Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Piece

There are times when stress builds up, tensions accumulate, we seem to be diverted from our course, our dreams... we tend to give up before knowing the consequences or the results...

Thanks for this Anime, I got back up and fight...

Their's is still an never ending journey... Mine starts in 6days time...

I wanna be... THE PIRATE KING!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Actually this happened quite a long time ago, but in this sem... Here's a story, true life story, about me, that I wanted to share...

On that very day...

I was rushing for my food analysis project. So when everything was done(we had our discussion in the TEKUN cafe), so I saw one of my junior calling me over to do a survey. A survey from Pharmacy school it seems...

It was a survey about death. Death in the sense of, asking the opinions of us, in what condition we hope to die in, and in what condition we are willing to die. Don't mess these two up. The first one means, how will you choose to die, for example, bedridden, sick, suffering from pain, unable to carry out daily activities and so on. Of course sure wanna die in sleep rite? No suffering...

The second one means, you are put into a situation, from best to worse. It is to determine which situation that you choose to leave the world(as the situation gets tougher and harder, you might think: Walao eh, like this ar, die faster better) kind of situation... :D

Well, at first I didn't know that I was going to take such a hard survey. And a serious one... XD Cos when my junior called me over, I just heard the last word he said.

"After you finished this survey, got RM10 arr!!"

"Sure anot?"

" I already taken lo... SEE!!!"

"I'm on"

So I had to wait till my turn for the surveyor to survey me. Then only I realise what survey I was up to, why people took such a long time to finish this survey.

It started by arranging about 2o situations, by personal point of view, from favourable, to well, nightmare...

The situation is only based on 4 criteria(I think), so its just either can, merely,cannot, no, little, alot. It was very very confusing.

Then came the hard part. I'll give an example. You are unable to carry out daily activities, have mild pain, and bedridden. Would you choose to live or die. I chose to live. Here comes the second part. You are given a chance to live five years in a better situation, let's say, you are not bedridden, but are unable to carry out daily activities, mild pain and bla bla(means you are just one point better then the previous situation.) or to live 10 years in the worser condition. If you choose the worser situation, then continue with subsequent questions where the chances to live in a better situation in a longer period increases, till the difference of the period is half a month.

I was very serious in that quiz. I pondered and thought. But in the end, I always ended up choosing to live longer. Even the surveyor, I don't know whether she thinks I'm joking, told me I was very optimistic, and in her survey statistic, well, let's just say I'm the critical value on the far side of the graph XD.

I learned that, death isn't the way to avoid any kinds of pain and torture. We can die anyday if we want(that would be suicide), have sudden death(murdered or maybe times up?), but in the end, we are going to live in this world once, LIVE ON EARTH ONCE! Minus the reborn thingy if you out there are so religious.

So if we are going to live here once, why not live longer, whether it's only a month, a day, an hour, or even till a minute?

Death may take away pain and fear, but it also seperate us from who we love, forever, even the memories that we had together...

So, what say you? Life, or Death?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Love Story Meets Love Story -Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson

O-M-G.. It's even better then Love Story Meets Viva La Vida... But I like the Viva La Vida part...

I'll post two of them, for the sake of completion. Enjoy it... !!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

When I Look At You- Il Divo

I heard this song while driving, and I thought, hey, is Il Divo singing somebody else's song. After Google-ing and Wikipedia-ing, its originally by my all time favourite group... Il Divo... This song, is for the special, her...

I used to think that I was strong
I realise now I was wrong
Cause everytime I see your face
My mind becomes an empty space
And with you lying next to me
Feels like I can hardly breathe

I close my eyes
The moment I surrender to you
Let love be blind
Innocent and tenderly true
So lead me through tonite
But please turn out the light
Cause I'm lost everytime I look at you

And in the morning when you go
Wake me gently so I'll know
That loving you was not a dream
And whisper softly what it means to be with me
Then every moment we're apart
Will be a lifetime to my heart

I close my eyes
The moment I surrender to you
Let love be blind
Innocent and tenderly true
So lead me through tonight
But please turn out the light
Cause I'm lost everytime I look at you
Lost everytime I look at you~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Tip of A Pen

