Thursday, December 29, 2011


Though the fact that I have been single and never been in a relationship, that doesn't mean I'm gay nor "Bi".

I am a normal guy, who DOES get attracted to girls.

Every now and then, when I have no one on my mind, like the current situation me (means no crush or liking towards anyone) writing this post, I always think of the requirements and qualities I set into choosing a girlfriend. And of course keep on reviewing it...

But as I have stated before here, you can state as much as many requirements you can. But when the right one comes, and when you really really like him or her, you tend to ignore the requirements you set.

What I would really like to say here, in this post, is rather a finding of my own self. A finding of myself, towards the tendency of girls that attract me... Haha! NO JOKE!

Well I have been in crushes with girls.... since standard 6 I think. Well standard 6's memory is kinda blurry now, the most I can remember back in form 1. Over the years, crushes come and go, years passed, from secondary school to Matriculation, and then to University, the same and lame old me, still failing to get into a relationship (but still normal as I still like girls LOL).

I've had crushes on many types of girls. Girls that at first, I couldn't find a similarity, a pattern or a trend that makes me have a crush for them. I mean there's gotta be a reason, even one, on why a guy likes a girl.

Well actually I kinda figured out the trend a few days back. Haha. It's like so slow right. And erm, it's not the outer beauty that I'm so "shallow", nor inner beauty (some girls that I have a crush on just makes me regret or say "alamak" at myself after getting over her). It is also not the size of their bosoms, their attitude (attitude is important in choosing a girlfriend, but I'm talking about attraction here~!), or the size of their @ss (get the word?)
Big melons. So what?

One hell of an @ss. So what X 2 ? (self mumbling control control control your..)

I'm also quite astounded by the trend. Although I've been aware of "it" being what I am attracted to, I'm surprised that it has been a trend for all these years.

The answer? simple. And it kinda explains why I use that emoticon alot...


Yes. A smile. HER SMILE!

It's not just the girls that I have crushes on attracts me with their smile. Even the female celebrities that I like, adore, love, and some who did became my celebrity crush also have beautiful smiles that melt away one's heart.

I would of course like to post the photos of the girls that I did crushed on since form one until now to really justify my point, but it's kinda their personal photos and using one's photos without permission is... well not that good. But to those who really did know me, even if you did just know one crush of mine, you've gotta admit that their smile are just too... argh... SWEET!

It doesn't matter though, whether their teeth are straight or not. It's just that when they smile or laugh, they never or seldom close their mouth. They laugh out loud, showing their teeth, whether perfect or not, still feels attractive to me... :)

Used to be celebrity crush - Linda Chung :) Love her smile

Current girl that got me over my heels surely has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. She's truly an angel from heaven.. OH~~~!!!!


The angel that fell from Heaven

Told ya her smile is perfect~

When you google Yoona on Google Images, most of the time you'll always find her with a smile

Laugh out Loud, and melt my heart ~!

Y U Pout lips Yoongie~~~?

So that also kinda explains why I LUURVE YoonA and not Seohyun. Although Seohyun is indeed pretty, has really good inner and outer beauty (you'll know if you've watched "We Got Married" really a perfect wife to have), I'd still choose YoonA over her...

Also pretty, and angelic

But her smile will always come second to...

My Yoongie~~~ :)

So it is proven, and published hereby, on the 29th of December 2011, 1.11am local time (+8 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur)

That I, am attracted, very much, to a woman's sweet smile. :)


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