a rip-off from Transformers. It makes Transformer a distant memory, judging that The Dark Of The Moon wasn't really up to standards for me. I'd say absolute plot and storyline, maybe a bit negative where the transition period between where he was unemployed, nabbed and then suddenly a naval officer with tidily cropped hair.

Graphics and firepower are at their best. Again the only fake part of the graphics or lousy parts are the scene when the aliens attacked the city "Sonic the Hedgehog" style, destroying the overhead bridges and causing traffic mayhem. Other than that, I'd definitely say best movie so far.

How would it rank up against The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises? Well I have faith in Christopher Nolan for not screwing up DK3, so it should kick Avengers off my top 3 list for best movie of the year.

And who would have thought the movie was inspired by this game...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trapped Small Boy

Used to be very excited when my birthday is around the corner. Well not any more. At least starting for this year. It's growing old onwards rather than growing up now...

This is in fact (most probably) be the last birthday I will be going through (note I did not use celebrate LOL) as a student. I don't know what the future holds for me. I cannot even imagine one year from now, how will I be going through it. Will I be celebrating with colleagues of work, family, friends, or maybe worse come to worse, alone?

Time passes too damn fast. It passes when I haven't really gotten myself to prepare for the world and the future. Help! I maybe touching 23 in half an hour's time. But I feel like a kid trapped inside an adult's body.

I still don't know what I want from my future. Maybe I know what I want, but it is not what I will get. I can't answer to questions regarding my future. Yes. 4 months of student life left for me. My friends some are even going to start work one month after their graduation. Where does this leave me? An abyss of empty thoughts...

If there is ever a choice in life for me that will go right, I would like to do something I like, I cherish. Then it doesn't matter whether it will be busy or not. I rather do something I like in life, morning till night than work on something I don't like morning till evening office hours...

Argh this is like a nightmare birthday upon me. I know these kind of things are bound to haunt me. But I never knew it was time that my sweet dreams, are coming to an abrupt end...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


其实hor, 我也不是很小气的。只是有时候心情没那么好的时候,还真的是玩不起。

就好像刚才,做了一整天的lab, 奇怪的product 再加 奇怪的东东。连我试吃都会反胃。所以sensory 给的奖励品怎样也是要比较丰富。因为如果我把你们当朋友的话,没那个必要,我是不会叫任何人试吃的。

唉~!不过FYP这个东东非要sensory。只好连累你们了, 朋友。因为上次做product的时候, 还真是有人当面对我说:“aiyo, 我可以不要做你的sensory吗?” 我也知道product 外观不美,味道也不会好到哪里去。

所以我唯一能做的,是能够给比任何人更好的奖励品。请明白。我要求你们对一个奇怪的product做sensory, 我心也不好受。因为没有那个必要的话,我是不会那么要求你们的。

该撒的娇都撒了。对开玩笑的朋友,小弟抱歉。心情不好时,的确玩不起。Product 难吃,令大家反胃,小弟在此向大家先道个歉~!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Overwhelmed with a huge surge of emo-ness lately... Coupled by the fact I just gave up the chance to see Girls Generation live in KL on the 23rd of March, one freakin week away from my birthday, argh!

Like it or not, Final year is fast approaching it's end on me. One month passed. By the end of June one chapter of my life ends. And what to write on or start with, the new chapter of my life, is still an unknown. Uncertainties that I am terrified of.

I remember how I start writing the chapters of my University life. It almost went the other way, pursuing my dream job medicine at a private college. However a short burst of impulse making (and yeah the tears that I shed) made me continued walking the path that I had been "forced" to trod upon. Apart from choosing a tough course and degree to endure, I don't think there is much to regret upon... (there are still some things that I regret though! haha)

Well these 4 years of University life hadn't been as sweet as I would have imagine. But I'm thankful to say that I have grown a lot in this 4 years. Probably more than what I've endured in my 5 years of secondary school. I've learn to take pain and sufferings, be it physical, mentally. I've learn how to stand on my own feet, studied on my own compared to the times where tuition was everything.

University life and degree days, to me, is an option that most of us took. If you asked me whether if all I studied for these years will be beneficial to me in my later days, I would have said "No". I know I sound very negative towards my hard-earned degree, but that's the truth of how I feel.

I always have a soft spot to help people. To be able to save them would make things better. Guess that is why being a doctor was a dream for me ever since a small child. But that dream stays as fiction as always. It was something that I fore go, not regretting it however judging of the current phenomena trainees doctors are facing. Doctoring dreams fictionated, which at most can only happen in my dreams.

Then I began to notice the trend of what I like doing. Making people happy around me does kinda suits me too. Well of course not to the extent of being a clown everyday. But good enough to bring smiles and laughter to those around me.