Humans aren’t perfect creatures

Born with weakness features

Humans change as time goes by

That doesn’t mean we say goodbye

All those memories, laughter and cry

Are brought to the grave when we die

We have much to think much to learn

When we make decisions before we turn

For every path we choose is taken,

We left the other path forever forsaken

The heart of human is so complicated,

So it’s up to us to be sophisticated,

To think of other’s situation and thinking

Before we react to hurting feelings

Lessons are learnt when something is wrong

So let me tell you where I go wrong

The words we speak is sharper then a sword

It breaks the fragile heart inside its fleshy fort

This is to apologise for my post on The Breaking Of The Fellowship. I found out what I did was wrong. Friends are always friends, no matter what happens… Friends forever, friends for life…

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Ask Myself...

I ask myself,

Do I think of you these days,
No matter study, work or play,
Yes, I say, it’s a very firm yes,
Only thing it’s increasing, not less

I ask myself,

How is every fairy tale’s ending,
Prince and princess both embracing.
Am I worthy the prince of your dreams
Or I’m just the ugly toad unseen it seems

I ask myself,

Why did I ponder and wait,
For I thought the feeling would fade
Nevertheless, I became aware,
I’ve fallen for you, it’s true, I swear

I ask myself,

What is the strength I have in me?
To make myself worthy to thee.
Never thought I felt so empty
How in the world can I match with thee?

As the yellow sun sets from afar
Purple velvet sky lit with stars
This poem is written for you
As your name in this poem I seal.

It took me one year to forget my tragic past. Along the road, I played and took things lightly. It took me almost one year to really found out that there is someone out there, who makes my heart filled with yearning and desire to see her, everyday...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Breaking of The Fellowship

It is as foretold in the trilogy
Happy times passed by so fastly
Even though what we had was kinship
Sadly comes the breaking of the fellowship

Maybe it was me who changed
But to me you all felt so strange
Being so childish and so selfish
Happiness no more, left anguish

Friends are ones who look after each other
But it was you all who did not bother
As the group grows larger and larger
It is when friendship turns weaker and weaker

Times we had were so like a family
Those were the times so crazy and happy
But when comes love and complicated relation
It turns the gang into a mechanistic organization

Love is great for the one who realize
If you don’t realize, then don’t you despise
Beauty helps turn heads and eyes on you
But it is the personality that brings true love to you

Poker, poker, which cards to pick
Arranging them in a sequence to trick
A true player keeps the best of his card
Compared to those foolish who readily discard

You had everything in your hand
Beautiful castles, which you turned into sand
It’s your choice, don’t ever regret, don’t ever frown
As what goes around comes all the way back around

I think that there were times that we had were so, so happy. But, in the end, we tend to forget how we change and these small change which lead to big change, and then to uncorrectable change… There are times that I wanted to fire, but I kept my cool and saved your pride… We don’t see eye to eye this semester, so I’ve done my part by staying away by avoiding complications. A friend is always a friend, but to be in this gang, this family. Well, I no longer feel at home that I used to be. I’ve changed. So have you all. May the change be somewhat beneficial to you all and I…

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Colurs of A Bard's Room

If I were to choose a very special place
In USM, with a thousand tastes
Not the hall, café or the classroom
It will be the place I stayed most, my room

This is the room the bard lived
Since the day the keys were received
The room offered him peace, relieve
Which built his faith and his believe

The first day he arrived at his dorm
Shocked to see it out of form
With dust and dirt here and there
Abandoned two months without care

Thus commence the vigorous cleaning
First of all furniture needs a wiping
Don’t forget the fan on the ceiling
Last of all, the tiresome mopping

Compared to now the room’s amazing
Furnished and stocked with anything
Various cookies, tidbits and drinks
My oh my do I feel like being a king

The room is strictly kept clean weekly
But there are times when it is smelly
A little ventilation and some washing
Makes it again nice and refreshing

This is the place the bard is staying
Also the place for thinking and studying
When stress builds or times are boring
The bard makes poem and indulge in singing

“Time is the essence, exams are near
Time has been wasted but shed no tear
Grab hold of time, study till it’s clear
Build up that confidence and face your fear”