Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When Impossible Is Just A State Of Mind

2nd paper down-ed. Logged into facebook and found that there is a possibility that my VIVA presentation (final year project presentation) could be brought forward to 27th June, literally next week.Well of course it kind of make things spicier and more nerve wrecking.

Maybe there are those among us who bemoans the sudden death timing. I don't blame them. 28th is the date of our final paper of our degree life. A 4 unit paper. You could say life or death paper. Only thing good about it is it's a MCQ paper.

Well of course if I'm one of the lucky one's who face sudden death, what can I do other than add in more effort for my presentation and last paper? Should I fret or swear the unfairness of so called "natural selection"? Should I ask for postpone?

Life in campus was never meant to be easy. Comparatively, I'd say my course is not the most extreme when it comes to work load. There are people with courses which requires them to sacrifice their sleep to complete their project (architecture)t, where in the end the schedule was so hectic that 25% of their course are meant to repeat because of not completing mandatory project datelines.

By putting what other people have given to their course, I dare say what I or food tech students put in for our degree, is so little compared to them. We need not have exhibitions, nor complicated computer work.

Having a VIVA presentation may just be one of the highlights and climax of the current semester. Rather than think it as an obstacle or problem, I'd rather think it as a chance to see how far I can push myself should I am one of the lucky one's who face sudden death. It is not impossible to do well in the presentation and also do well in the final paper.

The moment you see what I see (if you have) and understand what I write here, Impossible is just a state of the mind, where you think you aren't able to do something you haven't put in enough effort.

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