Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Complicated

When something cannot be stated

Which may be doomed or fated

Or maybe born and created

From something we loved or hated

It could be something we’re trying to understand

But in the end as if nothing makes sense

Or maybe it’s something that has no end

Or it disappeared just like the sea washed the sand

The me I see is never the same

Sometimes so quiet, sometimes furiously untame

Sometimes damn serious, sometimes plain lame

Never the same as the portraits hanging in their frame

Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s her

A test or a trick, I’m in a blur

Before I can think, talk or even slur

Rather not change that status of mine- single

I’ve never really thought of getting serious

Although getting into it does make me curios

But I fear I may make many furious

I'd rather stay single and ridiculous

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