Saturday, September 18, 2010

20 Actually's that you probably don't know about me

1. Actually,..... I don't quite like the course I'm taking now... I daresay my future job won't have anything to do with it ( the lab work etc )

2. Actually,..... I'm a very patient patient cool cool guy. The times when I get really angry, should be less than 5 a year. ( And I cool down and forget really fast! )

3. Actually,..... I rarely watch porn ( again less than 5 times a year ). I prefer sexy looking rather than nude! ( LMAO!)

4. Actually,..... I'm a very soft guy. I cry quite easily. Since "she" broke my heart, I became so so soft... ( macam tau fu fa)

5. Actually,..... I really really like to sing! I sang a lot during my 1st year at my hostel. No matter it's washing my laundry or bathing. And the fact nobody calls me to shut up means that my voice ain't that bad XD

6. Actually,..... I'm a very very good listener. I've helped a lot of people by giving them advices. Mostly are girls, and mostly are relationship problems. And there are a few, I have actually never spoken to them face to face!

7. Actually,..... I think I'm not a good "boy friend" material type of guy. I'm not loyal ( I feel that my feelings are so on and off since "her" ), I can't generate the "love" feeling, and, the money that I will spend in relationships will come from my parents...

8. Actually,..... I really like to pump up that muscle of mine, and take a photo shoot of myself, baring my upper half ( The Malaysia Taylor Lautner XD )

9. Actually,..... I really don't mind what other people think of me. They can call me lazy, ugly, fat or what so ever. I'm patient. And most of the time, I won't yell back.

10. Actually,..... I do think that I'm a little smart la. There are times when I did not really study hard, but then, the results I get are... not disappointing la. Admitting myself as a little brilliant is much more better than admitting I'm hardworking ( ok lar. Study week that time can be a little crazy la... when form kicks in)

11. Actually,..... Of all the time around the year, I'm most happy during the holidays. I can hang out with my kaki's, play football, watch movies, eat mee kari, breakfast. I LOVE MY KAKI'S VERY MUCH!

12. Actually,.... I think time is very short and pass by swiftly. So there is no reason for me to bemoan the past. I can only look forward and make the best out of everyday I still have. But I do wish I turn back the clock... I often think about my past...

13. Actually,.... Outer beauty of a girl is only a pass fail test to me. Even if you pass the physical look test, you still have to make up the personality test ( if you wanna be my girl la... LMAO! )

14. Actually,.... I hate to study. And taking exams. But of course when I work, I know I would rather turn the clock back and continue a student's life.

15. Actually,.... I'm not really happy at USM. There are a few people there who suit my style ( crazy, doing stupid stuff, yet maintain a good result ). So most of the time, I'm always alone. But I like it this way =D

16. Actually,.... I never wanted the riches of the world, the beauties of the universe, the brains and the looks. I just wanna be the happiest guy on Earth. And by being simple, I'm already the happiest man =)

17. Actually,.... I do feel inferior about my self. If compared to others, I always feel that I'm not better than the others. Maybe it's a good trait as I can make myself better ( perhaps? )

18. Actually,..... I really really don't like to read in Chinese. Especially the notes at Facebook and emails with Chinese. I never read them. Need to squint my eyes or copy to Microsoft words. Rather don't read. But when comes to blog, give face to friends ler... I READ BLOGS IN CHINESE! ( only friends! )

19. Actually,.... I'm a messy person. But I can find my things if I'm the one who cause the mess.

20. Actually,.... I still play Pokemon, and watch anime. Even though I'm already a freakin' 21 year old guy... Ahh... incurable XD

21. Actually,.... I hate smoking a lot!!! REally really hate it... ;)

22. Actually,.... There should only be 20 actually. The one extra out was because a pretty girl called me to add it up XD... WAHAHA!


kafune said...

inside got 6 item i know about u.haha~

♥Jo Ann♥ said...

wah so give face read my blog in chinese ya..hahaha :D

jpthedarkknight said...

kafune: haha... ok lor... you very liao jie me lor XD

JoAnn: sure lar. some more gugu wor... gugu jiao dao, wo zuo dao =D