Saturday, November 19, 2011

Counting Down to The Penang Bridge Marathon 2011

The International Penang Bridge Marathon is roughly 13 hours away.

I may feel a little nervous. But not panicky. Maybe it's because I deem myself fit and had gone through vigorous training?

Yesterday a friend asked me why I decided to join the marathon. And err.. I kinda don't know how to answer her.

Or maybe I know, but I just did not say it out. I said that my friend asked to join. So I joined. Partially yeah, that would be one of the reasons.

But the main reason is, I wanted to give myself a challenge. I wanted this to go into one of my lifetime achievements. I wanted to prove to myself and the world, that when I, set myself on to doing something, I will do it.

Training wasn't easy. I started off vigorous training late, prolly 2 weeks ago. I started off lumpy, stopping everytime I went out of breath.

Days went by and I sense the improved stamina in me. I felt the adrenaline pulsating everytime I push myself to sprint harder, numbing the pain and soreness of my legs that have been awesome although I push myself very hard, until that I was kinda limping while walking.

And of course, I wanted to let "her" know that, no matter how far we can be, no matter how long it takes, I'm gonna get to her.

Missing her and running a marathon has some similarities. Missing someone hurts and is torturing, So is a marathon, where you push your body to the limits, go through the pain and fatigue level.

Sooner or later, after running a while, you kinda get used to it. Getting used to the pain and strain. Same goes for thinking of somebody.

There are days that I don't feel so much torturous when I'm thinking of you. Not that I don't like you anymore. It's just that, I have already gotten used to it.

It is the same everyday. Since the day we met. Until this very day, every moment.

I'm gonna finish my marathon, I'm gonna graduate from my course, and I'm gonna get to you. If there is a chance. A chance, like a Penang Bridge Marathon, to prove my worth... :)

No distance is too far. No duration is too long...

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