Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sick Of "IT"

If I were to have a wish right now, I'd wish I'd never like someone again... The thing about liking somebody is, I fall so easily, yet find it so hard to forget whom I like.

It has happened all the time. Since puberty struck, I have been falling over for girls and in the end, tending my broken heart EVERY SINGLE time.

I've had enough. Please. Take away my heart. Turn me into a soul-less creature. I rather stay ignorant and know nothing about L-O-V-E.

Fuck this 4 alphabets in this spelling. If not for this four words, my life would definitely be happier.

I'm done... I FUCKING GIVE UP!

We Got Married - YongSeo Couple

I'm currently watching the Korean Variety Show 우리 결혼했어요, or known as We Got Married in English.

This is a variety show, where they pair up Korean celebrities and they will "act out" as a couple.

YongSeo couple is one of the most popular couple ever emerged out from this show. YongSeo derives from the name of the couples - YongHwa Jung from the boy band CNBLUE and SeoHyun from SNSD or Girls Generation.

I'm currently up to episode 34, and yeah, they look perfect and sweet together.

Apart from believing that sweet and romantic love actually existed, there are also many lessons that can be learnt.

Reciprocity - Give and take is the rule of thumb in a relationship. Different people will always have different view. And being a couple, it is a must to always give and take.

Initiative - It is already the 22nd century for God sake. Apart from the fact that maybe guys usually must be the one's to ask a girl to start a relationship, other things can be initiated by the girl. One episode that really took me by surprise was SeoHyun automatically grabbing YongHwa's arm while they were walking. True you don't see girls doing that alot. But that actually struck me hard that, if a girl does do that, oh my god that guy or boyfriend can be so proud and happy!

Frank - It's always the best to keep a relationship straight and clear, without lies. There should be no secrets between couples - if there should be, it shouldn't be a lot! One could really end up hurting the other half real bad if he or she doesn't know the truths or knows it through other sources or people.

Emotional - Not as in being angry or mad, but to show true feelings to the other half. If you really miss him or she, just express it or say it. If you're mad, then tell in a subtle manner instead of giving a cold shoulder. Being a couple doesn't mean your other half is psychic and is able to know everything that you think...

Forgiving - Humans can never escape from errors. We all are bound to make mistakes. So if the other half does make a mistake once in a while and apologise, then it is always okay to forgive and forget. Same thing happens the other way round too. He or she should be able to forgive you too~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

200 days

I really don't know how to start, or what to write...

Is knowing someone for 200 days something to celebrate or to be happy about?

I don't know... Because most of the time, we don't really count the days the person has came into our lives.

Even our best friends, and maybe our parents too...

Yeah we know our parents have been there for us since we were born. But for exactly how many years and days, if it was not your birthday today? You still need to count...

There are very few examples where you actually keep track on how many days someone has come into your life. Some couples even place a timer to automatically count their days they've been together... Seldom they count manually...

Well I did. And 23rd of November will be the 200th day we've known each other, and the days that have passed since we last saw each other... Time flies...

I hope you're alright with your life... And erm... Let's look forward for the 300th day shall we?

Keep in touch okay? :)

너무 보고싶었어요 ...

미안해요 공주...

Monday, November 21, 2011

On What Happened on the Bridge

This is an account of what I've went through during my marathon, some 22 hours go... No graphical details are available.

It all started well. I sprinted fast. I cut the crowd gracefully as music pumped the adrenalin throughout my body. I felt unstoppable.

Then came the normal fatigue we all experience when we do somtime for quite some time. I can hear myself panting during the interval break of the songs of my playlist. But it was all good as I was used to the fatigue, since I have been experiencing much worse or it seems normal during my thorough training.

I paced as if the wind was blowing. I charted 1 hours exactly for reaching the point of the bridge where we were required to turn back.

Then, the 1st test arrived.

I got a slight tingling in my stomach. My undigested dinner was churning. It was something slightly spicy, so it slowed me down. And yes. There was this urge to go to the toilet. But I have to move on. I slowed down and continue at normal speed once the tingling feeling was gone.

I prayed, even though I never did believed in God. Soon after the tingling was gone, another pain came. My singlet was drenched, and the jogging motion was making it abrasive against my skin(my nipple to be precise!). The chilly wind makes thing worst as the abrasion got serious I had to make this wierd action, pulling my singlet and making sure there was no contact. I've had enough of the abrasion pain. I took off my singlet, and ran upper part naked.

