Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anger. It's an emotion, a negative one that empowers one self, sometimes eats up the sanity of one, should there is no proper control.

It is normal to feel angry when things don't go your way; feel frustrated, or when people overdo things or pranks at you.

Yes I am kind of pissed now. But rather than shoot back at those who irked me with my comments, it's time to just cool down in other ways, like blogging.

I used to shoot back at friends (friend by the way- he is like the only who irks me with his comments) who irked me on facebook . Yeah they maybe joking, but considered as overdoing in Facebook as every stupid thing they comment can be seen by everyone else. But shooting them back using comments is no great way to manage anger either. Cause the comments I shoot at them, will in the end be seen by others as well. And most of the time I will regret posting those silly comments to make myself feel better.

I'm cutting down the usage of the "F" word quite well I should say. In fact cutting down on other words that are not really lewd or obscene, but not pleasant to the ears as well.

And also anger management. I'd say I'm really doing pretty well. Funny how I lose my temper easily; or I should say how easily I am irked on Facebook than the real life person me. Maybe it's because when people joked in front of you, it's just between you and them right?

So that kinda justifies why I get agitated easily online.

But it's other people's facebook and freedom of speech. If it doesn't really have any negative effect or defaming, I'd guess I've gotta man up and be more tolerant.

That's the part and parcel of life. And also part and parcel of learning.

Cheers OJP. :) Don't let one silly comment spoil your mood~!

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