Saturday, June 30, 2012


One of the finest friendships one could have. It is certainly an honor to be treated as someone's brother without having blood ties. It's the things we've gone through together, binds us, and somehow unconsciously, we came to trust each other 100% without a single doubt. Guys, if there is a guy friend like that that makes you feels that way, congratulations, you treat him as a bro. :)

Come to think about it, I kinda have a lot of bros. Maybe I have dis-positioned trust, where I tend to trust people more easily. I have tons of them at Taiping; most of them former classmates. The chemistry, how we talk, how we clicked together, is un-describable with words. Well now that we are all scattered apart; some overseas, some in different parts of Malaysia, but the thing is, we'd always stay silly and dorky, even 10 years later after we last knew each other (some I have knew them for almost 20 years!)

Days with bros can never be lousy or boring. Cause when bros are together, we'd make even the boring situations lively. Maybe that's one of the facts bros seldom go on vacation trips but hang out ALOT!

After finishing my final paper, I'd still have a presentation 4 days after. On normal circumstances I wouldn't have planned to come back. But since I have one bro who's going back to work in the US, which I will not be seeing for a long time, I jetted back home :)

Once in a while I come up with magnificent quotes. And when one of my friends asked me why would I come back home just for like 2 days, I lifted my left hand to almost the level of my eye, and said :"friendship"
Then I lowered my right hand, to a level just above my crotch, and said:"viva presentation".

It's not like I don't give a damn to the presentation. But in my life, one of the sources of happiness is having the friends I have now, not achieving a bloody good presentation and an effing good result...

Bro hood for life. All the best kiddo :3

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