Then the ultimate test was looming. I was running non stop, and my legs finally took its toll. Cramps happened. I really have to stop running and walk carefully, before getting into a jogging motion again. At first it was just the calves of my left leg. Soon it got worst. The both calves of my legs were equally susceptible to cramps should I not be careful of my pace.

Although there were ice stations, and also pain reliever sprays along the way. it did not did any good. My body was totally out of sodium. Every step was a cramp pain for my muscles. However, I jogged on and stop, vice versa, everytime the cramp struck. My legs weren't listening to the orders my brain gave out. It was as good as dead.

The cramps got worst and worst as I continue to push myself. When I reach the 3km mark from the finishing line, I was totally flat. The only thing I can do to keep moving was to walk in giant strides. Any slight jog would just cramp up my legs. I grimaced for every step I've took.

Until the finishing line was in sight, I started to jog again. The pain was overwhelming, but I kept pushing myself to run towards the finishing line. Scared that I may be disqualified for not wearing my singlet (as I did said I was naked) I quickly pulled it back on. But my head got into my arm's compartment of the singlet. I was laughed by the crowd... HAHA...

It was not easy to finish the marathon within the time limit. well probably I finished it 30 minuted earlier. But still, my target of acheiving it in 2 hours and 30 minutes remains elusive. The pain and tests I suffered along the journey, really has dampened my speed and spirit. But good thing was, it did not stopped me from moving forward.

I never stopped to sit down, or take a breather. Even if I stopped, it was to take the drinks prepared. The slowest I got, was not for resting in the middle of the marathon, but it was took walk, but in a jiffy manner.

I so wanted to win the medal and certificate. That was my dream. My target. And I vowed not to stop or rest once I really achieve what I have set out to do. This, I have manage to do. And yes, I'm proud for what I held on so strongly, in which in the end made me got what I want.

As I have said in my previous blog. No distance is too far. No time is too long. If you have the heart and will to do it, you'll avhieve what you yearn in life.

*P.S. If it was not for a playlists of adrenalin pumping song, I think I would not have made it. Thanks :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Counting Down to The Penang Bridge Marathon 2011

The International Penang Bridge Marathon is roughly 13 hours away.

I may feel a little nervous. But not panicky. Maybe it's because I deem myself fit and had gone through vigorous training?

Yesterday a friend asked me why I decided to join the marathon. And err.. I kinda don't know how to answer her.

Or maybe I know, but I just did not say it out. I said that my friend asked to join. So I joined. Partially yeah, that would be one of the reasons.

But the main reason is, I wanted to give myself a challenge. I wanted this to go into one of my lifetime achievements. I wanted to prove to myself and the world, that when I, set myself on to doing something, I will do it.

Training wasn't easy. I started off vigorous training late, prolly 2 weeks ago. I started off lumpy, stopping everytime I went out of breath.

Days went by and I sense the improved stamina in me. I felt the adrenaline pulsating everytime I push myself to sprint harder, numbing the pain and soreness of my legs that have been awesome although I push myself very hard, until that I was kinda limping while walking.

And of course, I wanted to let "her" know that, no matter how far we can be, no matter how long it takes, I'm gonna get to her.

Missing her and running a marathon has some similarities. Missing someone hurts and is torturing, So is a marathon, where you push your body to the limits, go through the pain and fatigue level.

Sooner or later, after running a while, you kinda get used to it. Getting used to the pain and strain. Same goes for thinking of somebody.

There are days that I don't feel so much torturous when I'm thinking of you. Not that I don't like you anymore. It's just that, I have already gotten used to it.

It is the same everyday. Since the day we met. Until this very day, every moment.

I'm gonna finish my marathon, I'm gonna graduate from my course, and I'm gonna get to you. If there is a chance. A chance, like a Penang Bridge Marathon, to prove my worth... :)

No distance is too far. No duration is too long...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Know You ARE a SONE

~Sunny, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona, Jessica, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon~

You know you're a Sone, when their songs keep playing on your mind

You know you're a Sone, when you're mesmerized by their songs and dances

You know you're a Sone, when you can differentiate ALL 9 members with ease.(this is still kinda complicated, but yeah, I can differentiate)

You know you're a Sone, when you wanna know more about them, watch variety shows about them.

