Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you happy?

Are you really happy,

When you first came to this world?

You screamed and cry as hell unfold

No matter you’re hungry, full, hot or cold

Yet your parents treated you like gold

Are you really happy,

When you celebrate your 1st birthday?

Your parents actually survived till this day

But they know there is more to come on the way

The squeals, the cries, the shouts, the brays

Are you really happy,

When you went to school?

And ended up looking like a fool

School never was something cool

We all cried, till the tears made a pool.

Are you really happy,

When you were in a puppy love

It’s as if a gift from the sky above

But when it cools down just like every hearth

Stand tall and brave, don’t cry on the turf…

Are you really happy,

When you got your degree?

You’ve got the cert which everyone can see

So what, you’ve got it, is it the key?

Then comes the work, you’ll never be free.

Are you really happy,

When you happily retire

After the years of work, tension and pressure

Thinking of giving yourself a treat, a breather

Death claimed you that night after your supper…

The purpose of life was never about achievements. Achievements are the elements that make up the accolades in one life. If life is just about being happy, then just do what you want to do, not do what you're told to do, or need to... Screw the tests and exams that are making my life so miserable, yet everyday on Earth and in life, is precious and un-tradable. Live everyday like there is no other day. Cos you'd never knew when Death comes knocking on your door... =)

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