Friday, February 24, 2012

Passion & Interest

Everyone has their own passion and interest. And it's by doing them or having them, we feel alive and satisfied.

I don't know why I got the passion for learning Korean. It's started just by listening to K-pop songs. Then it spread to K-drama. And then last semester, it became Korean lessons. And it became my hobby too, self learning Korean during my free time.

You could probably say that I have fallen in love with the language. But if you ask me why did it happened, I can honestly tell you that I have no specific answer myself. It just grew inside me. Guess it's passion huh?

One more thing that I like doing revolves around music... It started way back since a piano was acquired... Too bad at that moment only one of us (me and my bro) were given the one shot to learn it. We have to draw lots to determine who was the one to take music lessons. Luck favoured my brother and he went on and got all the levels completed...

But one special thing that happened was, with all the materials there ready, I took up my own initiative and self learned playing the piano. Of course learning something new isn't easy. But once you get hold of something, playing it becomes magical and you get so much satisfaction and self realization.

I think that learning something new, with that particular interest at hand, not only the soon to be achievements fulfill us. Even the learning process is so enjoyable, that one will never feel tortured and bored while doing it. This is the what having a passion and interest is about.

I'd be lying to say that I really enjoyed my 4 year degree's courses. Yes, they do make me feel excited and awed that so much can be done in the name of science. But I'll never see myself working in a lab for the rest of my life, nor supervise production lines. That's just not my style...

Probably if I were to choose my degree 4 years ago with this kind of mentality, I would have chosen an art course. And most likely, it will be related to music, although then again, I wouldn't say that I have any talent in it...

But I would say that the passion for it, will definitely count...

So that kind of explains why, my course mates just took a mandatory core course, a mandatory minor course, and a mandatory FYP, while I, being engrossed in what I like doing, took up additional courses - Korean level 2, guitar lessons as a co-curriculum activity, and my mandatory English, which have to be postponed to this final semester as I chose to take Korean level 1 last semester.

My fellow friends might probably call me crazy, stupid, or disciplined to be able to manage all these self torturing and piling of so many workload on myself. I agree that all of this comes with a price - I have less free time compared to them. It doesn't mean that my life would be less happier than them, but it may as well mean that I will live my final semester to the fullest, compared to them.

I am happy to be able to do what I want and what I like. It is the sacrifice of time and energy that I am willing to give. It is the passion and interest, that makes every hardship I face in this final semester, something that is really worth a trade.

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