You know you're a Sone, when you think they are considered among the world's most hottest and prettiest girls. (In my case however, only Yoona is on my list-top 5. Other members do make it to the list, but not all XD)

You know you're a Sone, when you have SNSD wallpaper as one of your desktop wallpaper(my desktop wallpaper changes every 30 minutes, so that's why its one of them)

You know you're a Sone, when given a choice to choose, example SJ, Big Bang, CN Blue and bla bla bla, you'll choose them without a doubt. (I started with Big Bang and then CN Blue. But SNSD is just a poison too potent. Plus its more normal for me to say I like SNSD rather than boy bands. At least there is an opposite sex attraction XD )

You know you're a Sone, that maybe their songs may not be that awesome, you still rate it 5 stars. ( The Boys rock man! come on! BRING THE BOYS OUT~!)

You know you're a Sone, when K-pop news has anything to do with them, you'll definitely READ THE NEWS!

You know you're a Sone, that when somebody says they're not naturally pretty or cute, you just don't give a damn to what they say. They are awesome just the way they are.

I know that I'm a Sone, when I spent almost a significant amount of time to write this blog, and thinking of all the points and truths to prove that I am...

소녀시대 좋아해요~~!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Time - What It Taught Me

Watched In Time. And erm. Hmm. It kinda changed me, a little should I say?

I’ll cut the synopsis. It’s better for you to not know anything about a movie before watching it. Movies that don’t really featured in trailers if you’re an ardent cinema go-er. This is the type of movie where you go in blank, and come back out knowing the story. Something like Inception, where you don’t know a bloody single thing but when you come out, it’s like wham, cool story.

How does it change me? Hmm.. Well it kinda jolts me to life, where it made me realized that time can be so important. That when people do know that they have a timer ticking day by day as they pass their lives, they would be trying to do anything, whether by hook or by crook, just to prolong their lives.

Yes. That sci-fi world is kinda like our world. Only thing is the value each world place upon is different. There without time, you die. But in the real world, without money, you can still live on. That’s the difference.

The whole idea of the film is to place time as the ultimate subject, of ultimate value, and a tangible asset which has taken over what we have in this world, known as money, wealth. People work to credit time in their lives, pay for meals using their time. It’s all about time.

Funny how we people here sometimes tend to take things simple and easy. And slow. It’s always like, there is still plenty of time, why rush and so on.

But the difference is that, should time is made tangible, that would be a whole new story, where time travel is then made possible, since time in our world is not a measure of wealth, rather a measurement of longevity, and sometimes a requirement to do what we want.

But hey, to be honest, at least people in that world value time more than we do. Every seconds count. They are afraid of death, because they know it’s coming when their timer starts to whittle down to the dying seconds. What about people in our real world?

They drive like daredevils. They smoke. They overdrink. These are the kind of things that will take away a bit of your life when you do it. Maybe they don’t know it. Or maybe they just don’t know when their time will come…

I’m neither drinker nor smoker. But what this movie did taught me, was to treasure each and every single second of my life. Cause compare to them, I’ll never know when my life will end. And if it’s tomorrow, I don’t wanna regret for not doing what I want or achieved anything great before I leave this world. Or maybe cursed the time I wasted when I could have done something good.

Time… Future… Something to look forward to, or something to hide from?

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Degree :D

What to do when I’m finally done?

In a 4 year degree that was never fun

Living it was like being pointed by a gun

As if I was never gonna see tomorrow’s sun

Never ever am I going back or continue

In this god forsaken expertise or field

For if I do, I’ll probably end up killed

Or the worst, where my life gets sealed

Life was never easy in the beginning

But wait till you see THAT shit whose been waiting

The loads of notes and pressure leave you crying

While the job advancement means actually nothing

Yes they say eating is a heaven, its bliss

But they never know that food production ain’t a sweet kiss

For the working environment is nothing better than piss

As it evaporates your dream clouds into dissipating mists

*I’m so looking forward to my graduation, and then I can kiss degree buh-bye and hasta la vista~!

* I know it sounds very degrading. I don't actually hate it that much. Apart from the stress that's making me abit... wacky? XP

* Writing a poem does not require a hit or inspiration. It's in my blood I realise. Thanks to that god damn years I've spent reading which make thinking of vocabulary that rhymes, not that hard :D