Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 Malaysia

A vision of our current Prime Minister. But one vision with it's future so dim.

Racist issues are on the rise. Comments, vulgarities, make-up stories. I'm getting tired of it. No doubt if this goes on, Hell will definitely break lose. And I'm gonna die in a war.

I'm taking no sides. I don't wanna fight. I don't wanna war. I just wanna live a simple life, cozy and comfortable.

But human have pride. The moment it is challenged, the challenged challenges the challenger. Then the challenger hits the challenged. Then the hitting goes to killing. Killing then to massacre. Massacre then to another bloody incident...

Yes, the Chinese were challenged. To the Chinese of Malaysia, yes it's freakin' true that racist comments do hurt... But to fight back... I dunno, it's just not my style. Why fight when we cannot win? Why fight when fighting leads to more fight??? You like to fight?? LOL

Why fight on facebook, blogs? If you got the balls and strength and even the capabilities, stand up and bring Malaysia out from the shadows, the darkness. Reform the government etc.

And for those racist Malays(a hell lot of them!). Good thing you ain't my friend. I have wonderful Malay friends, friends that I'm proud to have. Those racists out there just have nothing better to do than to flame the conspiracies and anger between races.

So Chinese, if you all are really the world's second smartest race, think back of what you say. Melayu bab* equals to all the Malays in Malaysia! Even my Malay friends!!

And to get angry with low cheap racists who have nothing to do... C'mon la ORANG CINA!

You're better than that.

I'd prefer to see us as the race, mediating and repairing the severed ties, rather than burn the hatred between the two races...

Not to say Malay aren't, but I would like to see it as something I should do, not as the one who wait for actions and counter measurements.

And of course, Malays, please keep in mind. We chinese are proud to call ourselves Descendents of The Dragons (龙的传人 pronounced Long De Chuan Ren). We have great pride. So it's normal we get pissed when we are challenged( I have better patience though). And I'm definitely smarter and wiser XD.

So don't get upset and fire us back when we said something wrong. You can critic, but don't la make the gap further by calling us BALIK CINA...

Peace bro, and peace to Malaysia... No fight no war.... =D

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