Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Do I Want??

Til this very day, since the day I gave up that dream of mine to be a doctor, I don't have a single clue of what I would be in the future. One thing is for sure. Definitely nothing to do with this course...

I'm 21 years old. Freakin 21 years on this Earth. Already in the first phase of manhood. Screw manhood. I may look like one. But I never acted like one. Inside my heart, I'm still the small boy, that wants to stay at home.

Away from the ugly truth of the society.

Away from the horrible life that we humans are bound to live.

Life. Sometimes I do ponder. What does mine signifies? What is my purpose? Is it really to live, enjoy, then leave?

Why are they those able to lead battalions of armies- generals, or why are they those able to rule over countries and govern their country. Why them, why not me?

When tough situation arises, no doubt there is a must to be brave.

But when there isn't a time to be brave, I'd rather live a quiet and peaceful life. Normal and easy life. Peace and tranquility. My do I feel happy and contend- with no greed or life achievements that I must achieve.

Can I always stay like that? I do hope so....

Monday, September 27, 2010

Terrible, Horrible Penang Drivers

This poem is directed to the horrible and terrible rich Penang drivers out there, especially the one’s with big new cars. Cos they’re always the road bullies

Every time I drive on the North-South highway

I’m bound to see something or someone crazy

Nope not accidents they’re not so frequently

Its drivers rushing like there’s no next day

When I come to Butterworth things get ugly

Big cars with number plates starting with a “P”

Again look at the numbers, they’re all the same

Of course is Chinese, you wanna bet? Game!

You are a businessman, manager so what?

You always busy so you say speeding “boh huat”

People too slow you accelerate and “cut”

Eh come on lar, toll there also wanna “cut”?

“Cut” that time also don’t want use signal

Is it no hands, or you have really short fingers?

Highway people all drive very fast you know?

Not as fast as you la, I only one one zero

I also wanna cut slow drivers

But you behind me always give me pressure

Drive so near and keep flashing me

If I emergency break, we both GG!

Press oil pedal press until so “syok”

Petrol naik you first one “beh syok”

That time see you really make me “syok”

I say to you: “ Save one time. Save lai tok?”

Really degrading my English to voice out my frustration. But still, I really hopes that it adds the “Hokkien” flavour to it….

F*CK you lousy drivers!!!

* Not all Penang drivers are dreadful. But if we were to make a poll, you’ll find the most terrible one’s all right here…

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Complicated

When something cannot be stated

Which may be doomed or fated

Or maybe born and created

From something we loved or hated

It could be something we’re trying to understand

But in the end as if nothing makes sense

Or maybe it’s something that has no end

Or it disappeared just like the sea washed the sand

The me I see is never the same

Sometimes so quiet, sometimes furiously untame

Sometimes damn serious, sometimes plain lame

Never the same as the portraits hanging in their frame

Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s her

A test or a trick, I’m in a blur

Before I can think, talk or even slur

Rather not change that status of mine- single

I’ve never really thought of getting serious

Although getting into it does make me curios

But I fear I may make many furious

I'd rather stay single and ridiculous

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you happy?

Are you really happy,

When you first came to this world?

You screamed and cry as hell unfold

No matter you’re hungry, full, hot or cold

Yet your parents treated you like gold

Are you really happy,

When you celebrate your 1st birthday?

Your parents actually survived till this day

But they know there is more to come on the way

The squeals, the cries, the shouts, the brays

Are you really happy,

When you went to school?

And ended up looking like a fool

School never was something cool

We all cried, till the tears made a pool.

Are you really happy,

When you were in a puppy love

It’s as if a gift from the sky above

But when it cools down just like every hearth

Stand tall and brave, don’t cry on the turf…

Are you really happy,

When you got your degree?

You’ve got the cert which everyone can see

So what, you’ve got it, is it the key?

Then comes the work, you’ll never be free.

