Monday, June 20, 2011

条件? Requisitos?

We all have expectations and requirements for our partners. But sometimes when you fall in love, you'll just ignored the requirements. Because when you truly love someone, you'll accept their strengths and weaknesses.

Love, it is that weird.

Of course I have my own requirements. In fact it can be quite a lot. And quite complicated too. If I were to let you know my requirements, you would straight away shoot me:"Its better not to find one then."

也不是说很多而已啦。只是比较specific. 就是要“这一种”类似酱的意思。
But actually it is not considered as surplus or an overload of requirements. It's just that I'm more specific. Like what cup of tea I want.

But sometimes, I notice that, the girl that I have a crush on, actually does not fulfill the requirements I set myself. Haha. There is already the "feel" there. Screw requirements. Why not give her a chance to be the girl you dream of, rather than to find a one that you dream? Even though she can't be one, shouldn't she be accepted as she is also human and has her weaknesses?

So, I can guarantee, that requirements, everybody has their own personal one's. But in the end, they're just merely guidelines. When the feel is right, we'd never really care about it.

The power of love, is the greatest.

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