Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Colurs of A Bard's Room

If I were to choose a very special place
In USM, with a thousand tastes
Not the hall, café or the classroom
It will be the place I stayed most, my room

This is the room the bard lived
Since the day the keys were received
The room offered him peace, relieve
Which built his faith and his believe

The first day he arrived at his dorm
Shocked to see it out of form
With dust and dirt here and there
Abandoned two months without care

Thus commence the vigorous cleaning
First of all furniture needs a wiping
Don’t forget the fan on the ceiling
Last of all, the tiresome mopping

Compared to now the room’s amazing
Furnished and stocked with anything
Various cookies, tidbits and drinks
My oh my do I feel like being a king

The room is strictly kept clean weekly
But there are times when it is smelly
A little ventilation and some washing
Makes it again nice and refreshing

This is the place the bard is staying
Also the place for thinking and studying
When stress builds or times are boring
The bard makes poem and indulge in singing

“Time is the essence, exams are near
Time has been wasted but shed no tear
Grab hold of time, study till it’s clear
Build up that confidence and face your fear”


sulin said...

seriously joo parn, have u ever consider a minor in literature or creative writing or something? Better keep your poems k and publish it when ur old or smth...hhaa or now also can..damn cun wei!!!

jpthedarkknight said...

hahahaha... yeah... im thinking about that too... but how to start... hmm....