Monday, February 6, 2012

Bel19VE and In Your Face, HATERS!

Sometimes, it's just a simple believe, that makes miracle come true.

I've had enough of rival fans' bickering on my team. Heck since when was it I started defaming your team? Compared to you guys, I have EVERY SINGLE REASON to belittle your team and cooked them up into ashes, should I want to...

Arsenal is a great club don't get me wrong. Their attacking football are splendid to watch. If there was to be an English Barcelona, it would be Arsenal. No doubt. But Gunner fans, who are you to criticize Man Utd when your team have gone trophy-less for even I-lost-track-of-the- barren years?

Liverpool are still England's top European team. In terms of history though. Yes 5 European cups, a feat that still stands till today. But no longer England's champions and a barren run second to Arsenal. Yeah bask in history Anfield fans. And sorry to say that among the top 5 team, Liverpool's squad is the worst. Yes. Tottenham's squad is better by Liverpool's by MILES!

Only Manchester City fans have the rights to brag, if they wanted to. Kicked out of every cup competitions, with the same situation as Manchester United, well the only thing to brag about is 2 points above us... 1-6? Jeez that's history! Even I never mention 8-2 to our dear fan up up there XP

Chelsea. Probably the second rotten tomato next to Liverpool. Face it. AVB just isn't the manager who can cope with BPL's stress. And with majority of the players older than him, it's hard to maintain the team without that seniority punch...

Tottenham are relatively new comers to English football's powerhouse. All of their players improved drastically over the years and some really shrewd buying really galvanize the team, making them a challenger for the top 4 places.

There. FACT. I still cannot accept why are there so many biased and crazy fans out there who are singing hatred and racism on football. You love your club till your death. Fine. But belittle and dismiss Manchester United as a great club? That's even worse than not knowing the ABC's and 123's

Seriously. If you hate Manchester United that much, better go get a medical check up. You could be suffering from disillusionment or ManUtdphobia... Of course they don't really bring you any harm, but if you wanna be happy, I'll suggest stop watching football... You are gonna burst your balls everytime Manchester United wins... Seriously... :)

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