Are you really happy,

When you happily retire

After the years of work, tension and pressure

Thinking of giving yourself a treat, a breather

Death claimed you that night after your supper…

The purpose of life was never about achievements. Achievements are the elements that make up the accolades in one life. If life is just about being happy, then just do what you want to do, not do what you're told to do, or need to... Screw the tests and exams that are making my life so miserable, yet everyday on Earth and in life, is precious and un-tradable. Live everyday like there is no other day. Cos you'd never knew when Death comes knocking on your door... =)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

20 Actually's that you probably don't know about me

1. Actually,..... I don't quite like the course I'm taking now... I daresay my future job won't have anything to do with it ( the lab work etc )

2. Actually,..... I'm a very patient patient cool cool guy. The times when I get really angry, should be less than 5 a year. ( And I cool down and forget really fast! )

3. Actually,..... I rarely watch porn ( again less than 5 times a year ). I prefer sexy looking rather than nude! ( LMAO!)

4. Actually,..... I'm a very soft guy. I cry quite easily. Since "she" broke my heart, I became so so soft... ( macam tau fu fa)

5. Actually,..... I really really like to sing! I sang a lot during my 1st year at my hostel. No matter it's washing my laundry or bathing. And the fact nobody calls me to shut up means that my voice ain't that bad XD

6. Actually,..... I'm a very very good listener. I've helped a lot of people by giving them advices. Mostly are girls, and mostly are relationship problems. And there are a few, I have actually never spoken to them face to face!

7. Actually,..... I think I'm not a good "boy friend" material type of guy. I'm not loyal ( I feel that my feelings are so on and off since "her" ), I can't generate the "love" feeling, and, the money that I will spend in relationships will come from my parents...

8. Actually,..... I really like to pump up that muscle of mine, and take a photo shoot of myself, baring my upper half ( The Malaysia Taylor Lautner XD )

9. Actually,..... I really don't mind what other people think of me. They can call me lazy, ugly, fat or what so ever. I'm patient. And most of the time, I won't yell back.

10. Actually,..... I do think that I'm a little smart la. There are times when I did not really study hard, but then, the results I get are... not disappointing la. Admitting myself as a little brilliant is much more better than admitting I'm hardworking ( ok lar. Study week that time can be a little crazy la... when form kicks in)

11. Actually,..... Of all the time around the year, I'm most happy during the holidays. I can hang out with my kaki's, play football, watch movies, eat mee kari, breakfast. I LOVE MY KAKI'S VERY MUCH!

12. Actually,.... I think time is very short and pass by swiftly. So there is no reason for me to bemoan the past. I can only look forward and make the best out of everyday I still have. But I do wish I turn back the clock... I often think about my past...

13. Actually,.... Outer beauty of a girl is only a pass fail test to me. Even if you pass the physical look test, you still have to make up the personality test ( if you wanna be my girl la... LMAO! )

14. Actually,.... I hate to study. And taking exams. But of course when I work, I know I would rather turn the clock back and continue a student's life.

15. Actually,.... I'm not really happy at USM. There are a few people there who suit my style ( crazy, doing stupid stuff, yet maintain a good result ). So most of the time, I'm always alone. But I like it this way =D

16. Actually,.... I never wanted the riches of the world, the beauties of the universe, the brains and the looks. I just wanna be the happiest guy on Earth. And by being simple, I'm already the happiest man =)

17. Actually,.... I do feel inferior about my self. If compared to others, I always feel that I'm not better than the others. Maybe it's a good trait as I can make myself better ( perhaps? )

18. Actually,..... I really really don't like to read in Chinese. Especially the notes at Facebook and emails with Chinese. I never read them. Need to squint my eyes or copy to Microsoft words. Rather don't read. But when comes to blog, give face to friends ler... I READ BLOGS IN CHINESE! ( only friends! )

19. Actually,.... I'm a messy person. But I can find my things if I'm the one who cause the mess.

20. Actually,.... I still play Pokemon, and watch anime. Even though I'm already a freakin' 21 year old guy... Ahh... incurable XD

21. Actually,.... I hate smoking a lot!!! REally really hate it... ;)

22. Actually,.... There should only be 20 actually. The one extra out was because a pretty girl called me to add it up XD... WAHAHA!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wisdom tooth =(

ARGH! IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS even I'm not doing anything( but not seriously painful)...

