Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Hobbit #OneLastTime

Hard to believe and say goodbye to Middle Earth once and for all. 14 years. 6 movies. Memories...

Well here's a short review on the film with just one spoiler:

They should've killed off the dragon in the 2nd movie. And the 3rd movie can be all about the war and fighting. Movie started off badly. Awkward opening to link the 2nd film to the 3rd one. Nevertheless it improved significantly along the way. If you're very fond of the story and movie you'll realize how it links back to the first movie and The Lord of The Rings. (Bilbo finding his handkerchief which he forgot to bring along in the first movie, Thranduil asking his son to seek out Aragorn.) And not to mention that familiar scene and dialogue at the end which is the exact event of the first LOTR movie.

Hmmm... Strange that such a movie dragged me to my past. It's the fondness and the very fact I grew up anticipating each movie year by year, from a small boy to someone entering his late twenties... I am indeed in flashback mode.

Coupled by the tragic findings of the AirAsia flight. All of these small and tiny events reminded me yet again. How fast and fleeting life is. How short and how sudden it can end...

We only get to live once. Best if we put it to good use. And make it something as memorable as the journey through Middle Earth then :)

Thank you Peter Jackson. Thank you 2014. Like it or not. A brand new year just around corner.

Welcome 2015. If I do not blog again tomorrow. ;)

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