Then I stumbled upon music. Playing music and singing. Not that I'm very good at it, but by playing a piece of song or singing it, I feel alive, I feel doing something that I really like. And if by doing it it brings joy to others, it really makes me believe that I have already found what I like and want to do. That is why I am always in awe of artistes, singers, actors who are doing what they like, and bringing happiness to those around them.

But the thing is, not everyone can be a superstar. Well at least I think I may not have the cut to achieve it. One thing for sure is, this dream is too big. As long as I ever want something like this to come true, but cruel reality always bites me hard.

Why is everything that I wanna be or think I can be, is a mere fiction, created by the pleasures I like doing, and hardly have a trace of reality that I can realize them?

Argh this feeling sucks to the core man. I don't want to end up working my life for a better pensioned or retired life. I want a life, that's enjoyable and I'm happy by living it, and by the same time, spreading happiness and helping those around me.

Maybe what I need, is a steady girlfriend who could make me settle down and wipe away these fictionated thoughts. For if I don't get one, most probably I would like to try living a new life abroad (if possible).

Maybe then again, it's just me terrified of the future that creeps closer and closer.

Which is which? I don't know...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

신데렐라 맨 (Cinderella Man)

Not to be confused with the English movie, rather it is the Korean drama 신데렐라 맨 I'm talking about.

Yeah yeah I know it's another post about something out of date (this is a 2009 drama). But since I'm infatuated with Im Yoon Ah, so I decided to watch this after I finish 꽃 보다 남자-Boys Over Flowers (God that one was even older).

I won't spare you with the story outline, first of all because I'm only half way through the 16 episodes, and two it's better to watch yourself, and three, it is not the purpose why this post is about the drama.

But I would outline the story roughly. This story is roughly something like the Prince and the Pauper. Oh Dae San (starred by Kwon Sang Woo) works as a fashion copycat. His job is to get copies of merchandise and reproduce them and sell them (just think of pirated goods). He has a dream since small, that is to earn 1 billion won and own Dongdae moon, one of Korea's biggest shopping heavens. Never knew that when he met Seo Yoojin (starred by Im Yoon Ah), his dream has taken a change in course...

After watching up till episode 8, which is already half way through, I just can't help but notice, that Oh Dae San and me have a lot in common. We both have big dreams (I don't know whether my dream now is considered legit or not. Probably it's just another childhood fantasy which shouldn't happen to a 22 year old guy). We're both cheerful and funny, sometimes a bit happy go lucky. We both yearn and hunger for success. So little bit or not I do see myself as Oh Dae San.

Oh yea during the ending part of episode 8, Seo Yoojin almost kissed with her manager, with Oh Dae San standing rooted helplessly as he is in love with Yoojin. It kinda brings me back to the days where I stupidly and unconditionally did so much for a girl, and yet she went for another guy...

But one thing Oh Dae San did was he stopped them from kissing by yelling at them.

If I were at the same situation, I'd probably stood still, watched them kissed, and then walk away...

Coming back to the present, yes I have been burden free for almost 3 months now, with no one on my mind. I can't deny not having a girl to spin my life out of control does seem comfortable and acceptable, even for the rest of my life...

But damn, when this scene come up, it really does bring me back to the emo days...

Another thing different is, Oh Dae San got a happy ending in that drama.

God my ending in my life is still as unclear. Dae San turned into Cinderella Man, went from pauper to prince. I may end up as a pauper forever. I may even die as a pauper life.

Will I be like Cinderella Man? If yes, when will it happen? :/

Yeah. I CAN be that crazy and gila by wearing a hair band. HAHA!

Thursday, March 1, 2012



两个礼拜前还在担心FYP会死到哪里去。当别人已在假期中埋头苦干地做着FYP, 老子可还在家里摸来摸去。

但很难以想象的是,如今的我,可说是把FYP 实验做到七七八八了。天天早睡早起,早上八点做到下午五点。无时无刻都在冲。



问题是出在,我最终也只花了一个月的时间做完我的experiment. 假期也放比任何人长。很多人也吓到我为何可以那么快赶上来。因为怎么说都好,我少做两个礼拜的lab, 却可以那么快catch up.

在coursemates中出了名steady. Steady 这个字,未必100% 是称赞。聪明的人临考前不读死书,依然可以考好成绩,叫steady。人家在打拼的时候在家里摇脚,也是steady。但这个steady到来,人家不会欣赏,反而还会以为你不会安排时间,不会分辨,什么是important, 什么不是。

所以如果真的有人不爽我,我能理解。但我也不能做什么。我也是一个在尽着力奋斗的一个学生。我也是在赶着FYP。对,论OT, 论quantity and duration spent on lab, 我一定是排最后,做最少。我只能说,上天还真是把我目前一切安排得非常周到。要不是我拿了这位supervisor, 还多拿那么多额外的subjects, 我一定死到很惨。

我做lab 的duration不多。而且一些没做过的tests还真的是什么都不会。连procedure也是用别人的。而且还真的是有很多朋友在guide我,教我。甚至在我上课无法完成tests时,帮我。甚至是我千呼万呼说我会自己做,还是帮我做了那些tests.




