Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year Resolution

Really I'm not the kind of guy who writes down my New Year Resolution (nor do I really have one yearly!). But making one for this coming year, well... At least I try?

Ok. Here they are. They aren't specifically high standards though. But achievements nonetheless!

1. Learn guitar
2. Graduate peacefully
3. Be more mature (that's a bit subjective. Haha!)
4. Get ripped (Oh oh oh! 6 packs!)
5. Practice and play the piano more often, learning more songs. Learn 4-5 new songs for the year(depends. If I'm super free, 10 would also be easy)
6. Do not ever be as dumb as year 2011, where you put your one year waiting for 2 girls who doesn't give a shit to what happen to you. BE SMART!
7. Be more proficient in English, wheter it's speaking and writing. In other words, READ MORE!
8. Learn and brush up Korean. You can only take up to 2 levels. That last level, well could probably sums up to your own.
9. Try not to get into any traffic mistakes... :)
10. Learn how to be more time cautious and be more time management. Time is the essence. Discipline is THE KEY.

'''~~~Good Bye 2011 & Welcome 2012~~~'''

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