Saturday, June 9, 2012

Over plan and Over Scheme

Sometimes being too good a planner is no good. It makes me complacent.

I have a core paper this coming Tuesday. Basically it is the toughest paper of all the papers I'm taking this sem. Well usually and normally people always put in their hardest effort for the toughest paper. Me too. But not this paper.


Because I planned to much. I schemed too much. This core paper is worth 3 units. I'm taking 18 units this semester. Other than this core is a 6 unit Final Year Project, 1 unit of Guitar (Co-curricular), 2 units of Korean language class, 2 units of English speaking class and 4 units of Organizational Behavior (Minor).

I always do calculations before and set targets. Usually my targets get me well over 3.5, which is the dean's list. Not that I don't aim for 4.0, but I'm not the person who finds great joy being the best in academics while sacrificing my fun and leisure time. So 3.5 above is good enough for me, and usually I get it with just the right amount of hardwork, and planning XP

But this semester is far more different. Because of the weight the 6 unit Final Year Project carry, that subject itself is life and death. Doing well in my FYP means, how bad the other papers turn out to be are irrelevant. And touch wood if my FYP turns out to be crap, well not even all my papers put together can get me a dean's list.

Plus I have more confident in my other papers compared to this looming core paper. I will put in effort on other papers which I have more confident in, easier to study. Going through this current subject makes me bored and going in circles.

Plus I don't really quite care of what I get this semester. It's the bloody last semester. Time to enjoy and relax, rather than study the crap out of me... So here I am, 2nd blog entry of the day... Yawn. Boring :/

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