*或许真的没有人不爽我啦。可能是自己想太多。想太多,也是因为有把自己放在别人的情况下来看待这一切。若是真的有人不爽,希望看了这篇文章后,您能明白我心里是在想什么。也在此感谢帮助和教导我的coursemates. 小弟没了你们,今天也不会在这个情况下,把这个post打出来。

Friday, February 24, 2012

Passion & Interest

Everyone has their own passion and interest. And it's by doing them or having them, we feel alive and satisfied.

I don't know why I got the passion for learning Korean. It's started just by listening to K-pop songs. Then it spread to K-drama. And then last semester, it became Korean lessons. And it became my hobby too, self learning Korean during my free time.

You could probably say that I have fallen in love with the language. But if you ask me why did it happened, I can honestly tell you that I have no specific answer myself. It just grew inside me. Guess it's passion huh?

One more thing that I like doing revolves around music... It started way back since a piano was acquired... Too bad at that moment only one of us (me and my bro) were given the one shot to learn it. We have to draw lots to determine who was the one to take music lessons. Luck favoured my brother and he went on and got all the levels completed...

But one special thing that happened was, with all the materials there ready, I took up my own initiative and self learned playing the piano. Of course learning something new isn't easy. But once you get hold of something, playing it becomes magical and you get so much satisfaction and self realization.

I think that learning something new, with that particular interest at hand, not only the soon to be achievements fulfill us. Even the learning process is so enjoyable, that one will never feel tortured and bored while doing it. This is the what having a passion and interest is about.

I'd be lying to say that I really enjoyed my 4 year degree's courses. Yes, they do make me feel excited and awed that so much can be done in the name of science. But I'll never see myself working in a lab for the rest of my life, nor supervise production lines. That's just not my style...

Probably if I were to choose my degree 4 years ago with this kind of mentality, I would have chosen an art course. And most likely, it will be related to music, although then again, I wouldn't say that I have any talent in it...

But I would say that the passion for it, will definitely count...

So that kind of explains why, my course mates just took a mandatory core course, a mandatory minor course, and a mandatory FYP, while I, being engrossed in what I like doing, took up additional courses - Korean level 2, guitar lessons as a co-curriculum activity, and my mandatory English, which have to be postponed to this final semester as I chose to take Korean level 1 last semester.

My fellow friends might probably call me crazy, stupid, or disciplined to be able to manage all these self torturing and piling of so many workload on myself. I agree that all of this comes with a price - I have less free time compared to them. It doesn't mean that my life would be less happier than them, but it may as well mean that I will live my final semester to the fullest, compared to them.

I am happy to be able to do what I want and what I like. It is the sacrifice of time and energy that I am willing to give. It is the passion and interest, that makes every hardship I face in this final semester, something that is really worth a trade.

Friday, February 17, 2012


最近 8TV 播着张纪中版《西游记》. 也不是说有追着看。只是有时候坐下来陪弟弟看。而且看的话也没说从头看到尾。










*注: 虽然这张纪中版的《西游记》也没好到哪里去,但主题曲还蛮不错一下。在此献上主题曲。


几番番春秋 冬夏.
你尝尝酸甜 苦辣.
几番番春秋 冬夏.
你尝尝酸甜 苦辣.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brace Yourselves!

I know I'm not alone in this FYP. Yes our titles may be different. But all of us have to brave ourselves through the uncharted waters ahead of our semester. We may have different captains, sail on different seas, but we are heading towards the same destination nonetheless.

Yes I have been terrified for the last few days. Because I'm the one of the few students, if not the only one who stayed at home to the max during the holidays, while my friends have already started their FYP journey.

I was tormented, my soul chastised, my mood abused and tortured. I had brief insomniac nights. I tossed and turned on my bed, afraid of having insufficient time to finish my FYP lab work.

However, I finally got some sense in after chatting with my seniors and using a bit of common sense. I have been comparing my project, where it has relatively easier tests and less preparation steps with my other friends who have a much much more complicated preparation of samples. There is where the tension and self inflict pain lies.

Yes you may think that I am complacent or trying to calm myself down (complacent a little, but trying to calm myself yes), but the point is, after going through what I have to do for my lab work over and over again, I see there is no way that I cannot finish my lab work in time and maybe ahead of my estimated time.

Maybe I'm being too over confident. Maybe I'm ignorant. But since I always have this proverb or saying in my mind every time an obstacle stand in my way, I guess like always and most of the time, I will definitely brave through this storm..

Impossible is nothing