Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Ask Myself...

I ask myself,

Do I think of you these days,
No matter study, work or play,
Yes, I say, it’s a very firm yes,
Only thing it’s increasing, not less

I ask myself,

How is every fairy tale’s ending,
Prince and princess both embracing.
Am I worthy the prince of your dreams
Or I’m just the ugly toad unseen it seems

I ask myself,

Why did I ponder and wait,
For I thought the feeling would fade
Nevertheless, I became aware,
I’ve fallen for you, it’s true, I swear

I ask myself,

What is the strength I have in me?
To make myself worthy to thee.
Never thought I felt so empty
How in the world can I match with thee?

As the yellow sun sets from afar
Purple velvet sky lit with stars
This poem is written for you
As your name in this poem I seal.

It took me one year to forget my tragic past. Along the road, I played and took things lightly. It took me almost one year to really found out that there is someone out there, who makes my heart filled with yearning and desire to see her, everyday...

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