Friday, February 10, 2012

Self Inflict Tension

Yes. Maybe I am the one to be blame by putting my own self for being in the current situation. For not making an extra initiative to book equipments vital for my Final Year Project.

That leaves me stranded. On and island. Or perhaps a better scenario. Hanging onto a floating log, without a paddle, as the river slowly flows toward the edge - the waterfall and sapphire abyss waiting below me.

This may be the biggest hurdle that I have come across in my life. Yes there is hope. There is always hope. But one can never be sane enough or brave enough and not shudder at the future that lies ahead.

But there is no time to regret. I put myself in this circumstance. I have to live with it, beat it, and raise from the hell hole I'm in now...

Ah please let me chill for a further of 7 days more... I promise I'll work my life off when semester starts...

Pleas take away this anxiety.. It's killing me T^T

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