Monday, November 21, 2011

On What Happened on the Bridge

This is an account of what I've went through during my marathon, some 22 hours go... No graphical details are available.

It all started well. I sprinted fast. I cut the crowd gracefully as music pumped the adrenalin throughout my body. I felt unstoppable.

Then came the normal fatigue we all experience when we do somtime for quite some time. I can hear myself panting during the interval break of the songs of my playlist. But it was all good as I was used to the fatigue, since I have been experiencing much worse or it seems normal during my thorough training.

I paced as if the wind was blowing. I charted 1 hours exactly for reaching the point of the bridge where we were required to turn back.

Then, the 1st test arrived.

I got a slight tingling in my stomach. My undigested dinner was churning. It was something slightly spicy, so it slowed me down. And yes. There was this urge to go to the toilet. But I have to move on. I slowed down and continue at normal speed once the tingling feeling was gone.

I prayed, even though I never did believed in God. Soon after the tingling was gone, another pain came. My singlet was drenched, and the jogging motion was making it abrasive against my skin(my nipple to be precise!). The chilly wind makes thing worst as the abrasion got serious I had to make this wierd action, pulling my singlet and making sure there was no contact. I've had enough of the abrasion pain. I took off my singlet, and ran upper part naked.

Then the ultimate test was looming. I was running non stop, and my legs finally took its toll. Cramps happened. I really have to stop running and walk carefully, before getting into a jogging motion again. At first it was just the calves of my left leg. Soon it got worst. The both calves of my legs were equally susceptible to cramps should I not be careful of my pace.

Although there were ice stations, and also pain reliever sprays along the way. it did not did any good. My body was totally out of sodium. Every step was a cramp pain for my muscles. However, I jogged on and stop, vice versa, everytime the cramp struck. My legs weren't listening to the orders my brain gave out. It was as good as dead.

The cramps got worst and worst as I continue to push myself. When I reach the 3km mark from the finishing line, I was totally flat. The only thing I can do to keep moving was to walk in giant strides. Any slight jog would just cramp up my legs. I grimaced for every step I've took.

Until the finishing line was in sight, I started to jog again. The pain was overwhelming, but I kept pushing myself to run towards the finishing line. Scared that I may be disqualified for not wearing my singlet (as I did said I was naked) I quickly pulled it back on. But my head got into my arm's compartment of the singlet. I was laughed by the crowd... HAHA...

It was not easy to finish the marathon within the time limit. well probably I finished it 30 minuted earlier. But still, my target of acheiving it in 2 hours and 30 minutes remains elusive. The pain and tests I suffered along the journey, really has dampened my speed and spirit. But good thing was, it did not stopped me from moving forward.

I never stopped to sit down, or take a breather. Even if I stopped, it was to take the drinks prepared. The slowest I got, was not for resting in the middle of the marathon, but it was took walk, but in a jiffy manner.

I so wanted to win the medal and certificate. That was my dream. My target. And I vowed not to stop or rest once I really achieve what I have set out to do. This, I have manage to do. And yes, I'm proud for what I held on so strongly, in which in the end made me got what I want.

As I have said in my previous blog. No distance is too far. No time is too long. If you have the heart and will to do it, you'll avhieve what you yearn in life.

*P.S. If it was not for a playlists of adrenalin pumping song, I think I would not have made it. Thanks :)

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