Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Got Married - YongSeo Couple

I'm currently watching the Korean Variety Show 우리 결혼했어요, or known as We Got Married in English.

This is a variety show, where they pair up Korean celebrities and they will "act out" as a couple.

YongSeo couple is one of the most popular couple ever emerged out from this show. YongSeo derives from the name of the couples - YongHwa Jung from the boy band CNBLUE and SeoHyun from SNSD or Girls Generation.

I'm currently up to episode 34, and yeah, they look perfect and sweet together.

Apart from believing that sweet and romantic love actually existed, there are also many lessons that can be learnt.

Reciprocity - Give and take is the rule of thumb in a relationship. Different people will always have different view. And being a couple, it is a must to always give and take.

Initiative - It is already the 22nd century for God sake. Apart from the fact that maybe guys usually must be the one's to ask a girl to start a relationship, other things can be initiated by the girl. One episode that really took me by surprise was SeoHyun automatically grabbing YongHwa's arm while they were walking. True you don't see girls doing that alot. But that actually struck me hard that, if a girl does do that, oh my god that guy or boyfriend can be so proud and happy!

Frank - It's always the best to keep a relationship straight and clear, without lies. There should be no secrets between couples - if there should be, it shouldn't be a lot! One could really end up hurting the other half real bad if he or she doesn't know the truths or knows it through other sources or people.

Emotional - Not as in being angry or mad, but to show true feelings to the other half. If you really miss him or she, just express it or say it. If you're mad, then tell in a subtle manner instead of giving a cold shoulder. Being a couple doesn't mean your other half is psychic and is able to know everything that you think...

Forgiving - Humans can never escape from errors. We all are bound to make mistakes. So if the other half does make a mistake once in a while and apologise, then it is always okay to forgive and forget. Same thing happens the other way round too. He or she should be able to forgive you too~

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