Monday, August 30, 2010

Love In Disguise + Theme Song The Things You Never Knew ( 恋爱通告 和 主题曲:你不知道的事)

Okay, I watched this like 2 weeks ago. But since Lee Hom Wang is my idol. My one and only Mandarin Idol (我的唯一 XD)I think he deserves a spot on my blog, since that I haven't been blogging anything about him!

The movie is about a pop star 杜明汉(pronounced as Du Ming Han) portrayed by Lee Hom, who saw visions of butterflies when 宋晓青(pronounced as Song Xiao Qing) played her 古筝(Gu Zheng). So weird was the scenario that he stalked her down by posing as a student to enroll in the oriental musical academy.

Not a bad 二胡(Er Hu) player himself, plus with his band guitarist as his sidekick, Ming Han succeeded in joining the team who are to perform in front of the audience. He succeeded in befriending Xiao Qing, and continue to have visions of splendor everytime Xiao Qing played the Gu Zheng.

Through a lecture he found that in Ancient China, there was a sublime Gu Zheng musician named 伯牙(Bo Ya). Magnificent was his skills, but only one person, 子期(Zi Qi) knew the meaning he conveyed, able to see the images and pictures he sculpted using his music, known as Bo Ya's 知音(Zhi Yin) (Zhi Yin means someone who knows you very well, consider to be your other half in love, but can also be a perfect partner in other aspects). But sadly, after Zi Qi passed away, Bo Ya never played the Gu Zheng again. This led to Ming Han to think that Xiao Qing is his Zhi Yin.

As he got to know Xiao Qing, only did he realised that Xiao Qing had a crush on one of the seniors. Hiding his sadness, he sacrificed a lot for her, even motivated her to be brave and make the first move. Sacrifice as in Ming Han put his super star career on the line as he spent most of his time going AWOL from the actual life he had.

But in the end, Ming Han and Xiao Qing eventually fell in love with each other, but Xiao Qing is still not clear of Ming Han's superstar status. Aftr spending a romantic night under a tree (Yeah it's true!) too bad Ming Han's manager found out what he was up to and forced Ming Han to give up on his disguised life.

And of course, Xiao Qing was heart broken when she found out about this...

But all' well ends well. After hearinf Ming Han's story and felt his sincerity, Ming Han was allowed to rush back to do a promotion for Xiao Qing's musical school, which is owned by her father. After making a dramatic entrance by falling from onto the stage, he played a changed version of Xiao Qing's poem as in the theme of this song, 你不知道的事(Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi)(The Things You Never Knew)

Story ends with Ming Han and Xiao Qing in a relationship, with paparazzi snapping pictures all the way. Finally, Bo Ya and Zi Qi met each other and lived happily ever after...

The theme song, is in my playlist, plus the lyrics and of course, rough translation... =)

How many times must a butterfly rub it's eyes
Then only to learn how to fly
The night sky is laden with stars
But how many will fall down to the ground

我飞行 但你坠落之际
I'm flying, but you're on the ground
很靠近 还听见呼吸
We're so near, I can hear your breath
对不起 我却没捉紧你
I'm sorry, because I did not held you tighly

You never knew why I left you
I will never tell you, no matter how hard you cry
你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨 碎了满地
Your tears are like the raindrops, falling to the earth
Heard so clearly inside my heart

You never knew why I was so cruel
Hovering above the sky where you can never see me
多的是 你不知道的事
So many are the things, you never knew


我飞行 但你坠落之际
很靠近 还听见呼吸
对不起 我却没捉紧你

你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨 碎了满地

多的是 你不知道的事

我飞行 但你坠落之际

你的泪滴像 倾盆大雨 碎了满地

多的是 你不知道的事

Friday, August 27, 2010

Love Wisdom and Thoughts

From today onwards, I'll increase another section of my blog by making short updates on quotes or questions I made up myself. Some are words of wisdom. Some are food for thoughts. Some are critics.

It's easy to be in a relationship (for some, not all!), yet it is never easy to really fall deeply in love with someone. Love is always about giving and sacrificing. The day you stop giving, is also the day you stop loving. Our parents(most of them) have passed the test of time and space. Why, do we fail then?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


An art of deception,
Or art of transformation?
Depends on the situation,
As both are options.

Some are funny,
Some are scary,
Some are of animals,
Some look like cannibals.

It's never easy looking through a mask,
As every mask has it's own reason and task;
Sometimes to hide, sometimes to run,
Sometimes to trick, sometimes for fun.

A sad clown may look happy with a smiley face
But who knows the sorrow that he taste?
To look through a mask to see the real face
Is like finding an exit through a complicated maze.

Some people aren't emotional; they hide their feelings,
Some are fakers; they blend into the surroundings;
To understand someone, is never ever easy,
If you try too hard to understand, you might end up crazy.

There are many types of people, hence the many personality. And with different situations, we'll have even more complicated person arising. Each and everyone has their own mask. To know the real he or she, requires lots of trust!

Monday, August 16, 2010

失恋王-陈小春 King of Being Ditched Gordan Chan

I like the lyrics!!! A lot!! Although I do feel like some of it is what I've been facing, but, relax! I'm okay =D... It's amazing to be able to write such fantastic lyrics. On how love has been so cruel to him...

And I'll do a literal translation of the whole song for those who don't know chinese.