I've tried google-ing wisdom tooth and I found that it's normal to extract it! WHAT THE HELL!!! But most of the cases are due to impaction(abnormal growth of the wisdom teeth). But I daresay mine is perfectly normal!!! It's the growing process that really hurts. It hurts when I'm chewing and swallowing. Eating kinda sucks... =(

I'm gonna keep it. No surgery please!

*prays hard.... >.<|||

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UEFA Champions League 2010/2011

The hunt for European football's holy grail commence yet again. Many regard this event the best among all footballing tournaments, even much greater than the World Cup. Yes, I agree. No doubt this is the stage where the every players reach for the stars, to be the kings of Europe.

The Holy Grail

The theme, much prominent of them all, is the Champions League Anthem, is an adaption of by Tony Britten of George Frideric Handel's "Zadok the Priest" from the Coronation Anthems. UEFA commissioned Britten in 1992 to arrange their anthem, and the piece was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and sung by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

And my, does it brings the blood racing in my veins. Another season of sensational football has started.

Oh yeah, the lyrics and the meanings. The original song is in French, England and German (mixture).

Enjoy =)

Ceux sont les meilleurs equipes, (Those are the best teams)
Es sind die allerbesten Mannschaften (Those are the best teams)
The main event

Die Meister(The masters), Die Besten(The best) , Les Grandes Equipes(The great teams), The Champions

Une grandes et les meilleurs (A great meeting of the great teams)
Eine grosse sportliche Veranstaltung ( a large sport reunion)
The main event

These are the men
Sie sind die besten (they are the best)
These are the champions

Die Meister(the masters), Die Besten(the best), Les Grandes Equipes(the great teams), The Champions

Die Meister(the masters), Die Besten(the best), Les Grandes Equipes(the great teams), The Champions

The Opening before each match commences =D

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11

On September 11th, 2001. I was 12 years old. I was still sleeping. Then my mum and dad woke me up. Their 1st words were "Twin towers under attacked!"

I was ignorant. The twin towers I knew was only the Petronas Twin Towers.

I went to their room. CNN was on. Images of an airplane kamikaze-ing into the World Trade Center kept on playing. And that was before another one rammed into the other building...
9/11, a nightmare

A terrible day. A gory day. A day to remember. A day, to ponder.

But after freaking 9 years, what have we remembered or learn?

We remembered revenge, the lives of those innocence that lay under the rubble, or torched alive in the inferno. We remembered Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the attacks. We remembered to burn the Holy Koran, as a retaliation.
The work of The Devil?

9/11 was supposed to be a day everyone learn and remember, not a day we arm ourselves for revenge and retaliation. Killing each other will never help. Pride and anger will never help.

Yet we still see it every year. Hell breaks lose every year.

RIP, those who perished on this very date. May the God of your religion bless you.

Typical Chinese

I'm a Chinese. Am proud to be one. But, I'm not a typical one. Although I do possess (not all, but a fraction! =) ) the good qualities of a Chinese, example hardworking ( no, I'm not hardworking at all), smart ( a little =D ) and so on.

But then, we Chinese do have our bad sides and habits. And I'm gonna list it down. So if you're one... Beware... These are the bad habits that even get me pissed.

We talk loud and rudely

Yes. We tend to be very noisy. Even in public places. As if the whole coffee shop is ours. We talk loudly, we disrupt peace to those who wish to enjoy their meal peacefully. What's worse is when we actually speak our dialect. Oh God. Swearing in dialects some how is rather like a norm in our society. Even I do swear time to time, when I'm with guys. It's kinda like a trend. But of course not in front of girls or family ( I retain a good image XD ). But back to the topic. So it's natural many people regard Chinese as the "kampung" type of Chinese. Speaking loudly, and without much manners.

