Friday, February 24, 2012

Passion & Interest

Everyone has their own passion and interest. And it's by doing them or having them, we feel alive and satisfied.

I don't know why I got the passion for learning Korean. It's started just by listening to K-pop songs. Then it spread to K-drama. And then last semester, it became Korean lessons. And it became my hobby too, self learning Korean during my free time.

You could probably say that I have fallen in love with the language. But if you ask me why did it happened, I can honestly tell you that I have no specific answer myself. It just grew inside me. Guess it's passion huh?

One more thing that I like doing revolves around music... It started way back since a piano was acquired... Too bad at that moment only one of us (me and my bro) were given the one shot to learn it. We have to draw lots to determine who was the one to take music lessons. Luck favoured my brother and he went on and got all the levels completed...

But one special thing that happened was, with all the materials there ready, I took up my own initiative and self learned playing the piano. Of course learning something new isn't easy. But once you get hold of something, playing it becomes magical and you get so much satisfaction and self realization.

I think that learning something new, with that particular interest at hand, not only the soon to be achievements fulfill us. Even the learning process is so enjoyable, that one will never feel tortured and bored while doing it. This is the what having a passion and interest is about.

I'd be lying to say that I really enjoyed my 4 year degree's courses. Yes, they do make me feel excited and awed that so much can be done in the name of science. But I'll never see myself working in a lab for the rest of my life, nor supervise production lines. That's just not my style...

Probably if I were to choose my degree 4 years ago with this kind of mentality, I would have chosen an art course. And most likely, it will be related to music, although then again, I wouldn't say that I have any talent in it...

But I would say that the passion for it, will definitely count...

So that kind of explains why, my course mates just took a mandatory core course, a mandatory minor course, and a mandatory FYP, while I, being engrossed in what I like doing, took up additional courses - Korean level 2, guitar lessons as a co-curriculum activity, and my mandatory English, which have to be postponed to this final semester as I chose to take Korean level 1 last semester.

My fellow friends might probably call me crazy, stupid, or disciplined to be able to manage all these self torturing and piling of so many workload on myself. I agree that all of this comes with a price - I have less free time compared to them. It doesn't mean that my life would be less happier than them, but it may as well mean that I will live my final semester to the fullest, compared to them.

I am happy to be able to do what I want and what I like. It is the sacrifice of time and energy that I am willing to give. It is the passion and interest, that makes every hardship I face in this final semester, something that is really worth a trade.

Friday, February 17, 2012


最近 8TV 播着张纪中版《西游记》. 也不是说有追着看。只是有时候坐下来陪弟弟看。而且看的话也没说从头看到尾。










*注: 虽然这张纪中版的《西游记》也没好到哪里去,但主题曲还蛮不错一下。在此献上主题曲。


几番番春秋 冬夏.
你尝尝酸甜 苦辣.
几番番春秋 冬夏.
你尝尝酸甜 苦辣.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brace Yourselves!

I know I'm not alone in this FYP. Yes our titles may be different. But all of us have to brave ourselves through the uncharted waters ahead of our semester. We may have different captains, sail on different seas, but we are heading towards the same destination nonetheless.

Yes I have been terrified for the last few days. Because I'm the one of the few students, if not the only one who stayed at home to the max during the holidays, while my friends have already started their FYP journey.

I was tormented, my soul chastised, my mood abused and tortured. I had brief insomniac nights. I tossed and turned on my bed, afraid of having insufficient time to finish my FYP lab work.

However, I finally got some sense in after chatting with my seniors and using a bit of common sense. I have been comparing my project, where it has relatively easier tests and less preparation steps with my other friends who have a much much more complicated preparation of samples. There is where the tension and self inflict pain lies.

Yes you may think that I am complacent or trying to calm myself down (complacent a little, but trying to calm myself yes), but the point is, after going through what I have to do for my lab work over and over again, I see there is no way that I cannot finish my lab work in time and maybe ahead of my estimated time.

