Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Barely a month after the New Year, it's the New Year again ( It's the Lunar Chinese New Year I meant!)

Well just like every other New Year or Chinese New Year, it's always nice to sit down and ponder and look back the the year that passed by, which I always do ( Say NO to New Year partying please and thank you! XD ). And erm. Yeah last year was very different to this year. Last year I was scrapping pass my intern, and my reunion dinner was at KL.

Funny thing is that that memory is still fresh in my mind. Although it's not exactly one year that has passed if we were to consider the Gregorian calender, it's still almost a year ago though.

Well I guess happy memories does stay imprinted. But haha. I kinda lost touch of Chinese New Year 2 years ago though. Well maybe next year's Chinese New Year will wipe away last years memory?

I hope that I can can continue making my resolutions come true as stated on 1.1.12. And yeah, I hope my friends, family, loved one's etc etc. will have a prosperous year ahead.

Seriously I'm not a fan of Fengshui. So if Fengshui is against you this year, well be thankful that I'm at least one guy out that who doesn't give Fengshui a thought and hereby wish you all, Happy Chinese New Year, and have a wonderful year ahead!

By the way, since it's the Dragon Year, I'm gonna post some pictures of dragons XP. Top 5 dragons of my opinion.

5. Rayquaza - Pokemon Emerald

Good Old Rayquaza as number 5

4. Leviathan - Mythical creature

Leviathan, the mythical sea creature/dragon as one of the keepers of hell

3. Fell Beast - Lord Of The Rings

Technically speaking a fell beast isn't a dragon, but let's consider it as a dragon, since it's so epic and looks like one XP

2. Smaug - The Hobbit

Yes The Hobbit is in the making. However how Smaug is isn't been illustrated yet in the movie. One bad arse dragon I assure you people.

1. Bahamut - Final Fantasy IX

I've only played one Final Fantasy before. And Bahamut deserves top spot. No elemental attacks. Just one cool hyper beam that wipes everything off. XP


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