We value money or emphasize it too greatly

Chinese are money-making machine. To make money is somehow in our genes. We can save and save and save, and turn our lives around because of our attitude. But too much of that, results in -GREED. That is what I don't like about Chinese. Everything is about money. The things they sell are more expensive, sometimes even I cannot accept it! Why is it possible for me to have a meal at an Indian stall or Malay stall, with a mountain amount of rice and dishes and being charged RM3 something, but when I do eat that amount at a Chinese stall, I get walloped by a RM6 or Rm7 bill? I can eat like 2 times in an Indian stall, and be as full as I can be!
( That's why I always boycott the Chinese uncle at my hostel cafe... Damn money sucker! XD )

We don't really care for other things

We tend to be apathetic to other things. For example, the environment. Proud to announce that China and Taiwan are the top plastic waste "manufacturers". The plastic waste they produce is so much, that thankfully God gave made Nike the savior to produce football jerseys from the plastic bottles destined to be used as landfill at the sea! What The HELL!!! Landfill? As if the 30% of land on Earth ain't enough for us human beings? Why? Cos we keep building and building and chopping and chopping and digging and digging. Bravo...

Most Chinese do think that we are one of the smartest race on the planet. I myself, cannot deny that. After all, our forefathers invented paper, gun powder, the compass and printing. But then again, not every Chinese is god damn smart. But most of us are "typical Chinese"

At least, not for me ( I daresay). I respect and will carry on my rituals and celebrate my festivals, proudly as a Chinese. But, I will of course and definitely distance myself from being a typical one. Typical Chinese, can sometimes be a pain in the as*...


Monday, September 6, 2010

Self Improvement Wisdom and Thoughts


by yours truly =D

In English, it means:

If you always compare yourself to the best, you'd never be happy - You'd strive too hard to make yourself do the impossible, and always end up not achieving it.

If you always compare yourself to the inferior, you'd always be happy by yourself - You'd laugh and belittle the others due to your superiority, but in the end, nobody is going to be proud of your achievements

If you always compete yourself with your maximum capability, you are always improving - Comparing yourself with the inner you, is realistic and logical, as everyone knows their own limits and capabilities. Set the target that you think you can achieve, the best you can do. Then fight for it and make it come true...

Another quote to remember: If you think you're the best, then you'll never be the best...
by Cristiano Ronaldo

Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 Malaysia

A vision of our current Prime Minister. But one vision with it's future so dim.

Racist issues are on the rise. Comments, vulgarities, make-up stories. I'm getting tired of it. No doubt if this goes on, Hell will definitely break lose. And I'm gonna die in a war.

I'm taking no sides. I don't wanna fight. I don't wanna war. I just wanna live a simple life, cozy and comfortable.

But human have pride. The moment it is challenged, the challenged challenges the challenger. Then the challenger hits the challenged. Then the hitting goes to killing. Killing then to massacre. Massacre then to another bloody incident...

Yes, the Chinese were challenged. To the Chinese of Malaysia, yes it's freakin' true that racist comments do hurt... But to fight back... I dunno, it's just not my style. Why fight when we cannot win? Why fight when fighting leads to more fight??? You like to fight?? LOL

Why fight on facebook, blogs? If you got the balls and strength and even the capabilities, stand up and bring Malaysia out from the shadows, the darkness. Reform the government etc.

And for those racist Malays(a hell lot of them!). Good thing you ain't my friend. I have wonderful Malay friends, friends that I'm proud to have. Those racists out there just have nothing better to do than to flame the conspiracies and anger between races.

So Chinese, if you all are really the world's second smartest race, think back of what you say. Melayu bab* equals to all the Malays in Malaysia! Even my Malay friends!!

And to get angry with low cheap racists who have nothing to do... C'mon la ORANG CINA!

You're better than that.

I'd prefer to see us as the race, mediating and repairing the severed ties, rather than burn the hatred between the two races...

Not to say Malay aren't, but I would like to see it as something I should do, not as the one who wait for actions and counter measurements.

And of course, Malays, please keep in mind. We chinese are proud to call ourselves Descendents of The Dragons (龙的传人 pronounced Long De Chuan Ren). We have great pride. So it's normal we get pissed when we are challenged( I have better patience though). And I'm definitely smarter and wiser XD.

So don't get upset and fire us back when we said something wrong. You can critic, but don't la make the gap further by calling us BALIK CINA...

Peace bro, and peace to Malaysia... No fight no war.... =D