Monday, September 27, 2010

Terrible, Horrible Penang Drivers

This poem is directed to the horrible and terrible rich Penang drivers out there, especially the one’s with big new cars. Cos they’re always the road bullies

Every time I drive on the North-South highway

I’m bound to see something or someone crazy

Nope not accidents they’re not so frequently

Its drivers rushing like there’s no next day

When I come to Butterworth things get ugly

Big cars with number plates starting with a “P”

Again look at the numbers, they’re all the same

Of course is Chinese, you wanna bet? Game!

You are a businessman, manager so what?

You always busy so you say speeding “boh huat”

People too slow you accelerate and “cut”

Eh come on lar, toll there also wanna “cut”?

“Cut” that time also don’t want use signal

Is it no hands, or you have really short fingers?

Highway people all drive very fast you know?

Not as fast as you la, I only one one zero

I also wanna cut slow drivers

But you behind me always give me pressure

Drive so near and keep flashing me

If I emergency break, we both GG!

Press oil pedal press until so “syok”

Petrol naik you first one “beh syok”

That time see you really make me “syok”

I say to you: “ Save one time. Save lai tok?”

Really degrading my English to voice out my frustration. But still, I really hopes that it adds the “Hokkien” flavour to it….

F*CK you lousy drivers!!!

* Not all Penang drivers are dreadful. But if we were to make a poll, you’ll find the most terrible one’s all right here…


=dorothy= said...

i agree with you to d max..
penang drivers are frustrating!!

jpthedarkknight said...

terrible lar them....

kafune said...

i want to like this post.put the gadget for me to like pls.haha...