Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Breaking of The Fellowship

It is as foretold in the trilogy
Happy times passed by so fastly
Even though what we had was kinship
Sadly comes the breaking of the fellowship

Maybe it was me who changed
But to me you all felt so strange
Being so childish and so selfish
Happiness no more, left anguish

Friends are ones who look after each other
But it was you all who did not bother
As the group grows larger and larger
It is when friendship turns weaker and weaker

Times we had were so like a family
Those were the times so crazy and happy
But when comes love and complicated relation
It turns the gang into a mechanistic organization

Love is great for the one who realize
If you don’t realize, then don’t you despise
Beauty helps turn heads and eyes on you
But it is the personality that brings true love to you

Poker, poker, which cards to pick
Arranging them in a sequence to trick
A true player keeps the best of his card
Compared to those foolish who readily discard

You had everything in your hand
Beautiful castles, which you turned into sand
It’s your choice, don’t ever regret, don’t ever frown
As what goes around comes all the way back around

I think that there were times that we had were so, so happy. But, in the end, we tend to forget how we change and these small change which lead to big change, and then to uncorrectable change… There are times that I wanted to fire, but I kept my cool and saved your pride… We don’t see eye to eye this semester, so I’ve done my part by staying away by avoiding complications. A friend is always a friend, but to be in this gang, this family. Well, I no longer feel at home that I used to be. I’ve changed. So have you all. May the change be somewhat beneficial to you all and I…


Anonymous said...

Something happened.. Just like I had always foreseen it..

jpthedarkknight said...

Well. Then steps and measures should be taken if what we forseen is undesirable... instead, we chose to be quiet and in the end, hurt other's feeling by voicing out our feelings