Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sick Of "IT"

If I were to have a wish right now, I'd wish I'd never like someone again... The thing about liking somebody is, I fall so easily, yet find it so hard to forget whom I like.

It has happened all the time. Since puberty struck, I have been falling over for girls and in the end, tending my broken heart EVERY SINGLE time.

I've had enough. Please. Take away my heart. Turn me into a soul-less creature. I rather stay ignorant and know nothing about L-O-V-E.

Fuck this 4 alphabets in this spelling. If not for this four words, my life would definitely be happier.

I'm done... I FUCKING GIVE UP!


edeN said...

everyone that appear in our life give us some new inspiration..
see from her point of view, sometimes we will understand a lot more..
people come people go..

jpthedarkknight said...

yeah... I know.. but current mood really sucks!
damn fuck...