Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Of The "F" word and Profanities

Come to think of it, I used to use profanities a lot (last time!). And when I think back, they don't sound great, and I did not look cool.

To make matters worse, my mum was a teacher. Yeah. I think I let her down and brought a lot of shame (although I use them at home, but I guess they were loud enough for the neighbours to hear me).

Well I was in my adolescence years. Rage. Rampaging hormones, adrenaline. You put me with my brother, another teen, you get hell. We always quarrel and fight. And he was the pro in cursing poison; I was the profane pro. Ah.. double shame for my parents.

I would not say that I was right to use profanities back in my teens. But I cannot deny that it isn't a norm. It's a norm to curse in profanities back then, when we tend to get angry and not choosing the physical way to show the un-keep-able rage. So compared to those fighting, we were considered mild and delicate... (LOL)

Well of course I have learn not to utter these words now(well the truth is I cut down on it. A lot too!) We're now living in a world, where what the Westerners do, is what to be followed. "Sh*t", the "F" word, and other profanities seem to be a norm nowadays. We've been to movies, listen to music. There's always the "F" word there. The world has become, more and more accepting with the usage of profanities. (It's a FACT! You can't deny this!)

One very good example is the emergence of the Internet memes. For those of you who aren't sure what Internet memes are, well perhaps you should've seen them before...
Happy Family~!

So there's this one meme that goes like this...
I've censored it! You guys know how to fill in the blanks, don't cha? XP

Using memes is a growing trend. Heck I started using them. And used them all the time. And I used it without realizing that everytime I use it, I'm using a profanity. I rarely, or you can say never (or perhaps very seldom) use profanities on facebook. It strucked me today. Hard.

Yes using memes is fun. Sometimes it's so fun that you don't realize that you're using a profanity, unintentionally. Although it's not wrong to use it, it's just not the right thing or word to use.

I'm no teen or adolescent now. I'm already 22. By age, I'm already a man. I should be rationale and be able to know how to react, or how to manage my anger, and not just depending on profanities to cool my head.

Cause deep down inside, I know that every time I use it, I'll make the people around me look down on me, and also bring shame to my parents, for failing to bring me up as a well behave and polite child.

Yes I've improved a lot compared to myself when I was a schoolboy. But life is always about improvement. I am now someone who rarely use profanities. Now I wanna be someone, who doesn't uses profanities. Not even the mild ones.

I'll just have to think of alternatives then... :D




*thank you SNSD for letting me learn a lesson today. Watching one episode which take one hour of my precious study week time, is DEFINITELY WORTH IT!
* YoonA, I'll promise to be a better man. I'm YOUR MAN! ^.^

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