Thursday, December 15, 2011

K-pop - Rising Music Genre

Classical. Jazz. Traditional. Rock n Roll. Pop.

Music. What it was. What it has become. What it will be. It changes at a drastic pace. Genres are even more than the one's mentioned above.People from the older generations, our grandfathers, ancestors, probably never did not R&B. And maybe our fathers and mothers don't even regard rap as an alternative music genre. Alternative? HAHA! R&B has since became one of the main music genres of today's music. Not to even mention club hits which are fast rising meteorically.

Davichi. Man their voices are AWESOME!

I don't know how many you guys out there listen to music,or songs. For me, I NEVER pass a day without a song. It's almost impossible to even imagine a day without music. Even if that dreaded day come, I'll just sing with my own voice to make sure my days are never MUSIC-LESS.

And again, I don't know what genres you guys prefer either. But from what I see, apart from English pop songs, most people are also affectionate towards pop songs of their own mother tongue. Expected. But do you guys ever have an additional preferance? Or should I say an alternate genre of preference? A genre that, makes you special from the rest?
CN BLUE. Rock band style :)

Classicals are awesome. Opera is also good too. I'm proud to say that I'm a big fan of Il Divo. I know pretty much of their song lyrics, although most of them are in Spanish or Italian I-Don't-Know.

But one specific genre that I would like to highlight here, is actually K-Pop

Yes. K-pop or Korean Pop. I started to get infected when I liked this one girl. Yeah before that I did heard a few songs from TVXQ and Wonder Girl's Nobody, but they never left an imprint or got me intoxicated. But the first song that I really paid attention to the lyrics and the melody was Lee Seung Gi's "Will You Marry Me".

Maybe it all started out in how to win her heart. I admit I kinda despise Korean Music that time. Who are they to reinstate Pop? Who are they to dance and sing in such swagger and style that only the great late Michael Jackson was the one who reigns over the world of Pop? Plastic face. Autotune freaks.

Super Junior. Super singers + Dancers. MJ should be proud :)

So you can imagine how hard it is to listen to a Korean song at first. A song in a language I never knew at all. Maybe a genre I never even considered as a genre. A genre that I never did cared. A genre that I thought why even people think it's a genre. I youtubed Lee Seung Gi's "Will You Marry Me".(because that song was on her msn's "playing now").

Music starts. OWH! HORRIBLE! OMG! I CAN'T STAND IT....

But I ended up asking her for her favourite songs. It almost ended that way. Having a list of recommended songs from a girl you like in a messaging history.

Days passed. I never did have the urge or feel to further investigate the songs she recommended.

Until one day, I came across SS501's "Deja Vu" and "Ur Man" unintentionally. I don't know why this 2 songs actually injected some antibody towards my detest towards K-pop. So I re-listen to "Will You Marry Me". 1st time. Hey not as bad as it sounded. 2nd time, wow, actually quite nice. 3rd time, google lyrics. Hell that's sweet. The rest is history. That was how I went from hate to love.

SS501. The first injection of truth and acceptance

Since then, K-pop has become my main genre in music. Yes. My secondary genre is English Pop. Heck I never did update myself with Chinese Pop, unless Jay Chou or Lee Hom.

I found a genre, that offers songs with awesome bass beats, "move like Jagger" dance moves, catchy tunes, awesome ballads, lovely and "melt your heart" or "break your heart to pieces" lyrics. Gone were those negative points I once had for K-pop.

Maybe some of you may claim that I went K-pop crazy because of that girl that changed me. I wonder how true was that myself too. But almost one month ago, after knowing that she already had a boyfriend, I started asking myself. Will I stop K-poping? Will K-pop be the reason that I will never let go of he? Should I continue K-poping?

After sometime, the truth came. She was just one of the girls that made my heart skipped a beat. Yes and got me to listen what I hate in the first place. But it was not the reason on why I fell in love with K-pop. Yes I took Korean at first because of her too. But now I wanna learn Korean to sing my favourite K-pop songs, and actually use it to communicate.


I know it is very hard to make someone to like a song sung in a language that they don't even know. So I can't help it if people hate K-pop like me in the first place. So maybe that's why Chinese will always support Mandarin pop. Indians will always be stuck with Bollywood. But what I have seen K-pop do is, growing and rising in such a rate, that many singers and groups has gone global, performing in countries like U.S, U.K, Brazil, where peple there don't even speak or know a damn word in Korean. Ask yourself. How many Asian artistes can perform in their own mother tongue in concerts where people pay to hear you sing in a language they don't even understand?

Yes. Maybe I'm biased. I have long forsaken the future of Mandarin pop. They only sing. They only know ballads. Only a handful are band groups. They are way behind in terms of international standard and global domination. It seems harsh. But please correct me, the day when a mandarin singer/ group that will actually stir up a storm like SNSD.
SNSD. Girls Generation. Global Icons

Maybe to went head over heels over her, was a mistake. But to have went gaga because of her and then to fall in love with K-pop was one of the best thing I never knew what I was missing all this time.

*peace music lovers :)


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