After singing so many heart-breaking songs on being dumped by lovers
Still there is not one as terrible as my case
The pain I've endured is far more
Every heart-breaking songs does suck
It is normal as if every song is writing about me
You need not try to replace me in singing this most heart breaking song
If you really want to compete with me in terms of sadness
Anytime we sing about it
Would your sympathies given is more than received from mine
Maybe the tears from you are real
Anyway, everyone's been sad before
Letting everyone know my heartbreak is better than telling a joke
Heck the story can even garner more applause

-chorus- +
Every time I met the wrong person in love, Champion of being ditched
Who else who has a luck like mine
There is nobody to match me
That proves my status
Of all the millions in the world, there is only one with zero attraction
The lowest class, that's why I'm the first
How can you be a worth match to me - commence to bridge- #

If you wanna know how disappointed I am towards love
The stories I tell can last a few nights
The song that records my pain is enough to host a concert
Those who manage to meet each other
I think they might be a few thousands
At first I only wanted a consolation prize
Never taught I hoist the trophy for the category for being ditched -continued at chorus- +

Bridge #
Look at how hardworking I am
Look at last I got the biggest trophy of them all
Because there is no one that needed me

Every time I met the wrong person in love, Champion of being ditched
Who else who has a luck like mine
There is always somebody for someone out there
I'm lucky to be able to moan for life!

Of all the millions there is, only one with the luck of love can break 0%
It's negative 3! That's why I must feel lucky
I'll continue to strive for it... =)

Note that this is a personal translation. And my chinese is not bombastic and fantastic!

Hope you'd enjoy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Love Poem Parody

If you are a flower,
let me be the bee;
If you are a fish,
let me be the sea.

If you are a bird,
let me be the tree,
if you are a dog,
let me be the flea.

The wood is kayu
The egg is telur,
When I think of you,
I cannot tidur.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm scared it's too late
To let you know i love you.

The moon is blue,
White when it's full;
I haven't got a clue,
On why I fell for you.

I'm not a knight,
I don't know how to fight;
But I will try with all my might,
To keep bad bullies out of your sight!

If it's the dark scary night,
Then let me be your guiding light;
If it's the shadows that gives you the fright
I'm here with you, hold me tight!

A short update after a hectic week with few updates. Some are copied. But most are thought of. A little funny side, topped with a romantic feel ,maybe?


Monday, August 9, 2010

My God

I aren’t a follower of Buddhist, Islam or Christianity

Nor am I a member of a cult, brotherhood or Illuminati

But the faith in God I have aplenty

As I always feel His presence everywhere with me.

I don’t read scriptures or chant prayers

Nor am I a Sunday Church go-er

But when I feel lost, tired or in danger

He’s there with me to make me stronger.

He does not forbid me to enter the church

Hindu and Taoist temples I enter without a lurch

Cos if one can learn all good from all religion

Then it no doubt makes us a better person.

He requires no sing of praises from me

Or burning joss sticks and paper for Thee

He wants me to trust that inner part of me

As that is his greatest strength for me.

There are times when I face obstacles

Or come upon a task I deemed impossible

Nevertheless, I’ll brave my heart, readying for a tackle

With that great faith in myself, I’ll held them on steel shackles.

*There are many times in life that I have been searching for answers and reasons to satisfy my claim for what God is and what He does. I come to realize that none religion existed is able to make me believe that He is the one God and satisfy my claims. I fashioned myself to believe that there is a God; He lives not in Heaven. He is the good part, that good side of me, which will affect everything I do and say in my whole life. That to me, is the best reason that I could accept, which I have thought of. In a nutshell, don't all Gods want their believers to strive to the good path?

By the way, if you are the one like me, then there is this term called Deism. That would be our religion.


* Note that this is my very own perspective on religion. In fact I do go to churches and temples and I do accept their teachings of righteous. Somehow if this post insulted your religion, then sorry and a thousand regrets.

The Lovely Bones(Novel) Review

Nice book. Nice and simple. No twist. But at least there is something, that small tiny part that makes it, special, and unexpected.

The story is about Susie Salmon. She was raped and murdered by her pedophilic neighbour( actually her neighbour likes killing! A serial rapist. And he kills after he rapes)

So after Susie was murdered, she somehow went to this special heaven (not with the fluffy clouds and a halo around her head! LOL!). A heaven which resembles just like our normal Earth but the thing is, she could see whats happening to the world she had left. The story revolves on how her family copped with the lost of her. How her father looked desperately for her killer. How her mother could not take the pain and indulged into adultery(which I despised a lot!), and her brother Buckley and sister Lindsey and also, Grandma Lynn. Oh ya, and her dog Holiday who met her in heaven after it passed away in the real world.

I read through the book and somehow felt so excited when her family came so close to unearthing a clue but did not- it makes you anxious about what will happen the next page and so on. But the beginning part was a little boring. I took about 2 weeks to finish the book(although i did not read it everyday but after half passing half of the book, literally I got hooked up and read everyday =) )

So there was this little special moment that she was given a chance to do something she could not and did not do when she was alive ( Secret =D and spoiler free ). And that, was rounded up by a beautiful ending that I did not even expected( She did not wake up from the dead like Jesus LOL!). But still, a simple and nice ending, that a complicated mind did not expect.

In a nutshell, all's well, ends well...

5 stars, for being able to narrate the story in a 1st person point of view( Dead person, but still a person XD on the living world after she died in such a tragic way). And made the whole story, simple, neat and nice and beautiful after a horrific start. Bravo!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Bachelor's Dream.

If I were to remain single for the rest of my life, I would like to have a life as below:

An acceptable size house. Not too big, not too little. Has everything I need. Most importantly an indoor football pitch(just half of it). So I can play football anytime. Even God can't stop me from playing football. =)

Place to live, Taiping, my hometown!

A well flexible job. Pays me well to feed me well.

One car just will do. 2 would be great. Hybrid fuel saving cars. Toyota Prius =)

No need for assets or bulging accounts. Enough for me to pull myself out a disaster.

And of course, the time of the whole world to visit all the places in the world before I die.

Is that too much? It maybe, but compared to others, I'm asking for the least =)

Please, let this wish come true... *Prays hard