Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Tip of A Pen

Humans aren’t perfect creatures

Born with weakness features

Humans change as time goes by

That doesn’t mean we say goodbye

All those memories, laughter and cry

Are brought to the grave when we die

We have much to think much to learn

When we make decisions before we turn

For every path we choose is taken,

We left the other path forever forsaken

The heart of human is so complicated,

So it’s up to us to be sophisticated,

To think of other’s situation and thinking

Before we react to hurting feelings

Lessons are learnt when something is wrong

So let me tell you where I go wrong

The words we speak is sharper then a sword

It breaks the fragile heart inside its fleshy fort

This is to apologise for my post on The Breaking Of The Fellowship. I found out what I did was wrong. Friends are always friends, no matter what happens… Friends forever, friends for life…

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