Monday, September 6, 2010

Self Improvement Wisdom and Thoughts


by yours truly =D

In English, it means:

If you always compare yourself to the best, you'd never be happy - You'd strive too hard to make yourself do the impossible, and always end up not achieving it.

If you always compare yourself to the inferior, you'd always be happy by yourself - You'd laugh and belittle the others due to your superiority, but in the end, nobody is going to be proud of your achievements

If you always compete yourself with your maximum capability, you are always improving - Comparing yourself with the inner you, is realistic and logical, as everyone knows their own limits and capabilities. Set the target that you think you can achieve, the best you can do. Then fight for it and make it come true...

Another quote to remember: If you think you're the best, then you'll never be the best...
by Cristiano Ronaldo

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