Maybe I'm being too over confident. Maybe I'm ignorant. But since I always have this proverb or saying in my mind every time an obstacle stand in my way, I guess like always and most of the time, I will definitely brave through this storm..

Impossible is nothing

Friday, February 10, 2012

Self Inflict Tension

Yes. Maybe I am the one to be blame by putting my own self for being in the current situation. For not making an extra initiative to book equipments vital for my Final Year Project.

That leaves me stranded. On and island. Or perhaps a better scenario. Hanging onto a floating log, without a paddle, as the river slowly flows toward the edge - the waterfall and sapphire abyss waiting below me.

This may be the biggest hurdle that I have come across in my life. Yes there is hope. There is always hope. But one can never be sane enough or brave enough and not shudder at the future that lies ahead.

But there is no time to regret. I put myself in this circumstance. I have to live with it, beat it, and raise from the hell hole I'm in now...

Ah please let me chill for a further of 7 days more... I promise I'll work my life off when semester starts...

Pleas take away this anxiety.. It's killing me T^T

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bel19VE and In Your Face, HATERS!

Sometimes, it's just a simple believe, that makes miracle come true.

I've had enough of rival fans' bickering on my team. Heck since when was it I started defaming your team? Compared to you guys, I have EVERY SINGLE REASON to belittle your team and cooked them up into ashes, should I want to...

Arsenal is a great club don't get me wrong. Their attacking football are splendid to watch. If there was to be an English Barcelona, it would be Arsenal. No doubt. But Gunner fans, who are you to criticize Man Utd when your team have gone trophy-less for even I-lost-track-of-the- barren years?

Liverpool are still England's top European team. In terms of history though. Yes 5 European cups, a feat that still stands till today. But no longer England's champions and a barren run second to Arsenal. Yeah bask in history Anfield fans. And sorry to say that among the top 5 team, Liverpool's squad is the worst. Yes. Tottenham's squad is better by Liverpool's by MILES!

Only Manchester City fans have the rights to brag, if they wanted to. Kicked out of every cup competitions, with the same situation as Manchester United, well the only thing to brag about is 2 points above us... 1-6? Jeez that's history! Even I never mention 8-2 to our dear fan up up there XP

Chelsea. Probably the second rotten tomato next to Liverpool. Face it. AVB just isn't the manager who can cope with BPL's stress. And with majority of the players older than him, it's hard to maintain the team without that seniority punch...

Tottenham are relatively new comers to English football's powerhouse. All of their players improved drastically over the years and some really shrewd buying really galvanize the team, making them a challenger for the top 4 places.

There. FACT. I still cannot accept why are there so many biased and crazy fans out there who are singing hatred and racism on football. You love your club till your death. Fine. But belittle and dismiss Manchester United as a great club? That's even worse than not knowing the ABC's and 123's

Seriously. If you hate Manchester United that much, better go get a medical check up. You could be suffering from disillusionment or ManUtdphobia... Of course they don't really bring you any harm, but if you wanna be happy, I'll suggest stop watching football... You are gonna burst your balls everytime Manchester United wins... Seriously... :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Thoughts on PIPA & SOPA

Yes I know it's been quite a while since the SOPA and PIPA online protests were done. Am grateful to say that I was one of them that signed the petition against SOPA and PIPA.

SOPA is the acronym of Stop Online Piracy Act. To put it in layman terms, it's a law proposed to stop online piracy, which is unlicensed downloading without needing to pay a single cent to rightful owners of the material.

PIPA is also almost the same as SOPA. It is the acronym of Protect IP Act, which curb access to rogue websites dedicated to infringing and counterfeit goods.

Now at one look no doubt both act does bring good. But the truth is, hell no. Every single site that has no rights in publishing what's that not theirs will be deemed guilty of owning or acquiring something that does not belong to them in the first place.

I can't deny that IF that both acts were to be carried out, the ultimate winners will be the manufacturers of branded goods and the entertainment industry. Everyone would have to buy REAL and genuine goods and music albums, movies and so on. You won't even have wikipedia or solutions for something which usually can be googled.

