Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Do I Want??

Til this very day, since the day I gave up that dream of mine to be a doctor, I don't have a single clue of what I would be in the future. One thing is for sure. Definitely nothing to do with this course...

I'm 21 years old. Freakin 21 years on this Earth. Already in the first phase of manhood. Screw manhood. I may look like one. But I never acted like one. Inside my heart, I'm still the small boy, that wants to stay at home.

Away from the ugly truth of the society.

Away from the horrible life that we humans are bound to live.

Life. Sometimes I do ponder. What does mine signifies? What is my purpose? Is it really to live, enjoy, then leave?

Why are they those able to lead battalions of armies- generals, or why are they those able to rule over countries and govern their country. Why them, why not me?

When tough situation arises, no doubt there is a must to be brave.

But when there isn't a time to be brave, I'd rather live a quiet and peaceful life. Normal and easy life. Peace and tranquility. My do I feel happy and contend- with no greed or life achievements that I must achieve.

Can I always stay like that? I do hope so....

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sulinnn said...

why force yourself to be the kings/leaders/generals? If that is not your type, then let those who are be. Leading a peaceful and happy life is much much better. In whatever you do, you should be stable and at ease mentally and emotionally. It's okay to be a small boy at heart. I think many people are like that too, deep deep down inside. They just don't show it because they either

a) Are trying really hard to fake it
b) hardened due to circumstances and hardship that they forget how it feels like to be a small boy/girl

Just go through life one at a time and be nice. =)