Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On Retiring Young

Beneath is a conversation which took part early this morning. 

Me: Morning Mr X

Mr X: Morning. How are you?

Me: Good

Mr X: Not going for holidays?

Me: Taking 2 days off next week sir.

Mr X: Ah. You're from Taiping?

Me: Yup. From Taiping

Mr X: Very nice place Taiping

Me: Yeah. Nice place to retire

Mr X: Yeah. But you're too young to think about that

Me: Hahaha.

Mr X: (Paused for a moment.) But people nowadays are retiring young. Some are even retiring at the age of 30. Making their millions by 30

Me: (Food for thought.) Yeah. If you can earn enough, it is possible.

Random but it got me thinking.

It dug back the thought of having financial freedom. Wonder since when I have last thought about that...

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