Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Hobbit #OneLastTime

Hard to believe and say goodbye to Middle Earth once and for all. 14 years. 6 movies. Memories...

Well here's a short review on the film with just one spoiler:

They should've killed off the dragon in the 2nd movie. And the 3rd movie can be all about the war and fighting. Movie started off badly. Awkward opening to link the 2nd film to the 3rd one. Nevertheless it improved significantly along the way. If you're very fond of the story and movie you'll realize how it links back to the first movie and The Lord of The Rings. (Bilbo finding his handkerchief which he forgot to bring along in the first movie, Thranduil asking his son to seek out Aragorn.) And not to mention that familiar scene and dialogue at the end which is the exact event of the first LOTR movie.

Hmmm... Strange that such a movie dragged me to my past. It's the fondness and the very fact I grew up anticipating each movie year by year, from a small boy to someone entering his late twenties... I am indeed in flashback mode.

Coupled by the tragic findings of the AirAsia flight. All of these small and tiny events reminded me yet again. How fast and fleeting life is. How short and how sudden it can end...

We only get to live once. Best if we put it to good use. And make it something as memorable as the journey through Middle Earth then :)

Thank you Peter Jackson. Thank you 2014. Like it or not. A brand new year just around corner.

Welcome 2015. If I do not blog again tomorrow. ;)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Delivering Happiness

Finished reading the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. One of the best reads I had for this year undoubtedly.

Happiness. Its a word I think most of us know. But truth to be told, it is actually hard to describe in words. Because its a feeling that you need to experience to understand.

Tony Hsieh got me thinking again about life. What do I want in life? I like building stuffs. And time to time I find myself having the uncanny attraction towards people who build companies. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Blake Mycoskie. Even the books that I have read this year... Most of them are of building something that spreads goodwill from scratch.

Alright the thing is, even if I don't end up building something, I'd still see myself dabbing into business. Maybe money does play a big role in that. But mostly I think its more about having a hand in your own destiny.

The end part of the book is intriguing, which I think is worth to share:

All of us have our own dreams and resolutions. What are yours? Briefly come out with a few if you don't have them written down. After that, look through them and ask yourself why some of your dreams and wishes ended up in your to-do-list. Ask as much "why" as you can, until you can go no more further...


Did you get it? No matter what is on your wishlist, the more you keep asking yourself why, it will drill down to one reason - Happiness.

What does that tells us? Happiness can be found in the simplest of things we do. But merely daydreaming about it though, won't get you far...

Perhaps I should stop daydreaming...

Monday, December 22, 2014


Say... If your mother practices favouritism among your siblings, and you're the neglected one. How would you feel?

Disclaimer: nothing to do with my parents. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Sometimes plans turn out to be stupid plans. It backfires. Hits you straight it the face.

It is gold to learn from these mistakes.

Well I just hope mine doesn't scarred me for life...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On Retiring Young

Beneath is a conversation which took part early this morning. 

Me: Morning Mr X

Mr X: Morning. How are you?

Me: Good

Mr X: Not going for holidays?

Me: Taking 2 days off next week sir.

Mr X: Ah. You're from Taiping?

Me: Yup. From Taiping

Mr X: Very nice place Taiping

Me: Yeah. Nice place to retire

Mr X: Yeah. But you're too young to think about that

Me: Hahaha.

Mr X: (Paused for a moment.) But people nowadays are retiring young. Some are even retiring at the age of 30. Making their millions by 30

Me: (Food for thought.) Yeah. If you can earn enough, it is possible.

Random but it got me thinking.

It dug back the thought of having financial freedom. Wonder since when I have last thought about that...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2014

Hello peeps. It's been quite a while since I last checked in here.

I had the one-of-a-kind experience today - becoming a survivor in an zombie infested event called Run For Your Lives.

Why did I joined? Back then it looked like a running event. Used to be a marathoner. So running in a special themed run sounded enticing back then. Why choose to be a survivor? Because to test yourself in such a situation, should it ever arises in reality, are you determined to stay alive?

Thoughts of the events: Since its the first time they are having it in Malaysia, hence A LOT of room for improvement. Bibs should be dispensed out earlier, preferable not on the event day itself to ease congestion of crowd. Then of course route planning, which I will not dwell further since it is subjective.

The ordeal I had to overcome wasn't easy. Quite simply, I thought there will be water obstacles judging from the youtube trailer they released. Ended up going in with rubber shoes, which ate my feet in the dry and hot condition. Think I have blisters on my feet now. Not to mention I did not exercised for 2 weeks due to that sudden laziness. I barely ran.

Then how did I survived? Haha. Come to think of it, it was a mixture of strategies. First station on the wide open field, everyone ran like mad. Running in the middle of the crowd proved effective as zombies always concentrate on the first few ones, hence giving a chance for me to slip away unscathed.

Next few stations where the terrain was much more narrow, I was glad to rally my group to go into a straight line formation, arms locked and our live bibs at the back. As a team, we pushed forward till midway before we sprinted to the safety zone.

By now my feet was really screaming in pain. And fatigued and tired by the hot sun, its no joke to run. Noticed that zombies dont really look to see whether you had life bibs on you on your back since they only concentrate on the front. Hence miraculously I walked passed them calmly, step by step till the finish line.
*p.s. thanks to a few in the group who acted like survivors trying to run past the zombies. It definitely help turn the zombies towards him/her while I walk pass the zombie zones like a boss. And not to mention a bit of acting.. teehee

Lesson: What I learn yet again, is that to win, you don't have to be the fastest, or strongest to win. Perhaps I just re-lived the moment of the tortoise winning the race?