Now the problem that arises, in my opinion, is how slanted or distorted our world now is. Entertainment is one of the biggest industry. At the end of the day, one must realize, that every person needs a dose of entertainment to rid the stress or boredom. It doesn't matter if it is games, songs or movies, the truth is, it is almost impossible to live without entertainment these days.

Yes it sounds right and correct to buy genuine game CDs, music albums, go to cinemas or acquire original DVDs or Blu Rays, but the problem is, how many people can really afford it? To start with it, it is not cheap. And second, is the quality really worth the price? Spending around RM50 for a music album, where only maybe 3-4 songs are of top quality. A song priced at RM10! Uh a big NO for me...

And the third reason is, the many sites available for unlicensed download. Yes technically and morally, it is wrong. But the thing is, everyone wants a profit. If there is a website that pays you to direct traffic to it's site by allowing you to upload what you own ( example the bought original CD) to it's site and allowing people to download it, maybe for free or cheaper, who wouldn't want to? Yes again, it is wrong. But there are plenty things and rules in this world that people break when it comes to generating profit.

And last but not least. Think about it. I know this point may sound really bad and makes me a staunch supporter of online piracy, but do think again. Even with online piracy raging, Our artistes from Hollywood are still making millions and gazillions. Money and untold riches that we normal people will never achieve in our lifetime. With the meager or just enough salary or pay to live through everyday. Face it people. the living standards are getting higher. Prices of food and things have been rocketing like mad. But the sucky part is, our salary will never be enough. That's why people nowadays invest, compared to the good old days of pure hard work.

If SOPA did went through, most people would have to dig deep in their pockets just for that dose of entertainment, in the end making the rich even richer, hence widening the contrast between the rich and poor. Basically I don't really care for the one's who benefit from SOPA. They have enough. Enough of a record revenue bla bla bla. The more you cooperates want to earn, the poorer we have to be.

It's sad, maybe biased. But this is what I see from my point of view in the current situation. As long as everyone is happy with what they have, piracy, to me does give a blessing in disguise to the majority.

Online piracy is just one of the great loopholes that wasn't planned all the way along. Well safe to say at least, even if one day that SOPA and PIPA were to come, the free people's of Earth would have Lulsec and Anonymous to fight for us, right?

Of course, works that are EPIC and brilliant should always be purchased. Which is why I am eager to land my hands on everything related to "The Lord Of The Rings" and "Pirates of The Caribbean", movie and soundtracks.

Yoho yoho, A Pirate's Life For Me? :3

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anger. It's an emotion, a negative one that empowers one self, sometimes eats up the sanity of one, should there is no proper control.

It is normal to feel angry when things don't go your way; feel frustrated, or when people overdo things or pranks at you.

Yes I am kind of pissed now. But rather than shoot back at those who irked me with my comments, it's time to just cool down in other ways, like blogging.

I used to shoot back at friends (friend by the way- he is like the only who irks me with his comments) who irked me on facebook . Yeah they maybe joking, but considered as overdoing in Facebook as every stupid thing they comment can be seen by everyone else. But shooting them back using comments is no great way to manage anger either. Cause the comments I shoot at them, will in the end be seen by others as well. And most of the time I will regret posting those silly comments to make myself feel better.

I'm cutting down the usage of the "F" word quite well I should say. In fact cutting down on other words that are not really lewd or obscene, but not pleasant to the ears as well.

And also anger management. I'd say I'm really doing pretty well. Funny how I lose my temper easily; or I should say how easily I am irked on Facebook than the real life person me. Maybe it's because when people joked in front of you, it's just between you and them right?

So that kinda justifies why I get agitated easily online.

But it's other people's facebook and freedom of speech. If it doesn't really have any negative effect or defaming, I'd guess I've gotta man up and be more tolerant.

That's the part and parcel of life. And also part and parcel of learning.

Cheers OJP. :) Don't let one silly comment spoil your mood~!