Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brace Yourselves!

I know I'm not alone in this FYP. Yes our titles may be different. But all of us have to brave ourselves through the uncharted waters ahead of our semester. We may have different captains, sail on different seas, but we are heading towards the same destination nonetheless.

Yes I have been terrified for the last few days. Because I'm the one of the few students, if not the only one who stayed at home to the max during the holidays, while my friends have already started their FYP journey.

I was tormented, my soul chastised, my mood abused and tortured. I had brief insomniac nights. I tossed and turned on my bed, afraid of having insufficient time to finish my FYP lab work.

However, I finally got some sense in after chatting with my seniors and using a bit of common sense. I have been comparing my project, where it has relatively easier tests and less preparation steps with my other friends who have a much much more complicated preparation of samples. There is where the tension and self inflict pain lies.

Yes you may think that I am complacent or trying to calm myself down (complacent a little, but trying to calm myself yes), but the point is, after going through what I have to do for my lab work over and over again, I see there is no way that I cannot finish my lab work in time and maybe ahead of my estimated time.

Maybe I'm being too over confident. Maybe I'm ignorant. But since I always have this proverb or saying in my mind every time an obstacle stand in my way, I guess like always and most of the time, I will definitely brave through this storm..

Impossible is nothing

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