Friday, March 27, 2009

The becoming of a man

As my heart now lay ponder
Towards the future I always wonder

Revisiting all those memory
Yes, all those that hurt me
As the year pass by so swiftly
But what last year seems clearly

Lost for words yet I'm rhyming
To see one's face one I'm craving
But all reduce is my heart breaking
As love once so full now nothing

Long I thought I got over you
Never thought of truth unknew
Loving you made my strength so fill
For our destiny with it I seal

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Answers to questions of life

What can one tell between responsibility and commitment?

They seem the same, but they are not. One can be responsible but not commit, but one commit will always be responsible. A man can be a responsible father by playing the role of a breadwinner and loving his family, but will you judge his commitment if he is having an affair with another woman? But a commited man will know his responsibilities and be what we call an honorable man.

What can one tell between God and Devil?

Long has one said that God longed to create a world of love without hatred. Long has many followed blindly. Long has many believe that by believing in God and answering to Him, one is following the path of goodness. But has anyone told you, God is NOTHING without Devil? Good is nothing without Evil… Just like there will be no hot when there is no cold, no yin because there is no yang. God exist because it is compared with the Devil, just like there is evil to prove there is good. So if God is the mighty creator of the world, he also created Devil, because GOD is the creator of everything…Sorry if I sound ignorant. But I know that I am correct if what God says is correct. I am merely following my dad’s thinking, who I think is one of the wisest man in this planet. I’m a free thinker.

What can one tell between love and hatred?

Both are feelings. Both are the opposites. But only thing that differs is the feel. Hatred and love make us blind. Either we love unconditionally or we hate unbearably. Either we get drown in the sea of love or burn in the flames of hatred. One cannot learn to love if one does not learn to hate. So think again. Are they really that different?

How big is love?

Long has this question been asked by women. Long has men failed to give a convincing and logical answer. All those as high as a mountain, as deep as the sea, are merely lame answers. Yet one does not know the simple answer to this simple question. Love is only the size of our heart. Because true love comes from a sincere heart, and nothing more.

Life can be so hard. Yet everything can turn to the opposite if you change your thinking. Why not take failure as the steps towards success, punishment as a lesson, a fall as a waking? The world is actually a simple round planet with human beings making it a nightmare to live in…

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Lost Heir

Long I lay in merciless frost
Under hail which the heaven toss
Fear and cold I seem so lost
Blindly now shall I cross

All left now is cruel bitter
For what came worse not better
As the will in me grew dimmer
And the strength follow wither

Emptiness now once so full
Dreams for a king yet I’m a fool
As one lay in the breezes cool
Singing songs as the raven flew

Long said that love was blind
But in the blind one can find
When love of two together combine
Greater than anything together bind

In the dark I lay hoping
A light will come shining
Hope and strength together coming
A day when I make my waking
The day when I became king