Saturday, September 11, 2010

Typical Chinese

I'm a Chinese. Am proud to be one. But, I'm not a typical one. Although I do possess (not all, but a fraction! =) ) the good qualities of a Chinese, example hardworking ( no, I'm not hardworking at all), smart ( a little =D ) and so on.

But then, we Chinese do have our bad sides and habits. And I'm gonna list it down. So if you're one... Beware... These are the bad habits that even get me pissed.

We talk loud and rudely

Yes. We tend to be very noisy. Even in public places. As if the whole coffee shop is ours. We talk loudly, we disrupt peace to those who wish to enjoy their meal peacefully. What's worse is when we actually speak our dialect. Oh God. Swearing in dialects some how is rather like a norm in our society. Even I do swear time to time, when I'm with guys. It's kinda like a trend. But of course not in front of girls or family ( I retain a good image XD ). But back to the topic. So it's natural many people regard Chinese as the "kampung" type of Chinese. Speaking loudly, and without much manners.

We value money or emphasize it too greatly

Chinese are money-making machine. To make money is somehow in our genes. We can save and save and save, and turn our lives around because of our attitude. But too much of that, results in -GREED. That is what I don't like about Chinese. Everything is about money. The things they sell are more expensive, sometimes even I cannot accept it! Why is it possible for me to have a meal at an Indian stall or Malay stall, with a mountain amount of rice and dishes and being charged RM3 something, but when I do eat that amount at a Chinese stall, I get walloped by a RM6 or Rm7 bill? I can eat like 2 times in an Indian stall, and be as full as I can be!
( That's why I always boycott the Chinese uncle at my hostel cafe... Damn money sucker! XD )

We don't really care for other things

We tend to be apathetic to other things. For example, the environment. Proud to announce that China and Taiwan are the top plastic waste "manufacturers". The plastic waste they produce is so much, that thankfully God gave made Nike the savior to produce football jerseys from the plastic bottles destined to be used as landfill at the sea! What The HELL!!! Landfill? As if the 30% of land on Earth ain't enough for us human beings? Why? Cos we keep building and building and chopping and chopping and digging and digging. Bravo...

Most Chinese do think that we are one of the smartest race on the planet. I myself, cannot deny that. After all, our forefathers invented paper, gun powder, the compass and printing. But then again, not every Chinese is god damn smart. But most of us are "typical Chinese"

At least, not for me ( I daresay). I respect and will carry on my rituals and celebrate my festivals, proudly as a Chinese. But, I will of course and definitely distance myself from being a typical one. Typical Chinese, can sometimes be a pain in the as*...


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